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Found 6 results

  1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xYSbx-2hlfj0mQHziO91uVeABf_qYgimAfpyim93-NA/edit?usp=drivesdk Feel free to criticize on anything you think for the Alec > Levin argument.
  2. Hi, I've read many topics on who's the best between Colm and Joshua, which class is the best between assassin and swordmaster, much bullshit about the classes because of BIAS, and most of it has been written long ago so I didn't want to necropost. So, let's compare the real thing. 1st: swordmaster class vs assassin class: - SM, aside from being the first letters for sadomasochist, have taken a major nerf from their previous iterations (+30 crit has become +15 LOL). So the big lead is on the crit department. SM has better stats caps than assassin for sure (+4 str, +2 def and +3 res, it that it?) with -1 skl to compensate (-1 crit because max skl is not a pair number). So if they reach max stats, assassin has -4 str, - 14 crit, +1 skl, -2 def and -3 res. But let's be serious, swordmasters never reach their caps outside from maybe skl and probably spd. Swordmasters also get more promotion bonuses to compensate for later promotion than thief to assassin. - Assassin has a stylish name, a nice crit animation too (very different from SM's), lower promotion gains, 1 point less in Con, and lower caps. On paper, it seems worse. But they have:1. Silencer, 1/2 crit chance to OS the ennemy, halved against bosses and denied against the final boss. 2. Better exp gain, meaning promotion bonuses get fixed by more level ups, +0 skl and spd make assassin's skl and spd better with equal number of fights (so more hit and crit rate to compensate for not having +15 crit), more potential hp/def/res if it means anything (good if you let him/her face lancers), more LUCK to dodge more and lower ennemy crit chance (for the occasional high crit ennemy like chap 14 and 17 berserkers, and some swordmaster put through the 2nd part of the game after the end of the routes plit, and against a few lethal weapon-wielding ennemies). 3. Thief utility: FoW is annoying, having 2 thieves is nice to avoid fiedling 3+ staff users to have enough torch users and wasting turns on it; lockpick is nice, costs less than keys (and you can have 2 lockpicks by chapter 8, Colm's and this chapter's thief's, plus chapter 16 and 19 thieves' lockpicks so you don't have to buy them ^^). Now for the characters getting these classes: 1.Colm: low base strength, high growth (40%, 5% more than Joshua, 10% more than Marisa if I remember well), low base skl, high enough growth (45% according to NMM, 40% according to Serenes Forest, so 10-15% less than Joshua, sure it's a lot), good base luck and good growth (45%, 15 more than Joshua LOL with 1 more base luck), very low base def (3) with the same growth rates as Franz, Cormag and a few others of this kind (25%, so 5% more than Joshua with 2 less base def), and ridiculous base res (1) with low growth (20%, 5 less than Joshua with 1 less base). Colm is a thief joining in chapter 3 (so 2 and a half chapters earlier than Joshua), he can steal 4 ennemies in his joining chapter at base, so getting 40% exp isn't hard, and he can reck the hell out of 85% of his joining chapter ennemies while they are displaying low hit rates. He can safely get to level 10-11 by boss abusing in his joining chapter, not optimal for LTC but great for efficiency since he can easily reach the 15-16 spd needed to steal HM chap 8 theif's lockpick after he finishes chapter 3 LOL, also being by far your fastest and best dodgetank unit for a while, and becoming able to take down the nasty halberd wielder in chap 6 without getting hit and without even having to rely on terrain bonuses to do it fingers in the nose. He steals chapter 7 mage str/mag booster, giving him 10 more free exp no one else can get this way (not needing to fight), and finally chap 8 thief's lockpick for 10% more free exp. He has a total of 40% free exp in chap 3, 10% in chap 6 (troubadour's elixir), 10% in chap 7, 10% in chap 8 so 70% free exp, which means he's virtually level 2.70 when you get him (even more since chap 6, 7 and 8 he's higher level to steal so the exp he get from stealing is higher than the exp he gains as a level 2 because of the exp curve). He has 3 more levels to be blessed/RNG screwed than Joshua, but a blessed Colm may be much better than a blessed