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Found 10 results

  1. Hey guys! I hope this is the right place to post this. Simply put, I'm an Italian high school student who has always loved "creating". As a child, it was mainly by drawing, but being the videogame enthusiast I am, that quickly turned to using my favourite series as a base to create new stories. I've been told I can become a good writer, but I'm not particularly sure about that myself. The point of all this is that, ever since 2015 or so (pretty much when I fell in love with FE), I've found this series to be exceptionally interesting when it comes to creating my stories. Many of them hardly have anything going for them besides a plot concept, while others are more structured. What makes them all kinda similar is the fact that they're basically FE games that will never come to life due to my lack of hacking skills, mainly because I don't have the dedication to learn programming, spriting, animating or anything like that. I'll try adding a poll so that the 3 people who will read this may choose which one of the following "projects" they would like to hear more about. Again, they will never go beyond this level, so I'd like this thread to be both a place where I can talk about them and where you can point out any mistakes in my English (I really care about developing it to the highest level I can, so please, do correct me). The options are the following: - FE: Hunger for Power (a tale of three knights with different backgrounds and personalities, bound by a common destiny that will turn them into heroes of a war spanning the whole continent) - This is actually the first ever idea for an FE-based story I had, back in September 2015. I even posted about it here during the following summer, but I quickly realized that as a 14-year old I would hardly be able to make a Fire Emblem hack all by myself, without any knowledge of coding. Four and a half years have made me grow attached to these characters, though. A lot. Even though it's probably really flawed, they're my precious little children (some more precious than others) - FE: Rise and Fall - A story about two newborns (a swordsman and a female sage-in-training, not related) taken in by an assassin, Alain/Mateus, who killed the father of one of them and almost cut down the other's mother. Then they go on to escape their country, join a rebellion led by a bloodthirsty general, get separated, reunite, the girl discovers she can turn into a dragon... basically a huge mess. - FE: Will - In ancient times, men learned the art of harnessing magic from their own willpower (Will, with a capital W, for short). They then obtained near complete dominance over the continent, subjugating the other races. The story follows a pilgrim of the Church of Will, a famous mercenary (on the side of the first "main antagonists", a group of merchant guilds who have created items called Enhancers, which can draw magic out of normally non-magical people), and a merchant who was disowned by her family because she didn't want to sell Enhancers, unlike them. - FE: Prophecy - The continent was once invaded by conquerors from the faraway "Ivanelle". A priestess who led the rebellion against the invaders was burned at the stake and, on the brink of death, prophesized that the land would turn against its new inhabitants once the "head Conqueror" and the reincarnations of his six most loyal allies had had their souls destroyed. In a strange twist of fate, the six remaining souls all reincarnated in the same era, and are bound not only by this, but by blood as well (most of them, at least). So yeah, choose, correct me and enjoy!
  2. Hey there! My name is Justin, and welcome to the bare bones start of what may be a little series(with any luck) The Desert's Rebellion is a story that I've had planned since like May of last year, and it's the start of a small series that I've also created. In this story, or what I would like to call Book 1: You follow the journey of the young princess Tsura, and the mage of raw talent, Miclas, as they cross paths, and work together to free their homeland from the Barbaric country of Zunbae. A Short Summary of the Story As of this moment, mainly because I kind of gave up on this project halfway through the summer, and just recently got the inspiration to try and pick it back up, I've only got about 5 chapters planned out. I also have reworked the story a tad bit. I have 0 promises as to when this will actually even begin to come out, as I have little to no experience with hacking. The most I can do at this time includes: Making the Portraits(Just the portraits, not even the animations for those portraits) and I can edit characters, classes, and maps with GBABuilder. I am currently clueless as to how I even begin to code in the events, and that's going to take the longest amount of time for me. In a perfect world, I'll hopefully be able to make patches in chapters of 5. Those patches may also include changes to old maps and characters, so I'll try to keep it informed. For now, this is about all I have. Later on, I'll make posts regarding the first 5 chapters, which will include the characters, their sprites, and a small summary of the chapter itself. For our first four characters, I will also include special info in chapter 1 just because these 4 are the only characters who have remained unchanged, and I've kind of grown to love these 4. If anyone would like to help(for instance, anyone who knows how to work GBABuilder would be a most wonderful help) then please feel free to message me. If people want to I'll also make a discord for easier organization.
