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Found 3 results

  1. Hello i'm kaiserbaedd and this is the adventures of the many lifetimes of our lord and savior Brian. What? This is an abridge style LP following our lord and savior Brian? What do you mean by our lord and savior Brian? Watch The life of Brian before clicking on the spoilers So what does that mean for the LP than? I'm gonna loosely follow the story but i'm gonna try and keep the serious moments in tho. I'm also playing thought the game on hard classic mode. What about story spoilers? Try and avoid spoiling thing that happens in the game and the other route until we reach that point but if you much post something do it with the spoiler tag Can the readers help influence the LP? Yes, peoples can suggest what characters i recruit and how to build them up(i.e. armour knight Annette, dark knight Claude, etc...) including Brian When will the first part be up and how often will you update? Part 1 will be up tomorrow and i'm gonna try and update it every few days. See y'all tomorrow
  2. I've been throwing around this idea, it would make a great webcomic along the lines of Brawl in the Family and Awkward Zombie, but since I kinda suck at art, I'm just going to write it out! You are welcome to suggest ideas or leave general comments in the feedback thread. Without further ado, the cast! Men's Dorm Supervisor: Dunban Women's Dorm Supervisor: Nabooru Teachers: Professors Oak, Birch, Elm, Rowan, Juniper, Sycamore, Kukui Male Students: Link, Shulk, Boyd, Ike, Alm, Reyn, Pipit, Groose, Mario, Luigi Female Students: Zelda, Melia, Elincia, Celica, Karane, Malon, Lyn, Ashei, Peach, Daisy The Link and Zelda are generic ones, not specifically from any game. Men's Dorm Layouts: 1: Link and Shulk 2: Boyd and Reyn 3: Ike and Groose 4: Alm and Pipit 5: Mario and Luigi 6: Dunban Women's Dorm Layouts: 1: Elincia and Melia 2: Celica and Zelda 3: Karane and Malon 4: Peach and Daisy 5: Lyn and Ashei 6: Nabooru A note on the portals and the hub this is in (first mentioned in Groceries and Gerudos): The portals to the various worlds reject anyone who doesn't belong there, to avoid the worlds mixing when they're not supposed to. A jamming signal makes conception impossible in the hub. Males still produce sperm and females still ovulate and menstruate, but sperm cannot bond with egg as long as the female is in the hub. Couples from the same world will have to go home if they want a kid. The typical college frat party stuff will never result in unplanned pregnancies. Don't worry though, this is just a bit of world building, this won't go past a PG 13 rating.
  3. Anyone else watch them? I find these guys freakin hilarious. Some of my favorite skits are substitute teacher, pizza order, and black ice.
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