Joshua (more luck, strength maybe, def maybe, res also, and less gap in skill). He gains far more exp per fight than Joshua will ever, gaining around 55 exp per kill in his first levels, against 30-ish for Joshua, and fedding him bosskills, if not optimal, are a way to make levelling him a joke (80-ish exp per boss kill until level 15+, maybe even more exp/higher soft cap). Being an assassin from chapter 9 onwards allows him to gain more levels, have more opportunities to use silencer for OHKOs and more exp, so more level ups...meaning he can reach chests easier, and fight better, and be self-sufficient far earlier than Joshua or slightly faster than Rogue!Colm (only silencer kills apply here). He can easily take on ennemies near the chests by himself, allowing your real fighting units to go straight to the boss or split for routs (also routing or being as close as possibe to rout in kill boss or defend/survive X turns chapters obviously allows your units to get more exp, and having a thief take a few ennemies isn't a bad thing if he can then make use of it to allow faster pace in later chapters, and less splitting in chap 19 is really nice because if Colm can solo the bottom-right side of the map until you end the chapter with all chests open, you get everything in one). With this play style, you can make Colm reach level 8 before Joshua can even promote if you give the 1st hero crest to Gerik, who's much more useful than Joshua in every kind of map design, and also less prone to RNG-screwage than his fellow crest user due to better base stats, and also higher level when recruited so he needs less level ups to promote (can even be instantly promoted if you want). Levelling a thief is never a waste. 2. Joshua: on the other hand this guy joins 2.5 chapters later, is an ass to recruit since he makes you slow down to avoid killing him or getting killed by him, has shit supports compared to Colm (his whole swordmaster's +15 crit advantage is getting reckt by A support Colm/Neimi which can be achieved in the same chapter you recruit Joshua in a non LTC run, also screwing Joshua's base damage with +3 damage from support, a +1 or 2 def/res bonus and a dodge bonus to his already better dodge rate than Joshua in the same chapter if Colm is trained, Neimi already makes Colm all that Joshua wants to be before any of them promotes). Joshua has higher base stats but lower growths in anything but Hp (+5%), skl (+10/15%) and res (+5%), meaning Colm's bonus exp is putting him potentially far ahead Joshua in terms of stats reached in the same chapter (also stealing less exp from your team even with 3 more levels to gain to reach 20). If you want something close to a swordmaster, Eirika in her route is forced so use her and she'll surpass Joshua in mobility, stats, combat utility (free sacred weapon that no one else is fighting for with 21 real damage, 53 on monsters LOL at Joshua's crits when she can OHKO most monsters at base unpromoted), overall utility (since she's forced and has the convoy, and is the only one who can seize in her route, she's better off trained than untrained so she isn't a dead weight), while Joshua also stays swordlocked but steals exp, weapons, a promotion item and a fielding space from more useful units who can 1-2 range with cheap weapons and don't have to be levelled up to do what they are used for, even benchable if they turn bad or get replaced by better units at their role like Garcia replaced with Gerik. So Joshua is more of a bad unit than Colm (or Eirika) to use, sure he has better bases, weapon rank, and level but he costs you to train unlike Eirika and Colm who give back everything you put into them by making the game easier (no game over, easier chest access, early game thief utility without getting killed, better promotion time and/or not fighting for promotion item). Joshua is going to be promoted later than Colm in most cases, so his only way to catch up is to go assassin for faster exp gain (and less exp stealing from the party) so he can beat Colm as an assassin with better skill. Still he will never reach Colm's free pass as a utility unit from join time, 2 chapters of easy exp with few really good units to compete with for exp (stop talking of Franz please, Seth can make good use of the exp you'd waste in Franz while Kyle or Forde have no other competition for the cavalier role in Ephraim's party in their joining chapter and can