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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! Blurb I have been working on providing more useful growth rate information, specifically the deviations of each character's growth rates to the average growth rates in the respective Fire Emblem title they appear in since that type of information truly demonstrates how useful a character is in proportion to other characters. This means that you no longer have to manually compare all the growth rates to one another and judge what you think is best. I am open to criticism as I would like this information to be as accessible and useful to the Fire Emblem community as possible! Furthermore, if you would like to help with the project and get access to the spreadsheets, just join the Discord server and we can discuss further from there! Links Discord: https://discord.gg/HpfK7EP If you are interested in providing input and working on this project together, simply click the above link and tag @Prospect#6861 once in the server, to get started! Spreadsheet: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AiqDxSufSqcggssD_Io1RZAWs_ip3w If you are just interested in seeing the spreadsheet click the drv link above. You are allowed to copy the spreadsheet and edit it yourself how you see fit! Roadmap Add all expanded growth rates for the 3DS and Virtual Console Fire Emblem titles. Provide interactable graphs to visualise data effectively. Include character profile pictures for easier glancing and analysis. Fix and finalise personal formatting for data. Changelogs 18/06/2018: Addition of Basic Graphs Open Release Format Adjustments General clarity Fixes Removal of Unnecessary Information Base growth rates have been included The base version of Awakening is complete. Aptitude was added to Mozu.
  2. As the topic title suggests, I've been wrecking my brain trying to figure out how to get through Conquest on Hard Mode and I think I've finally found the answer as to why I couldn't do it before: I just can't deal with Conquest's units and their [email protected]$$ growth rates. In any run I've tried, only Corrin ever ended up worthwile compared to the rest, but not even they can beat Conquest alone, so I figured I would try and gather an entire army of Corrins (or at least 10 or 12 of them). And after reading through a few topics here, I found my salvation (?) in the form of Corrinquest. Here's a few guidelines for any kind person willing to help me: 1) I live in Europe, so as much as I'd like to, I can't ask you kind folks from the US or Japan for help. Region lock be damned. 2) Each Corrin has to be at least at level 10 and not much higher, and already reclassed. I'm trying to make my army as balanced as possible, so try and have different classes, if you can. DLC classes are allowed, too, if you want to give me one of those. 3) As for skills, I leave everything to you, as long as the skills you give to your Corrin are somewhat sensible and not like Live to Serve on a designated attacker or something. The only skill I really would love to have is Locktouch for the many treasure chests encountered on Conquest. 4) As for items, again, I leave it in your hands whether you use your stat boosters or boots. 5) Concerning asset/flaw combinations, those don't really matter. You can make interesting ones or ones you yourself feel comfortable with using. 6) And lastly, and this should be obvious, please make your castle an easy seize, so empty throne and all units put on hold. And with that, I thank every person kind enough to help me in advance! I will of course inform you how it went if I complete my mission or not and what went wrong if something does. That is, if you're interested, of course. EDIT: Okay, I'll compile a list of your Corrins so that you and I may know which ones I am using and to appreciate it correctly. I'll register your cards and give you an accessory, if you want to make bond units. 1. Juno, Archer. Skills: Astra, Natural Cover, Dragon Fang, Nobility. Submitted by: Mackc2 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  3. Current Question(s): Q5. 'What are you working on currently?' Previous Question(s): Q4. 'What styles of spriting have you tried? What would you like to learn/try?' Original Post
  4. Serenes Forest Community Spriting Streams -[ T W I T C H | Y O U T U B E | D I S C O R D ]- A continuation of the streaming sessions topic, originally started by Lenh. >> A B O U T Serenes Forest Spriting Streams (SFSS) is an unofficial community streaming channel dedicated to providing a general-access stream hub where members can both observe the techniques of their fellow spriters and showcase their own abilities. Streams are conducted on a casual basis; anyone can stream at any time! Feel free to use this topic for general discussion, as well as for announcing upcoming streaming sessions and sharing videos. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Channel Host: The channel is hosted on Twitch.tv, and all recorded streams will be exported to our YouTube account for archival. To Join: Please join our Discord chat. Otherwise, message ErrantShepherd (hiatus) or AK (me) to receive the stream key. >> C O N D U C T As we hope most members are mature enough to be trusted with the responsibility of using a community channel, we will mostly be operating on an honor system. Furthermore, as an (unofficial) extension of Serenes Forest Forums, you must agree to abide by the Serenes Forest Code of Conduct. Do not stream inappropriate content. While the channel is marked as "mature" as a safety buffer, please keep content within bounds of the SF CoC. Inappropriate videos will be deleted, and users will be banned from the channel and chat room. Do not distribute the stream key to other users. For security purposes, only channel administrators are authorized to distribute the stream key. Please try to keep third-party audio to a minimum. This essentially means anything that is officially licensed. While Twitch will naturally mute third-party audio, when exported to YouTube, any third-party audio not muted during processing may lead to account suspension. We will try our best to properly process and dispute videos that YT refuse to upload, otherwise. Video Management: All videos will be automatically exported to YouTube every Sunday unless otherwise requested. We will do our best to accurately title and tag videos based on content. If you are unsatisfied with your content, you may request to have your video(s) details edited, hidden, or removed at any time. Likewise, videos may not be uploaded or may be completely removed given that the staff finds adequate reason to do so. In the event that this occurs, you will be notified prior to any action taken. >> O T H E R You do NOT have to be a member of the chat or streaming channel to use this topic. Please feel free to advertise your own streaming channel and videos here, as well. If you would like to have your videos uploaded to our channel, please let us know. We host channels! If you would prefer to stream on your own channel, but would like some additional exposure, we can host your channel on ours.
  5. The subject of organizing something for streaming has come up a couple of times, so here's a public thread for it. Chime in if you'd like to see something, are able to stream (and would like the excuse to), have some input that could help someone start streaming, or whatever! Personally I use OpenBroadcaster (x) configured for livestream and am fine with spur of the moment broadcasts. (I'm pretty novice at it, but it works for me and hopefully anyone viewing atm.) A bit curious to know what other people's setups are as well~
  6. So... I am going to repurpose this thread for general requests I have for stuff around the forums that I would love to see, but just don't have the time to fulfill myself. :\ Open Requests: 1) Banner for SPACE winter holiday event In Progress Requests: -none atm Fulfilled Requests: -BBSS Trophies (Smirks) -Banner for Mug Medley Game (Smirks) Original Post
  7. UPDATE: please read the latest posts of the thread to follow with our current discussion. We now have a poll on events that have been discussed, please vote for all you would like to see/participate in, and please share your event idea if you have a suggestion! :) Original outdated post... From a recent Skype conversation ...had this idea at school today. What are your thoughts, peoples?We would celebrate artists, critics, commenters and people who give back to the community in various ways by nominating and voting for categories like for example... "Best Sprite Art of the Year" "Best Artist of the Year" "Best new artist" "Most improved artist" "Best commenter" "Best Critic of the Year" "Most helpful commenter" "Community Friend: individual who has contributed the most to the Sprite Art Community this year" These are of course rough ideas... Any suggestions on either better ones, better titles, or just how you might like this process to go in general? Probably would have separate categories for Portrait, Battle Sprites, Animations, Maps... Any other potential ones? ...my reasons behind creating this discussion/proposing these awards, BTW, are not for any sort of self-congragulatory BS, or back-patting shenanigans (like for instance not sure if people should be allowed to nominate themselves for categories :\) but because... Well, I really like this community. :0 For all our arguments/differences of opinion we also have a ton of creativity, great art, strong desires to learn and improve, and people who are super helpful in various ways... And I think that is worthy of recognition and celebration. So that... Maybe some of the lesser known artists get encouraged/recognition of their awesome stuff,and some of the people who have been around for a while, even if they mainly comment get celebrated for their efforts and contribution to these forums as well. :) Anyways... I would love to hear your thoughts, guys! :D Is this a good idea, how would you like to see it set up? BTW also... When would work best timewise for this? ...would it work to have voting closer to Christmas or the New Year? Should it happen earlier/later? Please lemme know! ;) Edit: had some good feedback in a recent chat. Edit: so some new ideas and poll for them, loving the feedback and discussion... Keep it coming. :D
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