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Found 3 results

  1. What is the best hacks or cheats for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia? I’m mainly looking for hacks or cheats to get the rare weapons, Astra, Sol, Luna and also easy level promotions, maxed stats, learned all weapon skills, and after all that, if it’s possible, save the file and not continuing the hacks or cheats. My OCD is killing me. Those items are way too hard to find and I don’t have the time to grind for them. :( Any help would be great!
  2. I had started Fire Emblem 12 a long time ago and played it on and off until chapter 5. This past Sunday I finally went back and continued playing it, getting all the way through it and getting the true ending. So yeah, I'll be listing the units I primarily used in order of class. (units in bold were ones used on the endgame map) Marth (Lord), Chris (Paladin), Luke (Paladin), Roderick (paladin), Cecille (Paladin), Midia (paladin), Sirius (Paladin, used only to recruit Nyna), Navarre (swordmaster), Malice (swordmaster), Samto (swordmaster), Ogma(hero), Astram (hero), Caeda (falcon knight), Palla (falcon knight), Catria (falcon knight), Merric (sage), Linde (sage), Katarina (sage), Malicia (bishop), Norne(sniper), Minerva(dracoknight), Barst(berserker), Tiki (manakete), and I did use Julian (thief) a lot due to chest looting. Also shout outs to Ryan, Gordin, and Draug, who were used for a little while before getting benched. So overall I really enjoyed this game. The music was very good (despite my emulator being crappy with music) and Endless Battle and Tearing Shadows are now near permanently placed at the top of my Fire Emblem music preferences (quite an achievement given ID Hope and much of Echoes and Sacred Stones held that). The story was really good and engaging to me once I got into it. I also liked how there was always different outcomes based on your actions despite map objectives never changing really. The assassins I really liked and felt sorry for. Overall, I'd say this game is my second favorite Fire Emblem game, right behind my personal preference of Awakening and barely ahead of Echoes and Sacred Stones.
  3. I want to know if anyone else is trying. I'm not bothering to get the individual parent/child supports because they're all repeats with very slight changes in how things are worded. Sadly, I'm at a point where it seems as though all the girls need to support with the same few guys (namely Libra, Ricken, and Henry). I'm just about to finish with Lissa and Cherche though, and another playthrough will finish off Olivia and Tharja.
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