be better than Franz, Kyle being Duessel with lower def/res but higher hp/str/skl/spd, Forde being a "jack of all trades but master of none" like someone said in another topic or maybe another forum I can't recall where I found this quote. If Forde is blessed he ends up better than Franz and Kyle together because Kyle still lacks speed and skill and res while Franz has so awful def and res he's like a swordsmaster on a horse, with better weaponry an movement but no crit +15, less skill and lower hp than Kyle and maybe Forde. Franz is a glass cannon with higher terrain penalties than foot glass canons (not able to hide in low mountains for example or to attack an ennemy on a mountain while a foot unit could, and he's no flyer either). Franz should be a pegasus, it's be better for him (also he'd be able to ferry units easier before AND after promo with 7-8 con, namely Duessel, General Gilliam, warrior Garcia, and falcon promotion bonuses would patch his def/res a bit, stille Tana is Franz on wings with more strength and less HP). All this to say that Colm has little competition before chapter 9 on the exp Seth let go to rush the boss or do whatever you want him to do. Most good units come after chapter 9 anyway (Tana during/at the beginning of ch9, Cormag in 10 or 13, Duessel in 10 or 15, Saleh in 11 or 15, Innes who can probablyORKO dragonzombies at base if not OHKO them with killing bow crit, or killing them before they attack with hero bow, at 10 or 15, Gerik in 10 or 13, and that's it). The only real competition Colm has comes from Artur/Lute (Artur for bishop slayer-staffbot, Lute for OHKO potential with fire in mid game). And you only want one on these 2 anyway. Beating chapter 5 with Artur or Lute and Colm on the left and Seth on the right is a walk in the park. Meanwhile Vanessa visits bottom-right, middle-left and top-left houses easily and get you the mage ring and why not the torch (I usually sell it though). If you want a nice unit that works not far from a swordsmaster but with better weaponry and stat spread, make Amelia a super trainee (I know she lacks Con, but she is fast enough to be relevant). But she's not good for efficient play though since she needs 18 level ups be be ABLE to promote to tier 3 classes. Still +15 crit lance user with actual speed is nice, even if she looses some by equipping javelins. Still more durable than Joshua with better luck/def/res if she reached 10/20 before promotion (and nearly uncrittable without any support needed). So: Assassin is a little better than swordmaster, because it doesn't steal a deployment slot from better fighting units since it brings utility alongside combat, and has around the same ORKO potential with higher OHKO potential, more post-game viability, can actually kill heroes/warriors in one lucky hit with iron or even slim weapons, while SM need at least steel if not silver to do the same, so costs more gold, and it eases FoW chapters by much. And Colm if played alongside Neimi (who can just get a few lv ups to get an early promotion just not to die from one hit and even bring some bow utility like Innes with little investment and get high crit rate for this same bow utility) can be far better than Joshua, on top of being a more worthy unit for the exp he takes from the other members of the party (even some MEMEbers) just because he brings useful things to the party from his join time to the end of the game (or of the world if you manage to kill your whole trained party including Seth and Duessel so the Demon King wins). Also Colm doesn't risk to be critted to death by a berserker or lethal weapon hero if there is one, (0% hit berserkers and low hit + low crit lethal weapons users) while Joshua's luck is a bit shaky against promoted/lethal weapon ennemies, and so is his dodge because of -10 to -15 luk compared with Colm, depending on the level gap and how blessed each of them has been. Marisa would be Colm assassin but better (without Colm/Neimi support) but she joins later in the game, also fights for a hero crest and has even less strength than LOL Joshua. What do you guys think of it? Outside of this being a big wall of text obviously.
  3. In Corrin's support with Gunter, why does Garon give a different punishment to Corrin for crying depending on their gender? With starvation for mCorrin, and whipping for Ccorrin? It this a ways to make the supports different, or this is a gender thing?
