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Found 30 results

  1. The land of Eldrahgo is home to stories of might, magic, and valor. After centuries of war, its five kingdoms have managed secure peace that, so far, has endured even longer. Yet nothing lasts forever. In the blink of an eye, the whole continent is thrown into war again. Its only hope is a young man not of this world. A traveler who must learn to navigate this land if he has any hope of ever getting back home. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Foreword I've always been fascinated about the universe, space, other dimensions, the multi-verse theory, and other related topics generally considered the next frontier/final frontier. I believe in the multi-verse theory and wanted to create some sort of story based around that. And seeing as how there are a bunch of hacks out there set in what I consider parallel universes to the 'official' universes, I decided to go with using this multi-verse idea. Book of Eden is about a traveler from another dimension that whines up in one of those fire emblem universes. I known and talked to many people and one thing that intrigued me was how people always wanted or likes to either put self inserts, or create an alter ego of themselves, or even personal characters and put them into their favorite games/anime/universe. So I'm taking that concept and exploring how someone with little or no prior knowledge end up in one of my favorite universes. I love cross over between characters of different stories and finding out that in the official fire games, the dragon gate is an actual thing, I just might have an easier time bringing in other characters from different universes. So, in addition to the cast of Book of Eden, there will also be characters such as Ike from FE9&10 and Felix from Golden Sun TLA, just to name a few. Most will just be cameos but others will have both major and minor roles in the story. There's a saying that goes a little something like: "Born too late to explore the seas, but born too early to explore the stars." that perfectly captures how I feel about the current state of our world. Nothing beats the feeling of exploring new places and having adventures with those closest to you. Maybe the only exception to this, is having your heroes alongside you for the ride. So, I hope to convey this feeling through Book of Eden. If you would like to help with the creation of this hack, feel free to message me either here or on FEUniverse. Download Version 1.25 is out. Download Prologue to Ch.12, no gaiden chapters, totaling 13 chapters. Screenshots Patch Notes Known Bugs Credits
  2. Hi, Sorry for posting nearly the same topic as yesterday but I think it wasn't in the good section and I have taken my concept further and am currently testing the results. Yesterday I came with an idea to balance weapons. I was wondering if anyone would enjoy a FE 8 mod with swords draining hp, 1 range axes ignoring def, and what you would give to lances and bows (currently lances give +4 lck, +2 def and +1 res), while bows have 3 more might, light is effective against monsters (no need to wait for promotion anymore), anima is buffed (+1 might), dark didn't change much, and tomes' weight has been adjusted to fit their users' constitution. The idea is that most sword users aren't very tanky but very fast. If they could drain hp, be they tanky or not, they would be much more usable and wouldn't need access to 1-2 range weapons to be useful. Fast units would drain 2x per fight but take damage if they don't dodge, while slow units would heal back some damage but only once per fight. I intend on balancing the classes and making the ennemies more of what they should be (like in Awakening I guess, they fit much more their roles than in TSS IMHO, especially knights, axemen and mages/dark mages). Lances' bonus stats make them able to reduce crit chance, to take easier the swords' hits so the drain isn't OP, while +1 res helps a little without being gamechanging. Bows don't hit at 1 range so I gave them more poke damage to make archery more useful for what they're supposed to do (the counterpart for 3 MT is 15 hit, a little like Yumi). I gave 30 weight to 1-2 range physical weapons so you only use them situationally (if I give them a speed penalty it would affect more the already slow units than the fast ones, + negative stats tend to bug and show max stat instead so it's the opposite of what I want). It's a good point for me so general Gilliam is as fast as Paladin Franz with a javelin (0-5 spd hoho). Special weapons weren't modified (rapier doesn't drain, don't expect to get back to full hp in one hit on a sword-wielding cavalier, neither does hammer deal true damage, I think it deals enough already). Trainee axe is 1 range, low MT, high accuracy and unbreakable, like short sword and lance, short bow is 2 range, low MT, high acc and unbreakable. These weapons apply the weapon balance treatment so your 8 damage lv 1 Ross will have 8 true damage on any ennemy axcept lance users (9 damage) and sword users (7 damage). Thin lance comes with the tank buff (enjoy your finally able pegasi, including ennemies) and thin sword drains hp. No crit bonus for short weapons. This means trainees can pull their weight even if they can't attack from 1-2 range before D rank (throwing weapons are D rank like in FE13, steel axe is also fixed to D rank, I don't see the reason for making a steel weapon E rank and not the other ones, might as well put everyone to D at base) because their weapons are better and their class stats have been improved a bit (not their growths though). Tana is a Wyvern Rider (female, yes they exist in the code, and unlike female mercenaries, they have custom animations, just like female shamans and sorcerers), Syrene has a little more base stats and completely different growths (tank falcon knight FTW! Palla is back even better than the original!) and weapon ranks on 2nd tier and some stat caps have been made more logical according to their roles in FE8. Magic classes, sages trade mag for spd, sorcerer is better, mage knight and valkyries are more similar in stats to paladins, magic classes base stats have been twisted to fit more their goal. Manakete is less cheated but lasts the whole game when you finally get Myrrh (unbreakable nerfed Dragonstone, again more like Awakening but 1 range only), she has base stats close to Seth's so it won't be an all in fiesta like it used to be at level 1 against cavaliers with Myrrh in chapter 16 but she has more HP (also this means she can take an axe hit from a promoted unit without dying), growths more spread but less OP (very few >100%, most are between 70 and 90, be careful, 12 spd 40% growth! you might keep a speedwing if you want her to double promoted ennemies!) and stat caps are the same as Necromancer (25 spd, 30 everything else) not OP since axe go through def, so does necrodragon's breath and dragonstone has 8 MT (with capped str it means 43 damage, less than regular silver weapons, only some ennemies not wielding axes will not deal much damage to maxed 35 def but it's not like she will cap it at all times in 19 level ups...right? Myrrh should be very close to cap def though if you max her level, but rarely doubles, doesn't necessarily OHKO, and true damage is abundant in axe maps). Great knight has 7 move, , archers have more skl to make up for usual shitty archers, mercenaries are closer to heroes in stat spread (less spd, more def and str) or you could say they are closer to cavaliers with actual skl, female lord has more def, 1 con bonus, male lord was nerfed a little in the speed department cuz Ephraim before promotion was a little too OP compared with Eirika at the same level, and Great lords have better con and stat caps because you wait 16 chapters to make them promote and they're both forced into the endgame chapters. Wyverns lords and knights are more distinct (I took their archetypes from FE13 wyvern lords and griffon lords, because I thought it suited well to the FE8 wyvern concepts), mounted/flying females and males have equal con because it's more the mount's weight than the person's that it taken into count, con overall is more fit to the class it's linked to. Swordmasters trade defensive stats for offensive, assassins have more str than swordmasters but thei def/res cp is still 20 (promotion bonus more offensive for assassins while more defensive as it used to be for swordmasters) and assassins have rogue's exp gain. 200 gold for unreakable weapons, 220 for unbreakable tomes, 10 per use for iron weapons, 20 for steel, 50 for silver, 45 for killer, shamshir is the exception at 60 or 65 because it's killer+drain with lower MT, add 2 gold to these to get the tomes' price per use, staves are globally cheaper. Low rank gems are worth more than they used to, because there's a special surprise in the preparations' armoury and it costs much (even if I lowered the price, being in preparations' armoury automatically makes it cost more gold). Because I didn't like the absence of choice with this point, I made you able to choose if you want to spend that amount of gold for this or if you're patient. It's also a way for farmers to get what they want without waiting to have cleared 70% of the game to have their full team able (and the ones drawn back by this can finally be played in the main story). Would it be funny to play? Would axes having a real utility make you use axemen? (-1 mt +5 hit for axes BTW) Do the effects I gave to lances, bows, magic types appeal to you? Tell me if something would be funnier than what I wrote. I'm open to discussion and I don't think I did the best I could do, there's always room for improvements. After all, it's been 2 years at least that I began to make Nightmare mods and I'm still not perfectly satisfied, maybe I have too many different concepts in mind so I will never stop making new mods and spending hours on Nightmare. Other people learned to use better programs but I'm not a fan of the difficulty to learn these programs although they seem to allow many nice things like skills, randomizing, modifying or creating characters, creating maps and stories etc. If you want to try it and see, here's the link (Lunar IPS patch, apply it to a clean ROM, I used the (U) Trash Man ROM to patch): https://www.dropbox.com/s/6nfofzdikxkxqop/FE 8 drain sword true damage axes version.ips?dl=0
  3. So I basically thought of something odd. I basically wondered how it'd look if FEGBA classes were the same, but without someone here. Just the mounts. I thought it was a nice idea, so I wondered if anyone thought or can make sprites of the mounts (Anthropomorphic to fit the rider's movements, though) alone? thanks. Oh, and for non-mounted characters, any should work/fitting to future promotions.