  3. The Concept of the hack is that the main character is kidnapped and enslaved by a group reminicent of the roman empire and has to raise a rebelion to free the people of this nation as well as regain connections with his culture, I intend to create two new classes: Slave Driver and Hunter (One uses a whip the other uses a rifle, trying to figure out how to add new weapons and classes in FE editor) one character is a religios figure, and a christ allegory (I'm sorry if this offends anybody, I just like the idea of a character who explores the concept of redemption and empathy in the face of adversity) The villain is a King class (I intended to import and modify Zepheils model) and his primary guard are Paladins and Heros and soldiers as I feel they represent the Roman Legion best, the main characters are mostly archers monks and barbarians as they represent the gaelic and celtic people subjigated by the romans (I'd like to make it clear that this is not historical fiction it merely uses historical peoples and cultures as a basis for it's setting, as many Fire Emblems do) I'm stronger as a writer than as a game designer or coder so i'm mainly here looking for help, hit me up if you're interested, what i have as far as stories and characters is down below, I'll continue to update, i'm currently experimenting with FEeditor, if anybody has any other suggestions I'm up for it
  4. Here's something evil I have been cooking up lately; a fan crossover of Fire Emblem and Megami Tensei (+ other JRPGs) game, that isn't TMS#FE. Project Name : Kasai Tensei : Cyber Margin Mixture Contents : -> Two gameplay styles : Field style (Fire Emblem) and Dungeon style (Jrpgs). -> The option to play each styles indivudually or together at the title screen, with three selectable difficulty settings : Chilled (easy), mellow (normal) and heated (hard). -> Two selectable sets of base stats & growth rates per character (One set done properly and one by D&D dice rolling style.) -> Each characters will have separate Field Skills and Dungeon Skills, including Class and Personal ones. -> Gameplay > storytelling. -> Linear Fire Emblem game design. Field Style Contents : -> Permadeath. -> Accuarcy : 1% to 99%. -> A weapon type triangle (sharp, pointy & blunt) and a magical square (fire, water, earth & wind). -> Field style performaces will be ranked. Dungeon Style Contents : ->Dead units will be returning (for mercy sake), but won't be available outside. -) A "stay dead" mode might be available after beating the game for the first time. -> A weapon type triangle (same as Field style) and an elemental octagon (the magical square and their "reaver" elements). -> Elemental affinities exploitation gameplay Involved, allies and enemies equally. -> Cannot level up or grind. -) Unless the player is playing the game's "dungeons only" mode. --) "Died at the battlefield" units might be able to gain some levels. And more...or less in the future. Goal : The goal of this experimatal project is to do like in Persona "Gen.2" games (aka P3, P4 & P5) and Suikoden III; having two sepearte gameplay styles in one game and making them compliment with each other. This game is also a prototype-like attempt to make a gameplay oriented crossover of Megaten and Fire Emblem franchises, with some elements from other games. So what do you guys think? Pretty insane, right? MUHAHAHAHA! NEW INFO EDIT (11 nov 2018) : Speaking of characters' levels. there is two things I need to address : One, the maximum will be Lv40 for this project (Lv20 max of both class tier). The other thing is ; if a unit is at between Lv21 and Lv40, he/she/it is a promoted tier 2 unit. Class promotion will be automatic after Lv20 and there will no promotion items. Well, maybe or maybe not.