  4. So I've been playing quite a few mobile games on and off for the better part of about four years and I have come to see many similarities between Fire Emblem Heros and a couple other mobile titles. For the sake of this post not being any longer then it already is, I've decided to focus my comparisons specifically on Alim Co. (Developers of both Brave Frontier and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius) as the most comparisons I have seen relate to titles they have developed. This post is going to cover what specifically is similar to Alim Co. titles and what unique features within Fire Emblem Heros we should be looking forward to. Of course, this is based off of the information we have available at the moment so some speculations on mechanics I make may not quite be the case so take things with a grain of salt. Also note that I am not stating anything negative about the game just because it has a few similar general mechanics. I myself am a big fan of Alim Co. and Fire Emblem games. With that out of the way, lets get started. 1. General HUD So right off the bat, we can already see quite a few comparisons to the Alim title Brave Frontier. Both games feature the standard Stamina/Energy system (top left) that appears in many if not all mobile RPGs, limiting the amount a person can play before they are set off on a cooldown period. Generally this is so players don't beat the whole damn game in about week and leave themselves with nothing left to offer. On the top right of both images we can see both games micro-transaction system appearing as orbs and gems. In Brave Frontier, gems are used for summons and a quick energy recharge after you have completely drained your bar. In Fire Emblem, we have already seen the orbs operate also as a means of summoning and I speculate they will more then likely also recharge stamina as a secondary use. Under the orbs, we can see a sort of feather icon followed by a number. I have come to believe that it will act as a universal currency or simply an upgrade material as shown in the image bellow describing the upgrade system. I would now like to turn your attention to the three sword icons in the top middle of the Fire Emblem image. I believe this will be the amount of Hero Battles you can conduct before being placed on a cooldown period. My basis for this is the arena mode presented in Brave Frontier as it appears as three arena orbs on the image to the right. The arena exists as a non-direct player vs player mechanic in BF and seeing as they didn't mention any limit on Hero Battles or even stamina for that matter, I strongly feel that this is the case as a balancing measure. They wouldn't want players recruiting units at an astounding rate. As for the bottom portion of both images, i'm sure the comparisons are quite obvious minus the "Town" and "Social" tabs. I will continue posting some images in an imgur format due to a limit on images in general. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Summoning Generally, with these types of games, its quite difficult to build a viable team without spending at least SOME money on the game; however, there are a few alternatives. As stated in the Fire Emblem Direct, one can obtain orbs through simply playing the game and completing missions. In Brave Frontier's case along with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, you can earn summoning currency through many promotions and events along with some upon first time completion of a dungeon. I suspect this will also be the case in Fire Emblem and that you won't earn orbs after literally every encounter. Since the battles are four on four by the looks of it, it would be so easy to earn orbs that they wouldn't even bother with micro-transactions. Seeing as they put so much work into this game, there is no way this would ever be the case. As for the act of actually summoning anything, they have this system in place: http://i.imgur.com/p0RmYy4.png where you can summon unit based specifically on a criteria you are looking for. Now for the fun part, the prices. So they already announced via the FE Direct that a normal summon will cost five orbs and that the price will reduce upon each consecutive summon in a section. I bold out consecutive to point out that as soon as you exit the menu with the five orbs, (This one! http://i.imgur.com/p0RmYy4.png) the price reduction will disappear. Some may think this is rather obvious, but in Brave Frontier's case, they occasionally have times where something like rare summon rates are up and they stay up throughout the duration of the event. To anyone who believed they could return to the main menu and summon again in an attempt to reset the section of summon orbs they got, they would be sorely disappointed. So this acts as a warning to whoever had that go over their head as they watched the Direct. The price of three orbs $1.99 USD and the next step up is ten orbs for $5.99 USD. Unless you already have at least two orbs, the cheapest amount won't do you much in terms of summons. In general, with buying in bulk within either game, you might be able to get more for less from Fire Emblem Heros in comparison to Brave Frontier. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has a system in place where the first summon of the day is half off. This system has me coming back to the game very often (even if I don't want to). The developers of FE Heros would be smart to consider a system like within this title, but at this point anything could be the case. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Rarities & Evolution With the Section summoning system in place (http://i.imgur.com/p0RmYy4.png) the odds of getting a specific unit you want goes up significantly in comparison to BF or FFBE. With both of Alim Co's titles, rarities are set in stone and with the limited number of summon available to most players, it can be quite difficult to get something you are looking for. With Fire Emblem, if you are looking specifically for a swordsmen, you simply choose only to summon from the orbs that provide them. This will help limit the randomness out of summoning from literally every other unit and avoid situation where you get multiple copies of the same unit you didn't want like this: http://i.imgur.com/2XEF3sY.png Acquiring summoned units seems to be quite similar in both games cases. The unit is presented after some flashy animation and give you a ranking along with a quote/introduction. However, I did notice "Solitary Blade" over Lon'qu's name and I suspect that might be a passive or sort of ability. Passives are present in Brave Frontier and introduced in Fire Emblem Fates so the idea of them existing shouldn't seem that far-fetched. As presented in the Fire Emblem Direct, the rarity/rank of each unit can vary throughout multiple summons and they directly influence the unit's stats. They also state that a lower ranked unit can be promoted using certain materials and can eventually attain the max rank of five stars, but I suspect even then they might not be as well off as they could have been starting at that high rank. In Final Fantasy's case, a lower rank unit will always be worse then one that started at a base higher rank. To the right of Robin's stats, we see the units inventory. They show in the Direct that you can eventually upgrade a units arsenal, but I believe it will be rather linear based on the only image of it they provided : http://i.imgur.com/43A9ocv.png --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Gameplay On the Fire Emblem side, battles seem to conduct very similarly to previous titles in the series; however, on a much smaller scale. As far as we know, the battles conduct in a four vs four format on a small grid map with ground units limited to two moves more or less. Comparing it to Brave Frontier, it definitely will take more attention to actually win a battle as you can literally just have the game play itself in BF. Fire Emblem Heros also comes with some pretty combat animation reminiscent of older games in the series : http://i.imgur.com/oJZolLP.png The games also functions with the staple "Weapon Triangle", present in all Fire Emblem games prior : http://i.imgur.com/bS2vNFa.png In the Direct, we also see that units can obtain special abilities in combat, but they were not explained in depth. Normally, in the Fire Emblem series, abilities come out on random based on the unit's skill stat. In this title, the skill stat isn't even present on units. Instead, we have an unknown stat known as SP which I assume stands for "Special" or something along those lines and skills are based of off that. If that's the case, it would make sense why the image of a level one Robin earlier had zero SP as skills are eventually learned. In Brave Frontier, skill use is based off of the Brave Burst meter and is earned through attacking opponents and getting attacked in return. A very cool minor detail they never directly referenced to is that each illustration seems to have a battle damaged version that appears upon sustaining heavy damage. This is shown multiple times throughout the Direct. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Miscellaneous They never really explained this to a full extent, but it seems there is some sort of support system in Fire Emblem Heros. For example, they show clips of taping on multiple character and having a heart appear, followed by a quote directly referring to the player character. This would also support the claims that the player actually is represented in some way, shape, or form within the game. Also, on the team selection screen, you can very clearly see hearts above a few of this players units furthering my belief that there is some sort of support system. While we are on this image, I also wanted to point out the drastically different art styles throughout the illustrations due to having multiple illustrators for this project. Another minor thing to note in case you were worried about this for whatever reason, you can clearly see female Kamui/Corrin in this image, removing any doubt that both male and female counterparts were not included in this game as male Kamui/Corrin is shown during the Direct. Also I thought it would be fun to point out how similar the unit menu appears in both titles. You can also see here a scrolling option for editing team, confirming that you can make multiple. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion: I'm very happy to see so many similarities between series i'm a big fan of and am very excited for the release of Fire Emblem Heros! This took a pretty long time to write and was done for the hell of it. As you could probably tell, i'm not the best at writing. If you have any comments or things you'd like to point out i'd love to hear them. Thanks for reading to the end!