  4. Quick disclaimer: ↓↓ THIS ↓ ↓ is going to be an utter mess: a convoluted, unnecessarily complicated and generally unprofessional metaphorical swiss cheese full of (plot)holes. But that's what brainstorming is for. So here’s my collection of ideas for a game, to be gladly criticised and improved on. I always wanted to play as a manakete protagonist in FE. Corrin doesn’t really count, it looks more like a Qilin with wings, and it never impacts the story nor is it ever mentioned again, so what's the point? Soo, I started from there. But I'm not sure whether I want the protagonist to be an avatar, per se. It’ll be loosely influenced by the following series: 1. The Legend Of Zektbach 2. The Fate series 3. Drag-On-Dragoon/Drakengard 4. Legends surrounding Robin Hood and King Arthur (AKA an adaptation) NOTE: [sentences in brackets are farfetched, optional propositions not set in stone, but then again, all of this is a prototype.] More details will be added as I go, and feel free to add your own ideas. I'm will also upload this thread as a Word document for convenience if the need arises. GAMEPLAY & MECHANICS: 1. CORE GAMEPLAY: 2. WEAPONS & GEAR: 3. STATUS EFFECTS: 4. SUPPORTS: WORLD OVERVIEW: CURRENT RACES:
  5. Hey all! This is my first post on the forums, though I've been a lurker for years now. I've played through most of the U.S. released Fire Emblem games, as well as many of the Rom Hacks here, but I've wanted to make a hack for a long time now that highlighted Fire Emblem's medieval setting to its fullest extent. This hack will feature a strong story concerning conflicts between the different noble houses and lands, but still incorporate the spirit of Fire Emblem games. While this is still in the conceptual stages, the idea is that it will include: - 20 something chapters, telling a rich story within the context of the world. - Custom Classes (and omissions). I want this to be a very character driven story, and thus some generally playable classes may not be represented as it would be difficult to explain their role. For instance, I don't foresee there being a playable shaman/druid, and there won't be any heavy armored female characters. I will try to incorporate some custom classes. I also want to make some other class changes seen in more recent FE's, such as reducing the movement of all non-cavalier/paladin mounted units by 1. - New maps - New weapons, including those unavailable on normal GBA FE's (hello Levin Sword). - Custom mugs and new characters (previews shown below). I really hope that I can give my characters some real creative depth. For instance, your first healer will be a masochistic priest who looks like a thug, and the only pegasus knight you receive is a male. The goal is to have it so each playable character contributes in some way, however small, to the overall narrative of the story and not just feel like a throw-in. Plot: Long ago, the continent of Ishtaria was beset by constant war and fighting, until one day the Goddess Levinia descended from the heavens and put an end to the bloodshed. She entrusted a portion of her power to mankind through a vassal that would be known as the Apostle. The Apostle held immeasurable power and would be known as the voice of Levinia herself. The Apostle would be reincarnated into a new vassal upon the death of a previous one, and this cycle would repeat until the day Levinia herself came down and delivered salvation upon Ishtaria. The first Apostle, Octavius, founded the Holy Empire of Orvel which would rule over the continent for centuries to come, until the War of Three Kings, which separated the continent into four Kingdoms: Orvel, The Marshlands, Merelden, and the Desert Kingdom of Tanaris. The Marshlands were subject to a bloody civil war that ended with the marriage of Lady Beatrice of House Stormholdt and Lord Gabriel of House McTyiere. Together, they had two children, Lord Markeith and Lady Christana, before Lady Beatrice passed away from illness. The story follows Christana and Kellan, Gabriel's bastard son. While Kellan grew up separately from the lordly siblings, the three were close and often played together until Markeith's assassination some years prior. Kellan is accompanied by his longtime friends Colette, Jory, and Macveil. Preview: I've attached a preview of the portraits I've made below. The numbers denote playable characters in the order they are recruited. All others are NPCs, enemy characters, or characters I haven't decided if they are to be recruited yet. I've wanted to make this hack for a long time now, and I really hope I can show you guys some progress in the coming months. Please, let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback, any would be super appreciated.
  6. This thread should serve as a little guide for all the people who are going to play FE10's hard mode for the first time. Credits go to Quintessence and RadiantDragon who supported me in this. 1. What are the exact differences between normal and hard mode? 2. Which units should get FE9 boosts in which stats? 3. Which Dawn Brigade characters should be used and how? 4. Supports 5. Skills 6. Which items should be bought and stolen? 7. Who shall get which items? 8. Strategies for endgame 9. Other things
  7. So I've been thinking for awhile now about a project I wanna work on, and I've been considering using either FE 7 or FE 8 (Not sure yet which I'd prefer as a base.) I've got much of the story and I've written up much of my plans for the units and class plans I have for them. I decided I wanted to have units use Personal Skills and I also wanted to do Class Skills one for the Base Class, one for Level 10 of that class, and one final skill for the promotion class. So I've been considering how I want the promotion system to work exactly, and I've been considering utilizing Second Seals for units to access alternate classes. However I was considering the feasibility of having Second Seal Classes utilizing slightly different Base Stats by incorporating a unit's base class. An example would be let's say you have a F!Mage which promotes to a Sage or Mage Knight normally. Let's say using a Second Seal the F!Mage could promote to a Harrier which is a hypothetical promotion of a Pegasus Knight that uses Anima Magic and Lances. Using the Base Stats from Sacred Stones for this example. Class HP S/M Skl Spd Lck Def Res Pegasus Knight 65 35 / 5 40 40 35 15 35 Mage (F) 55 0 / 55 40 35 20 5 40 In my project I intend for Magic and Strength to be a separate growth rate. Pegasus Knights will have a 5 in Magic and Mage's will have a 0 in Strength. The hypothetical Harrier class has the following growth rates in this example. However below it is the average of the two above classes in the event that the F!Mage uses a Second Seal. Class HP S/M Skl Spd Lck Def Res Harrier (Normal) 65 35 / 35 40 40 35 15 35 Harrier (Second Seal) 65 35 / 55 40 40 35 15 40 I always felt it strange that there wasn't much carry over of the growth rates from the origin class, and I felt like this would make for more interesting builds. In this example the Harrier has a better Magic Growth which makes more sense anyway since it'd be originating from a Magic Class rather than a Physical Class. So I guess I wonder what others would think of this as a mechanic, the Second Seal would be a somewhat rare item since obviously in most cases a Second Seal class would turn out better than a normal promotion into that class. It might be unbalanced or maybe it'd prove too difficult to implement, but I'd love other thoughts on this idea and concept. (Maybe something similar already exists.) I've also considered doing something similar with the Base Stats, but doing one or the other might be better, though perhaps both is the best scenario in that case too.
  8. Knight

    Pokemon Ideas?

    I'm sure we've all wanted to come up with our own Pokemon concepts, what are some that you think should be added? You can add any info, type, animal or object it's based on, stats, moves, evolutions, area etc. For example, I had an idea for a Jack-o-Lantern Pokemon, it'd either be grass/fire or grass/ghost, and would have high HP and low speed. It'd be found in and around ghost dungeons and maybe fields at night. As well as an idea for a Ghost/Steel, it'd be a haunted suit of armour with high attack and defence, and evolves to a haunted suit on a set of horse armour, increasing speed. Found in a haunted dungeon or castle And a Fighting/Dragon Pokemon, it's first evolution would be plain fighting, a cute humanoid reptillian, and then evolving into a larger humanoid reptillian with perhaps boxing gloves. Good on attack and speed.
  9. So this is an idea that I've had for a while and I'm trying to develop it to the point that I can start making it. I will admit that I don't know if anyone else has made anything like this before, but I hope to make the project original and unique enough to justify its existence. Project This hack will be a re-skin of Pokemon Fire Red in which the Pokemon have been replaced by Fire Emblem characters/classes. (More on that later.) Since this will be my first hacking project, I'm trying to keep it manageable, so replacing the Pokemon and changing some dialogue here and there seems like the most realistic route at the moment. The characters that appear will be a mixture of characters/classes from across the series. The Concept So Far Characters: Pokemon will be replaced by Fire Emblem characters. So instead of catching a Caterpie in Viridian Forest, you may end up catching a Cain or Abel. Also, Pokemon will be called Einherjar. Based on a community survey, the Starter Einherjar will be Marth, Ephraim, and Hector!! Pokemon types (fire, water, etc.) will be replaced by Weapon Types. I'm hoping that the class variety of Fire Emblem will let me get creative with the type combinations. Types I'm planning on including so far are: Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow, Beast(horse units and Laguz), Flying(pegasi, wyverns), Armor, Fire, Wind, Thunder, Light, Dark, Hidden Weapons, and Dragon(manaketes and dragons). Type advantages/disadvantages will of course be based on the weapon triangle. I'm not sure if I'll just have magic as a type or split it into Light, Anima, and Dark. Example of what a character's type would look like: Mercenary would be a Sword type, while a Hero would be a dual typed Sword/Axe type. Trainers will be characters from the series. So Gym Leaders could be guys like Seth, Ogma, Elincia, etc. I'm not sure what to do with generic trainers yet. I'd like to include many characters, so I'm trying to figure out which important trainers/characters can be replaced with which FE characters. Evolution will be the way your characters promote. For example, your Mercenary would evolve into a Hero. Not all characters will change class upon promotion FIRST DRAFT OF THE POKEDEX: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14pocqPOEZqtefnxTWCsF9II9CR5br4CogcvsAGqW7EU/edit?usp=sharing So I'll be using this thread to document the development of my concept and ideas, and eventually the development of the game - WHICH I PROMISE WILL EVENTUALLY HAPPEN, BUT ALAS I AM A STUDENT AND THEREFORE FREE TIME IS HARD TO FIND. Please comment with any feedback or ideas you may have. Or even just comment whether you think this is a good idea or not! :) Big thank you to Ryuke, Corrobin, and Donnel, who have contributed very useful ideas and feedback. And thank you to anyone who has filled out any of the surveys.
  10. I got to thinking, what if Sacred Stones's Story went differently? What if instead of Lyon using the Dark Stone, what if it was Vigarde? It's that premise that I was thinking to change Sacred Stones's story, adding some classes, characters, chapters, and many supports. I also was thinking of adding things from other games, like awakenings pair up and children system, both Awakening and Fates paralogue, system, and some other features I still need to think. My question is thoughts, suggestions, and has it been done already? I don't wanna take someone elses idea :/
  11. Project FE X SSB (Currently planned to be named Fire Emblem: The Subspace Emissary) is a crossover game between the gameplay of Fire Emblem and the characters of the Super Smash Bros. series. It is planned to be a little over 30 chapters long, with the possibility of ten additional postgame maps. Every character in the series is intended to be a playable character, except for Dr. Mario, Young Link (due to redundancy), Solid Snake, Pac-Man, Cloud, and Bayonetta (due to those companies' strict policies on fanmade content. I don't want to anger the entire industry). The story has a similar setting, premise, and plotline to The Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, the plot has been heavily tuned up to provide a more engaging and effective story. The game follows two groups on their quest to fight back against an army comprised of fake copies of people, who later join together for the ultimate showdown against the one behind it all. The game's soundtrack will comprise of GBA rearrangements of tracks ranging from Smash Bros. originals or songs from the OSTs of one of the many series it hosts. Right now, though, the development of this fangame is at a bit of a standstill. Currently, the game is planned to be developed in FEXNA - not because it's a 'make game' button or anything, but because it uses a language similar to RPG Maker, something I'm very familiar with, speeding up the process somewhat. As of now, FEXNA is not going to be released anytime soon. That leaves only the things not needing FEXNA - sprite art, music, and possibly map design. I don't exactly have much experience with graphic design - this is probably the best I can do, and that was just a reskin. And while I can judge music pretty well, I know next to nothing about actually creating it. I'm probably going to have to wait a bit longer before actually beginning any kind of development, but I still wanted to share what I had in mind.
  12. I was thinking of making a Fan Game with popular characters and I thought what sort of features would be good? I'm thinking of using a lot of modern game play elements such as pair ups, my units, and child units but I also wanted a lot of new interesting stuff to make it sort of unique from other fan games. The plot would probably be pretty basic overall but with the unique game specific characters' personality and growth would be the main focus besides the actual gameplay. I have a link here for feedback on some things but if anyone has any other sorts of ideas or suggestions I'd greatly appreciate them, as well as what already existing characters would people want to see make an appearance? Link: http://www.strawpoll.me/darthax3l
  13. Welcome, one and all, to... Fire Emblem: Serenade of the Twin Pantheons, also known as Fire Emblem: Fates - Remastered Edition! This is a project I've had in my head for a while now, of which I now wish to bring to life with the help of a few people close to me... as well as you, the users of Serenes Forest! All updates relevant to the development of this fangame/hack for FE8 (yes, I'm undertaking hacking THAT game) shall be posted here in this thread! What will this hack contain? New universe with extensive world-building implemented, with some connections to separate FE universes New characters, with partial cameos planned to be made by main-series FE characters Original story orchestrated by Serenade team members Original maps created by Serenade team members New/updated items and mechanics, such as rebalanced magic, cantrips and revamped supports And much more to be added by the Serenade team! The fangame/hack is currently in the Pre-Alpha (i.e. initial planning) phase, so no actual coding has been done yet... which is why members of Serenes are best recruited in order to fulfill the role of coding the game! For now, however, here are our current team members, as well as the jobs that must be filled before we can truly get started: StreakofEmerald - Lead developer, character designer, concept developer, unit data creator, item developer Contact here: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/profile/28402-streakofemerald/ FieryLeaves - Main story writer, worldbuilder, character polisher Contact here: https://fieryleaves.tumblr.com/ Bakawanii - Lead artist, spriter, animator, designer Contact here: http://bakawanii.tumblr.com/ Jobs Needing to be Filled: Map Designer Additional Spriter Additional Character Designer Additional Artist Coder(s) If you wish to support this upcoming fangame/hack, just put it in your signature. I'll have more information up on the game soon if this thread is replied to enough. Happy 'Embleming, everyone!