  5. Note to mods: If you feel like this topic is better suited for the "Entertainment" forum, feel free to move it there. I wanted to start this topic ever since someone asked, "How would you compare the writing and story telling of Fire Emblem to say Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Orge?" However, I wanted to wait until I had a better understanding of both Fates' story and ASOIAF/GOT (I haven't read all the books, I haven't watched all the episodes, and I haven't played Fates or seen a transcript or Let's Play), but other things in life got in the way (I still don't have a complete understanding of either story), but with the impending Nintendo Switch presentation (and the possibility of a new Fire Emblem announcement), I feel like this might be my last chance to speak up before Fates is overshadowed by a newer Fire Emblem. Anyway, Nintendo seemed to really hype up the story in their marketing of Fates. If I recall correctly, in a Nintendo Direct, they said that Fire Emblem is known for its "complex story and memorable characters." When I think of a "complex story and memorable characters," one of the first things that come to mind is A Song of Ice and Fire, which seems to be the current "gold standard" for fantasy. I'm genuinely curious of what you guys think when Fates is directly compared against ASOIAF/GOT. The most important aspect of a story for me personally is the ending. I prefer a generally bad story with a satisfying ending over a generally good story with an unsatisfying ending, unless the bad story was exceptionally bad or the good story was exceptionally good. I don't really know the ending for any of Fates' three paths, but I can safely guess the ending for the Revelations path, Assuming Revelations is the canonical path, if my guess is correct, then Fates, in my opinion, has a satisfying ending. On the other hand, it seems like ASOIAF might be heading towards an ending where humanity is forced to shake hands and sing kumbayah with the white walkers. If this really becomes the ending for ASOIAF, then I'm going to be very pissed off. The white walkers have no redeeming qualities to deserve such an ending. Even the fucking Titans from Attack on Titan have more redeeming qualities (especially if you know who the Titans really are). One might argue that the white walkers have redeeming qualities that we don't know about yet, but my counterargument is that if GRRM really wanted us to have some sympathy for the white walkers, he would have shown us some redeeming or sympathetic qualities already. And the white walkers are even more villainous in the show than in the books. If GRRM follows through with a white walker kumbayah, then I hope David Benioff and Dan Weiss go down a different path and have Dany's dragons exterminate all the white walkers or something. I wouldn't be satisfied with anything less than the total annihilation of the white walkers, or their eternal banishment to another plane of existence (preferably a fiery Hell). "Well, what if GRRM simply wants to teach us the lesson that humanity is simply too weak to ever truly defeat the white walkers?" Well, I've already spent too much time talking about ASOIAF (and too little time talking about Fates), so instead of answering that question, I'll end it here.
  6. I was wondering between each of these characters which are the more popular. I am looking for people's opinions based on capability in battle, personality, and designs. Nephenee vs Aran vs Danved, Oscar vs Kieran vs Makalov vs Titania vs Astrid vs Fiona vs Geofferey vs Renning, Rolf vs Shinon vs Leonardo, Boyd vs Largo vs Nolan, Jill vs Haar, Marcia vs Tanith vs Sigrun vs Elincia, Lethe vs Lyre vs Ranulf, Mordecai vs Maurim vs Kyza, Janaff vs Ulki vs Volug, Soren vs Ilyana vs Tormod vs Calil vs Bastian vs Sanaki vs Pelleas, Rhys vs Laura vs Mist vs Micaiah vs Oliver, Mia vs Zihark vs Stefan vs Lucia vs Edward, Sothe vs Volke vs Heather, Reyson vs Rafiel vs Leanne, Gatrie vs Brom vs Tauroneo vs Meg, Vika vs Nealuchi Skrimir vs Giffca Naesala vs Caineghis vs Tibarn vs Nailah Ena vs Gareth vs Nasir vs Kurthnaga I'm not comparing Ike to anyone because 9/10 people will likely say Ike cuz lets face it, aside from Hector, he is the best lord stat wise, plus he was popular enough to make it into Smash Bros twice.
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