  14. General Thread Update: -OP to be reworked... 6/26/16 -Polls down, thanks for the feedback! :) 6/7/16 -Feedback polls up 5/27/16 So yeah. Working on a concept called Fire Emblem: Book of Exiles.These were the previous plans... they still apply but with some tweaks. [spoiler=Old General Plan]Plan is to release the eventual patches in a three finalized patch format. So as three "books." Book 1: Exile's Journey. Basically intro, a couple chapters for each Lord to give an overview of the situation and overall plot. Book 2: Exiles' Odyssey. Main game, three Lord chapters playable in any order. Book 3: Exiled Legacy. Finale, fourth Lord unlocked. Finale where all the Lords come together once all Lord tales complete. The Lords/Protagonists are: Quinton. Raynah. Saelamendron. And 'Winter"... A royal knight on patrol. A mercenary swordswoman. A wandering prince... And a mysterious mage. All their journeys will lead them together and to their destinies as recorded in the Book of Exiles. It will feature an original storyline, additional and newly balanced classes, and gameplay. All portraits used will be custom-made, with several new animations and battle sprite reskins. First beta hopefully released in a years time or so. ...and that's the basic outline at the moment. :) ----- [spoiler=GENERAL FAQ] What will be in the Beta/Teaser patch? -Beta patch will include 1 chapter each for the four respective Lords, and an introductory prologue chapter to the world itself. Where do you get your mugs, sprites, etc? -I am a Sprite Artist more so than game designer, and have been since 2006, with a total of at least 4 years of total spriting, design and artwork experience factoring in times in which I stepped back from the hobby... So I would not claim to be the best by any means, but I feel I can do a lil bit of everything somewhat competently. Wow! Character mug A/Battle sprite B/Animation C looks great! Can I use it in my hack or base something off of it? -After having done spriting for so many years and feeling a desire to see my work helpful and actively being used, I would be very flattered if you wanted to utilize some of my stuff. I would ask with the mugs used, that they remain unique to this project, along with the Lord sprites. So please do not use one of my art pieces and call it something else. That said, any of my public domain pieces like non-Lord battle and overworld sprites can be freely used if it is marked Public Domain/Open Source/Free Use. all I would ask for would be a mention/some credit and to be informed of the project/usage. I would love to see what others can come up with! :D Same goes for edits to any of the public domain sprites of mine in this project. Please just let me know, would love to help someone else develop something great! ;) Please note the credits for info on public and private domain artwork used in this Back, as not all works will be mine to share publically without permission of the original creator. You suck, your sprites suck, your story sucks, your jokes suck, why do you suck so much? -Vacuum cleaners. *rimshot* but yeah, that wasn't a question as much as an attack. Hopefully you will be have fun with what I come up with here, if not it you have some suggestions, critique, advice, comments... Go right ahead. I am a big boy, I can handle criticism, as long as it is not turned into some form of personal attack. But I hope you enjoy this work, and would love to hear ways to improve it! :D Cool stuff... Can I help in any way? Sure! Any help, advice, or tweaks with gameplay, hacking, story, sprites would be very much appreciated, and I will make sure to credit you for your assistance. ----- Anyways thanks for reading. Hope you were intrigued. Please lemme know what you think or any comments or questions you may have. As I often say in my spriting thread thank you for any and all feedback! All comments, criticism, critiques, critical thinking, streams of consciousness and cookies are very much appreciated. ;)
  15. Heya. I had an idea for a rom hack. I'm no programmer though, it just came to me and I was wondering what people thought of the idea. Base game: No clue. I suppose this concept may work in some and not in others. Concept: Story: A wicked disease is scourging the land, and no one knows how it is contracted. Whole armies have fallen victim to it. One brave expedition group take it upon themselves to find the root cause... Gameplay: Original: Be prepared to lose units. At the start of each map, a random unit from the roster is permanently "berserked", (cannot be cured of it), and will most likely have to be killed to proceed. I say most likely because if a chokepoint and sturdy unit successfully keep them at bay, the unit will be cured at the end of the map. Of course, that unit still has the chance of contracting the disease again, this malady seemingly cannot be defeated by resistant strains. The random element could lead to your best or worst units being killed, which is horrifying in its own way. EDIT 1: Suggested by Topaz Light: (Makes more sense from an engaging gameplay perspective than relying on random luck) Isn't actually random, but appears to be at first due to its method of spreading being unknown to the player until later on. A very perceptive (or lucky-guessing) player should be able to sort of pick up on it early, but probably not completely figure it out all on their own without extensive experimentation. Is sort of a "normal" ailment or thing that can happen to your characters during gameplay instead of something that's just randomly inflicted at the start of each map. Is gradually explained/learned about over the course of the game, in terms of both its story explanation and how it works in gameplay. Make it so that the player and the expedition team each learn to combat it in unison with each other. Is manually-curable, but not in an immediately-obvious way. It should make sense, of course, but it shouldn't just be a plain ol' "use a Restore staff and presto!" dealio. EDIT 2: Suggested by Eclipse: The disease evolves over time - more status affects can surface other than berserk. Units: Initial thoughts I had was either the Expedition Force is the main and only army thematically, or as another option there are two playable armies: The Expedition Force trying to find a cure, while the Main Army is at war with the antagonists, losing men/women by the day and clinging to the hope that the Expedition Force is successful. Anyways, I was just wondering whether the concept can be implemented, as well as what people think of that kind of story. Cheers :)
  16. A few months ago I had an idea to add the MC from Persona 3 into Fire Emblem 7. I had a perfect image of how he would play in my head. He was like Robin in Awakening. He would have the player's in game name and act on the player's behalf as the leader of the squad just like in the game he was initially from, and he would've used both swords and spells and his spell use animation would be him summoning Orpheus. This all sounded amazing in my head, but I came back down to earth after realizing I don't know anything about rom hacking. I tried messing around with some in game sprites, but that didn't end up working out well. I'm putting this out because I'm hoping that some talented individual or group who loves both franchises will attempt to combine them in anyway. It doesn't have to be simply adding a character, it could be a whole new game that is a TRUE Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem crossover. If anyone is interested please ask around and comment on this!
  17. Any chance someone has created a mod/hack that imports Roy from fe6 into fe8? Roy is one of my favorite characters and i would love to see this sort of minor hack. If something like this already exists I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction. Thanks!
  18. At first, I was afraid of posting this due to reasons, but I cannot keep it to myself any longer. So, in order to do so, I've been studying all the manuals regarding hacks and stuff, as well as spriting and some other things. I want to try doing this hack of mine, even if the progress is going to be so slow (like years slow), but here we are. Fire Emblem: Lords of Shadows The story takes place in the continent of Michelty, in which the entirety of the continent was ruled by a single political entity instead of having independent kingdoms. Thousands of years ago, the continent was united under the rule of King Eriel of House Nightross who was also known as the Shadow King and Hero of Twilight. Under the might of the Shadow King, all the previously-independent kingdoms were conquered and the kings of those kingdoms bent their knees to the Shadow King, abdicating their kingship in return of maintaining their realms as the Highlords and subjects to the authority of the king. For thousands of years, Michelty was ruled by House Nightross, with the Highlords ruling their respective realms as the enforcers of the king's wills. House Nightross brought an era of prosperity throughout the continent, but the peace did not last long as King Veridic, the last of the king of Nightross dynasty, turned insane and started multiple ethnic purges and genocides throughout the continent. In retaliation, several Highlords united under a banner and started a rebellion. Ultimately, the mad King Veridic met his demise and House Nightross was utterly destroyed. One of the Highlords, Jason of House Duskfield, took the throne and became the new king to start a new dynasty after the destruction of House Nightross. Plus, House Duskfield used to be an offshoot of House Nightross, thus making them the descendants of King Eriel, strengthening their claim for the throne. But, not all the members of House Nightross were slaughtered during the rebellion. King Veridic's grandson, Prince Allen, and daughter-in-law, Princess Adelene, survived the rebellion that destroyed their family, thanks to Prince Nero, King Veridic's son and heir, who sacrificed himself in order to safely smuggle both his son and wife out of the capital. Both Prince Allen and Princess Adelene lived in peace in Saeguca Village. The former princess consort discarded her former identity and married a kindly apothecary and priest, and both of them had a daughter named Sella. For fifteen years, Allen and his family lived in peace in the village until a series of events forced him to return to the capital. Will he reclaim his birthright and throne? Will he realize the true purpose of his return? Will he realize that he's not the only lord of the shadows left in the continent? Time will tell. So far, I have planned two chapter, Prologue and Chapter 1. I'm still working on the hacking, so I will post the screenshots soon, but because I'm just an amateur, it'll take a godawful amount of time. Well, I have made the sprites for some major characters, though. So, here are the characters [spoiler=Nero] Nero, Allen's father. He is King Veridic's son and heir. While honorable and kindhearted, he sides with his father during the rebellion due to the insane king being his family. He will be playable during the prologue, which is essentially an escort mission to ensure his wife, Princess Adelene, and son, Prince Allen, escape the castle. Ultimately, he will meet his demise at the end of the prologue after ensuring his wife's and son's safety, at the hands of his own best friend, Lawrence. But before drawing his last breath, he asks for a favor from Lawrence to make sure his family is safe while in hiding, and Lawrence promises to do so. The prince then dies in his best friend's arm, feeling relieved that everything will be alright despite the destruction of House Nightross. As a playable prologue character, Nero's Class is Shadow Lord, which means he wields both swords and dark tomes in combat. He also wields a holy sword, Sanat Kumara, which can fire dark energy beams. He entrusts his son, Allen, with this sword before he meets his end. [spoiler=Allen] Allen, the Lord of the story. He is the grandson of King Veridic, and the son of Prince Nero and Princess Adelene. Despite inheriting his father's kindhearted nature, he is a little brash and cocky in battles, and he considers them to be his embarrassing flaws. Like his father, he greatly cherishes his new family and is willing to kill in order to protect them. He is also quite overprotective to his half-sister, Sella, which sometimes annoys her. Allen's Class is Lord and he wields swords in battles. He also wields his father's holy sword, Sanat Kumara, which was entrusted to him by his father before his death. At some point, he will promote into Shadow Lord, just like his father, which allows him to wield dark tomes. [spoiler=Sella] Sella, Allen's half-sister and the first Cleric. She is outgoing and cheerful, but is often annoyed by her half-brother's overprotective tendency. At the start of the story, she is unaware of Allen's true identity. As for her Class, like stated above, she is a Cleric. [spoiler=Adelene] Adelene, Allen's and Sella's mother. She was Prince Nero's wife and princess consort before the rebellion. After fleeing the capital and hiding in a rural backwater village of Saegusa, she married a priest and had Sella with him. In the story, she will be one of the factors of Allen having to return to the capital. In-game, her Class is Sage. [spoiler=Ennis] Ennis, a mysterious young woman who has been stalking Allen for quite some time. Actually, she is Lawrence's daughter who is sent to monitor both Allen and Adelene due to a few events happening in the capital. A bit blunt and harsh, but she means well. A very honorable person. Loves her father dearly. Her Class is Myrmidon. That will be all for now. More things will come later.
  19. I'm very new when it comes to FE hacking, but I've seen lots of great hacks and amazing things I didn't think was possible for Fire Emblem. I've always been a fan of both Power Rangers and Fire Emblem, so I thought "what if I put the two together?". This could be the worst idea in existance or it could be a fun hack that I can work on in my off time. This concept came from when I first saw the Manaketes use Dragonstones to change into their dragon form. I'm thinking to use that same concept for the Morphers and Battleizers. The only problems are that I have no artistic ability and Power Rangers is set in the modern era. I've already written the story and it can be read here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11927348/1/Mighty-Morphin-Power-Rangers-Season-1, which admittedly could have a major grammar check :P So unless a spriter and map designer are willing to help then this concept won't happen. But on the off chance that someone steps up and is willing to help, I'll be willing to do everything else. My only question is, would you be interested in playing this hack, if it was completed?
  20. This is a hack a friend and I thought about making. We're not out to reinvent the wheel, but we do want to make a game with a compelling story, interesting villains, and more complex lords. Fire Emblem: Relics of Arcadia(Updated: 5/9/2016) “The Lords of old challenged the foul monstrosity that besieged their land. Unfortunately, they succeeded. From its corpse, malice and evil spewed forth. The Lords were swallowed by the inexorable tide. Their relics, drunk on vile blood, became vessels of the creature’s madness. And so the kingdom fell.” The story takes place in what was the kingdom of Arcadia. 100 years ago, Arcadia was a prosperous and unified kingdom, protected by five powerful relics and the lords who wielded them. One day, however, an otherwordly force appeared and started to ravage the land. The lords gathered their army and fought the beast. They succeeded, but in its death the beast spewed forth a corrupting miasma that blanketed the lords and their army. The relics were tainted, and the lords slew each other in madness. With no army nor leader, and much of its center now an inhospitable wasteland, the kingdom descended into lawlessness and fractured. Only two regions, Nearia, the seat of the Church of Awakening, and Oppidorum, who still retained its army through the foresight of its lord, kept hold of a threadbare order. The ensuing fighting elsewhere left most places desolate. Time passed. The Capital and central Arcadia remain inhospitable and fallow. The countryside elsewhere now lives under the fear of bandit lords, who vie for control and demand feudalistic tribute from the solitary villages that survived. Most of them answer to a self-proclaimed “baron,” but others choose to independently maraud. The baron claims to provide “protection” from these rogue groups. The Church remained silent, and far to the South, ambitions for a ‘New Arcadia’ grew in Oppidorum’s new king. All the while, the cursed relics, lost after the tragedy, await their new masters. And their new pawns. So far, we’ve planned out the prologue and chapter 1 in detail, as well as the general flow of the story. We are planning at least three paths, each following a different ‘lord,’ branching at about ⅓ of the way through the story. [spoiler=Characters] So far, we've done the portraits of the main lords and the character recruited at chapter 1, so we'll show them here. [spoiler=Avatar] The avatar of the player in the story. Interested in both studying and recording history. Their encounter with Annette marks the beginning of the tale. Will be playable as a Historian class, which serves as the dancer class of the game. May also have access to dark magic, depending on how balancing works out. [spoiler=Annette] A young girl from a village in Serenica, the lawless part of Arcadia, with a strong sense of justice passed on to her from her father. Her father, who had been a deterrent to the bandits in the past, recently passed away, and her village is considering falling under the influence of the Baron to avoid being overrun by other enemies. She encounters the Avatar as she gathers wood outside the village, beset by the Baron's men. The first 'lord' of the story. Wields Axes. [spoiler=Egil] A self-proclaimed ‘treasure hunter’ and outlaw of the Baron’s that had been a thorn at his side, breaking into his forts and stealing from his men. Encounters the party early on. Has an easygoing persona, but seems to have some sort of connection with the Church of Awakening. The second ‘lord’ of the story. Wields Bows. [spoiler=Ciara] A knight in her early twenties from Oppidorum. She is one of the King’s most trusted soldiers, and she is fiercely loyal to him. She highly values order, and wishes to help expand Oppidorum’s power and unify the land once again. The party comes to Oppidorum during their travels, and she is assigned by the King to accompany them. The third 'lord' of the story. Wields Spears. [spoiler=Jeremiah] A local priest of Annette's village, preaching for the Church of Awakening. Though he had never actually been to the holy city in Nearia in his life, he remains devoted to the teachings of his childhood. He looked up to Annette's father, and followed the party following the events of the prologue. He is of the priest class. [spoiler=Yuria] A girl Jeremiah ran into that was being chased by bandits. Part of Egil's group but was separated after a botched attempt at one of the bases. Timid by nature. [spoiler=Delwick] A mercenary grudgingly under Geldgier's employ. He's a man of few words, and is generally dissatisfied with the status quo. Dispatched along with others in the area to chase after a girl who had been stealing in the south. [spoiler=To Do] There's probably a lot more, but I'm putting the pressing matters down here. All the battle sprites for the lords. Going to try to do these myself like the portraits, but might take a while. I'll focus on Annette's and the Avatar's since they're there for the prologue. Code Prologue events. already in the works. Done. Chapter 2 is in the works now. Figure out how to do branching paths with fe 7 as a base. This is still a ways away, but I want to at least get a head start now, since it is crucial. Alternatively, I could always code 3 different versions of the hack, if this turns out to be impossible. Get Music. I'll defer this to my friend, since I'll have my hands full with the sprites and coding. Clean up Sprites and Battle Sprites. Yeah, avatar's [spoiler=Current Version] Relics of Arcadia demo ver. 0.2 Features: -Playable prologue and chapter 1, with custom maps and events. -5 characters (so far). Planned/Unimplimented: -Chapter 2 in the works for the coming month. -Supports. Still the base fe7 supports, may incrementally ammend these as we go. -Implement some sort of end-of-demo chapter so it doesn't awkwardly move on to the next chapter of the base game. [spoiler=screenshots] [spoiler=Credits] matrix_001, who kept me grounded with the story and planning. Arch for his eventing tutorials. Nintenlord for his tools. All of you for reading and trying out the patch. That's it for the time being. I'll keep updating this with new progress as they occur. If you have any comments/suggestions/criticism, feel free to post it here. I'm still learning through all this, and there's always room to improve.
  21. Hi, I'm requesting active participation for the story in this link: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63004 I'm working on polishing my story and I need your help in making it beautiful.
  22. I have been making a story concept in mind that I hope to pass to IntSys. However, it seems improbable so, for the first time, I'm sharing my incomplete story. I'll be needing your help in polishing the story but I don't want it to be too far from the plot outline I've made. You can post your feedback here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showforum=35 So, here's the map description I suck at making maps: Our first hero lives in a southern archipelago akin to South East Asia, and it is the trade capital of the continent. The main land has at least four known nations, two of which are the archipelago's biggest trade partners: East of the Great Wall is a martial arts country named Juiyo inspired by East Asia (3 kingdoms China, warring states Japan, and Korea); West of the Great Wall is a romance and arts country named Gemran inspired by west Europe (Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, and France). The religious center of the continent is Yeshuo inspired by the Mediterranean Countries, here lies the Temple of the Dragon King (while a temple is there, the real temple is the people). [spoiler=The Fourth Nation] As for the other nation, they are at the back seat for now Part One (the Rose Guild) The Prologue may start at the training section: Sheena Jade Rosas Daughter of Senator Kin and Chef Josephine . She is a very charitable salesperson and talented sword fighter. She wishes to establish trade networks in the continent for the benefit of the people. Class: Apprentice Well, she will be training with her father Kin Rosas (currently a very popular Senator) Watching from the sidelines: Ghin Rosas The hot blooded brother of Sheena, despite his efforts to train with swords he doesn't seem to handle it as good as throwing axes. He shows of the most often. Class: Journeyman Then followed by a scene in their mother's restaurant where Bandits attack. Here joins: during battle Shmuel Habagat A fresh graduate of law enforcement. His family is close to the Rosas. He speaks very little unless necessary. class: Archer lv 10 (yes overleveled) After battle (I haven't polished the story yet) Anika Amihan A mage from a family of apothecaries. She is usually snarky and mean but is surprisingly sweet to her good friends. Class: (Wind) Mage Genny Bianca Best friend of Sheena. A novice preacher. She is exceptionally knowledgeable of the Scriptures and seems to know better than present priests. Class: Cleric/Deaconess Andy Narra A shy inventor from a family of blacksmiths. He keeps a book of drawings of his designs for future inventions. Class: a unique crossbow class And they formed the Rose Merchants and set off to an adventure. Why? Well, Sheena's mother, Chef Josephine wanted to cook a rare dish she hasn't cooked in a long time. It requires a rare ingredient form an outlying island. Yeah, a silly plot device I will update the story time after time. Country names by Hylian Air Force
  23. I've been thinking about trying to make a hack for a while, and i'm going to try with this. This hack is about a magical apprentice who is learning from an ancient master until their sanctuary is penetrated for unknown reasons. I have everything except for the maps, events and pre level conversations finished on the first two chapters, so if you want to check some of the characters,you can play this predemo. FE7 in case you were wondering. LINK:http://www.mediafire.com/download/mz9sn27c3saquxp/Fire+emblem+Dark+Demo.ups
  24. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a thread about an idea. See, I am a person who plays Civilization, and when you play Civilization and are me, you think about Impis. From such thinking, I came up the idea of Impis being units in Fire Emblem, and from there built up a proper setting to use that. But one nation is usually below Fire Emblem in scale, so I needed another kingdom. In Fates, they did a theme of East versus West, which isn't terrible, but has been done often, and Fire Emblem is already quite east and west. So, I created a kingdom based off of another important group of civilizations, those of the Middle East. From there, this idea was born. The World: Surrounded by endless seas, there lies B'Yasha, in an ancient language, Land. An large island, whose surface is most often sand, inhabited primarily by two nations. In the north, Amaar, or Rain, and in the south, Luoka, or Spear. Though their kingdom is built around massive dunes, Amaar is a prosperous kingdom. This is owed to the twisting rivers which run through their lands, making fresh water and fertile floodplains plentiful. It is a kingdom of scholars and architects, where merchants make their living on the plenty of their homeland. For many centuries it has been unified under the Alid Dynasty, their future king being Prince Huran. By contrast, the warrior culture of Luoka shifts like the sands of the desert. In fact, for longer than Amaar has existed, the tribes and nations of the region have warred against each other, and remained mostly independent. Much of the land is plains, hills and valleys, though receiving water from rain rather than rivers. However, around two decades ago, a king of a small tribe in those hills, Jamaka, led a crusade against his neighbors. This distinguished itself from other skirmishes in that it succeeded, with Jamaka now Luoka's king. However, three years ago, the rain stopped. The plains began to dry, and turned to desert, in which nothing would grow. Some say this is a curse for Jamaka's brutal conquest, others, merely an act of nature. Between these two kingdoms and dotted about B'Yasha are patches of desert, independent tribes and city states. For the past few decades, Amaar and Luoka have used bribery and intimidation to try and find favor in the eyes of their leaders. Where no leaders reign, bandits and nomads have established there own communities, a lack of things to rob slowly turning the former into the latter. The Plot: For three years, Luoka has suffered from terrible drought, and its people wither like the plants in the sand. What aide Amaar offers is minimal compared to their needs, what their allies can provide is barely anything. Growing tired of the plight of his people, Jamaka and his advisers decide that the time has come for war. What Amaar will not give them, they will take. Jamaka sends his son Shaka with the invading forces, that he might gain knowledge of war after growing up in the relatively peaceful aftermath of unification. Amaar mobilizes their army to defend themselves, and quickly as well, for when Luoka invades, Prince Huran is studying in a southern city state, close to the war front. War has come. Who's side do you take? The warriors or the merchants? Shaka or Huran? Take what your people need, or defend what they have? Pronunciation Guide: Luoka (Loo-Ok-Uh) Amaar (Uh-Mar) B'Yasha (Beh-Yah-Shuh) Playable Characters (Amaar): [spoiler=Huran] Class: Merchant Prince Affinity: Wind Prince of Amaar, and only son of the current king, Malik. Growing up in his father's court, he spent much time studying, and from his studying picked up the practice of magic. His primarily field of study, however, was in politics and money handling. His exposure to the outside world has been minimal up to this point, though his studies have left him with a slightly embittered since of reality. He is not one for fiction, and pays far more attention to works of history or teaching than epics and legends. He's not necessarily naive, but until the beginning of the game has had no first hand account of battle, no experience fighting, not even had he hunted in all his life. His calm and logical nature shows through in his ability to maintain control of himself and still function as a leader despite the things he bears witness to. His personal distaste for violence goes back to his studies, as he does not see a million as a statistic. Despite that, he is a reasonably competent strategist and leader, owing largely to his vast knowledge. However, Huran can also be quite indecisive, and at times a bit cowardly, though the latter issue he can usually convince himself to get over. As you might guess, Huran's weapon of choice is light magic. His luck is quite high, but his skill and speed are not particularly good. However, Huran's defense is rather impressive, especially for a mage, meaning he can actually survive hits from enemy units. His unique weapon is a type of tome called Diopside, the black star tome. It was developed by the ancestors of the Alid dynasty and has been taught to and used by their bloodline exclusively. When Huran promotes, he gains access to Anima and Dark magic as well. [spoiler=Mansur] Class: Camel Rider (Sword) Affinity: Wind A body guard of Huran, one of two knights under Shahnaz. His real name is Mohammad, but because his companion's name is also Mohammad, he goes by one of his other names, Mansur. He's a carefree, tranquil but also rather impulsive individual, making decisions on a whim based on nothing but how he feels at the moment. For example, his camel is named Gringrad, a name which popped into his head which he liked the sound of. Mansur's relaxed, carefree nature leads to him rarely being upset or angry, though sometimes can lead him to be apathetic to other's and his own issues. He and Musa are companions, originally meeting in training and having often been paired together since. Mansur is notably big eater, and is rarely seen without figs, dates or bread in hand. The weapon Mansur specializes in is the sword. Despite swords typically being seen as more 'agile' weapons, Mansur has higher strength, defense and luck than Musa does. Strength and defense he will normally cap, and he'll likely come pretty close to his luck cap as well, if not cap it outright. [spoiler=Musa] Class: Camel Rider (Lance) Affinity: Ice A body guard of Huran, one of two knights under Shahnaz. His real name is Mohammad, but because his companion's name is also Mohammad, he goes by one of his other names, Musa. His general demeanor is rather serious, and a bit quiet. He follows orders once they're given, and believes in doing them right. Doing things right is incredibly important to him, as he'd rather something not be done over done wrong. His perfectionist mentality can lead to him becoming frustrated rather easily, especially at himself. However, he can indeed be quite empathetic when something to sympathize with is brought up. Though he trains very hard, he is liable to stop his training, even for the marginal benefit of others. He and Mansur are companions, originally meeting in training and having often been paired together since. Musa's weapon of choice is the lance. Despite lances typically being a tool of bulkier units, Musa focuses more on skill and speed than Mansur. He can rather comfortable cap both stats, and features slightly higher resistance growth than Mansur does. [spoiler=Shahnaz] Class: Mamluk (Sword, Lance) Affinity: Anima Chief body guard of Huran, an important figure in raising him and commander of Musa and Mansur. His temperament is somewhat between his underlings, and all around quite normal. Shahnaz served under Huran's father and trained during the reign of his father, so he has quite a bit of experience and wisdom to go off of. He can be fatherly, usually to Huran, but also a rather hard commander, as he is with Musa and Mansur. He can also be a bit bigoted, usually against Luokans. However, his even emotions and experience brought him in favor of Malik, and he's served the Alid Dynastry his whole life, always being very loyal. Shahnaz also expects similar loyalty out of others, pushing those around him to do better in their respective fields. Shahnaz is the Jeigan of the Amaarian side. He joins as the promoted form of Camel Riders, Mamluks. Since he is a prepromote, he has based which leave quite a bit to be desired compared to a trained unit of the same level. In addition, his extra weapon type cannot be chosen, he joins with swords and lances available and that's what he gets. However, he has very good growths, better than either of his students, except in Luck, which is a stat he's simply bad at where even Musa has decent Luck. If trained he can still be a very useful unit with all around decent stats, though ultimately inferior to your other Mamluks. [spoiler=Uthma] Class: Shaman Affinity: Dark Uthma is not actually from Amaar. Rather, he's a native of Luoka, by blood a prince of a northern tribe. When the drought hit, his father sent him to a city state bordering Amaar to study, though also so he might have food and water. When Luoka invades, Uthma is more or less conscripted to fight his own people. He's a bold individual, confident in himself and used to having all the answers, but when faced with moral dilemmas tends to shut down and often just give up on the situation. With no time for that though, he ultimately sides with Amaar against their invaders. Early on he joins Huran's group, using the magic he's studied for many years: Dark Magic. Interestingly, Uthma joins as a shaman, making him the only unit on the Amaar side to specialize in using dark magic. Aside from Uthma, shamans are a class only found on the Luoka side of the conflict. When promoted, he becomes a Sangoma, users of healing and dark magic normally only available in Luoka. His magic and skill are his best stats, and combined with his weapon type he can hit like a truck, but won't often double due to mediocre speed. Playable Characters (Luoka): [spoiler=Shaka] Class: Warrior Prince Affinity: Thunder Eldest son of Jamaka, king of the Luoka, though still only a young man. From a very young age, he was trained to be a warrior, and has shown himself very talented at all aspects of warfare. Not only did he excel above his piers in sparing and hunting, but also in strategy and ingenuity. A product of his mind is his proof weapon, a throwing spear of his own design and crafting called the Iklwa. He is a dedicated individual, and fiercely loyal. In this war, he fights for his people, and will not allow anything to appose him. He can seem very cold, usually adopting a stern demeanor around anyone. Despite his strategic capability, Shaka is hot headed, and it his preference to personally scatter his enemies over direct soldiers from a tent and a somewhat short temper. He will ask nothing he would not himself do, and often doesn't ask anyway. He is not without his honor or his concern, but those very things drive him to be ruthless. In battle, Shaka lives up the legends of ferocity which follow Luokan warriors. Defense is not exactly his strong suit, but he has high skill, speed and strength with which to obliterate his enemies. His class, the Warrior Prince, wields spears in battle, and does so very effectively. Like the Impi classes, Shaka has move movement than a typical foot unit and is less hindered by poor terrain. His unique weapon, the Iklwa, is also quite powerful, being a strong yet accurate 1-2 range weapon. Shaka promotes into the Warlord class, which gives him a rather hefty crit boost, though no extra weapon types. [spoiler=Angan] Class: Inyanga Affinity: Light Jamaka's other son, of whom he is less proud. While Shaka was raised from youth to be a warrior and took remarkably well to it, Angan had a far more non-violent nature. That didn't necessarily mean he was tranquil, as he was and still is childish and prone to outbursts. He's rather timid, speaks little of his bloodline, and is often the doubter to his brothers actions. However, his naivety also helps Shaka maintain some humanity, for which the latter is secretly very grateful. Whether he's having a tantrum or shying away, Angan maintains concern for those around him, friend or foe. As a child, he often would fail military training, so his father instead put him with wise men and sages, who trained him in the ways of healing magic. Angan is interesting in that he's not only a very early healer, but one of the few magic users on the Luokan side. He sports better defense than his older brother, but his stats are average across the board, not particularly exceeding or failing at anything. His Inyanga class is basically the equivalent of priests or clerics, though, like Angan, are generally more balanced instead of trading defense for magic and resistance. [spoiler=Iswayo] Class: Impi Affinity: Thunder An accomplished general who has served under Jamaka since even before he began his conquest. When Shaka's training began, Jamaka selected Iswayo to be his mentor. Like his student, Iswayo is rather stern, though while Shaka is a more 'aggressive' sterm, Iswayo is more 'cold' stern. Though he certainly scowls and scorns, he's more in control of himself than Shaka is, and wisened by his years. It was when he was Shaka's age that he began fighting for Jamaka, and now that Shaka is in a similar scenario, Iswayo imparts what wisdom he can. He knows of but is not particularly well acquainted with Angan, though is all too familiar with Shaka's mannerisms. Despite their sometimes being at odds, Shaka has great respect for Iswayo. Iswayo is the Jeigan of the Luokan side, joining as the promoted form of the Inkwebane class, Impi. Rather unfittingly of the class, his strength lies in his defensive stats, HP, Defense, and Resistance. However, that means he's an actually resilient unit on the Luokan side of things, one who joins rather early, and supports Shaka with a matching affinity. The Impi class is generally an offensively inferior, defensively superior version of Shaka's warlord with a lower crit boost, though Iswayo is unlikely to hit it's high strength, speed or skill caps. As one might garner from that list, this would be a setting quite unlike your typical Fire Emblem, with two very distinct sides. Luoka is based off of South Africa, primarily the Zulus. Amaar is based off of the Muslim world in general, from Morocco to Egypt, Turkey, former Persia, and with a little India as well, though primarily Arabia. Each side has a very different set of units and classes available. Amaar is closest to your standard Fire Emblem game, though with drastic reskins. Most notably, Cavaliers and Paladins are replaced by Camel Riders and Mamluks. Like in FE9, there's one Camel Rider who uses each physical weapon type, and they pick one more upon promotion. Their iron, steel and silver swords are scimitars instead of straight blades. Most users of magic are found on the Amaar side, though their use of Dark Magic is rather limited. This is because in Amaar, dark magic is seen as some sort of evil force, and has numerous negative superstitions and connotations. Luoka, however, sees dark magic as a weapon, and thus there are more characters who use it on that side. Despite the familiar presence of shamans and the occasional unit on a horse, Luoka is most distinct from typical Fire Emblem in the stats its units have. Notably, while the Camel Rider is the most common unit among Amaar, the most common unit for Luoka is the Inkwebane, a unit best put as a spear wielding myrmidons with additional movement. The promotion of Inkwebanes is Impis, who gain a deadly crit boost similar to Swordmasters. Instead of clerics, they get Inyangas. Both shamans and inyangas upgrade into sangomas, units capable of using both healing and dark magic. Units on horses are found in Luoka, whereas the camel is prefered in Amaar. Horses are native to certain plains in the country, but were never particularly popular and have grown even less common due to the drought. In general, Luoka is the 'hard' mode of the game, where the player is given fewer resources and must work with what options they have, while Amaar is the more 'normal' mode, granting more freedom and variety with which to tackle challenges. Now, this idea is not yet fully baked, of course. There's not a complete class list yet, nor are certain aspects of Fire Emblem accounted for. I don't know how Pegasi or Wyverns will factor into this world, and I don't even know if Armors would be in the game at all. The eight characters above are the only ones I have so far, and I haven't settled on skills yet. However, I figured I did have enough information here to at least post the idea, and see what you all think. And yes, the inspiration totally flows, which is why the Zulu character is named Shaka, he has an Iklwa, and his mentor is named Iswayo. Completely unlike Shaka Zulu, inventor of the Iklwa and refiner of tactics created by Dingiswayo.
  25. So yeah, the "artist" formorally known as Randomsonicvideos now known as MCProductions has another potentially crazy idea for a FE hack that borrows ideas from Crash Bandicoot and classic Spyro the Dragon(of all things) as far as stage progression goes. Anyhow, onto the concept, in order to reseal the Demon King after he possesses a(undecided) major Magvelen leader, Ephraim and Eirika need to find ALL of the pieces of the 4 shattered Sacred Stones that are scattered across Magvel. In order to do so, the twins must explore the contienet in a hub world area that has gates to various stages(chapters in FE terms) which lead to the shards, which in turn are obtained thru filling various criteria in these chapters. basically, there are four shard types Crystal shard: complete the chapter as normal. Obviously the easiest to get Clear Gym shard: open all treasure chests in a level. Clearly ripping off CB break the crates goal Red Gym shard: unlock and clear the chapters Gaiden. Not all stages have one of these shards Relic shard: a literal LTC goal, beat the clock to get the shard. once again, ripping off CB blatantly here In each hub, 5 stages are unlocked from the get-go and can be replayed at will, either to complete Shard quests, or grind some enemies(It's a Sacred Stones sequel, what did you expect, no grinding). Various secrets can also be found in these hubs such as the final weapons. Some of which can be found from the first hub if you know where to look. So there, I'm not the best FE hacker, and this concept is what I came up with after brainstorming for a while. An FE8 sequel isn't exactly an original concept, but it can work with this concept and if nothing else; 8 sequel will remain it's goal for now. Sorry, Project Utopia you're no longer full custom So could this concept phesibly work, or am I wasteing my time.
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