  5. Good Morning I am new to this forum and I am trying to learn to use Photoshop. I have designed a weapon system for fire emblem I hope you like it and I wish to get some feed back on what people think about it and how it will affect class composition and game play etc Weapons Swords will cover all variants on traditional blades: Rapiers, Broad Swords, Sweihandlers and also oriental blades such as katakana and masamune etc Axes are covering blunt weapons such as clubs, scythes and magi-stars. Lances cover piked weapons such a tridents and poles etc Magic Arcane is the new replacement for "dark" magic. I found the term quite archaic so I replaced it with the study of the arcane mostly dealing with space and time. practitioners can use spells such as warp, re-warp, teleport and worm. They will also be able to build nexus's, powerful areas on empty times that serve a variety of functions, for example similar to the light rune from FE-7 and the effects of the barrier staff. These concepts are still a work in progress. Tomes represent the contemporary studies of magic and are concerned with the manipulation of energy in it's terrestrial forms, Fire, Wind, Ice and Thunder. These will all be lumped into a Anima and fall under the Weapon Type of tomes. Not all mages will wield every type, for balancing issues. I am still playing with this concept. Users of Scepters specialize in light magic which can be used to vanquish otherworldly creatures, bestow powerful buffs and deal damaged with excellent accuracy. Projectiles All projectiles have a max range of two from the get-go, some classes many have attributes that modify this to their specialization. Kunai still work as de-buffers but will also receive a new feature, the "set trap" command which can be used on various surfaces to incapacitate, debilitate or eliminate foes. Guns are a new weapon that will be in early stage of development in the story line. Not many classes will wield this weapon as it will be specifically implemented as a siege weapon; Cannons. The application of airships is also something to consider. Considering allowing it's range to be in cardinal directions, only impeded by trees, walls, etc. Bows will have more variety between those that have a 1-2 and a 1-3 range which I hope will redeem archers. Otherwise no changes. Magic Effects Primal: All characters will have access to this in some form or the other whether it be a mount or a beast stone to transform into a creature, dragon, taguel etc. There will not be many major stat boost when it comes to mounts as i feel the extra move and weaknesses will be enough of a trade off. This will require more discussion. Mounts I have in mind are: Alicorns, Griffins, Dire Wolfs, Horse (of-course) and Rolling Calfs(Dark knight Only). Staves have been nerfed and buffed, many of the effects they used to have, have been handed off to wands, however they will retain their healing and status relieving function (heal, physic, fortify, etc) and as a design choice will be mostly composed of wood and other living-esque materials to differentiate them from scepters. Range of most spells are not 1-2 except Recover. Staff users will have some attacks, mostly endgame and boss only magic, based on the earth and water to manipulate terrain. Still researching this. Wands, impose your will upon the flesh using blood magic. Use of wands drain the users health upon casting. Users will have access to spells such as: Warg(Control an enemy, cannot move during this), death(causes instant death, low accuracy, bosses immune), sacrifice(heal an ally using your hp (conversion from hp lost to hp gained will be 1/2 higher.) etc. Please leave comments and feedback, thank you. *This is my first time using Photoshop pls excuse the choppy work.
  6. Now, I know that there are quite a bit of Fire Emblem reps already, but only one from what might be one of the most famous eras of Fire Emblem: the Gameboy Advance era. So, if we could have more representatives without taking up other spaces of potential fighters, who would you want? Keep in mind, I only said the Gameboy Advance thing because I'm biased towards it, so choose anyone, from the NES, SNES, GC/Wii, etc. Also, feel free to list your ideas on play-style or attacks. My personal choices: Hector and Lyn. Lyn would be an interesting weapon-user with emphasis on both spacing and getting up close, while Hector would be like Ganondorf with an axe, sort of. Lyn: (Note: always has sword in sheath until she attacks. I also have no clue of how her PM version plays) Jab: Basic slice to knock opponents away; F-Tilt: A leaning slice with little endlag to combo into another tilt. Has somewhat high startup; U-Tilt: Slices upwards in front of her, hitting twice, and allowing for aerial follow-ups; D-tilt: Shield poke, no clue, really; F-Smash: based on the Sol Katti attack animation where she flips and strikes downwards; N-Air: A kick with low power and low landlag, good for air-to-ground; F-Air: Foward slice; B-Air: Kicks backward, then slices; D-Air: Almost like Marth's D-Air, but sacrifices range for lower end and land lag; U-Air: Dunno; Special: Iron Bow: Tapping special will send out an arrow with low power, but high speed, holding special will do the "Critical" version, where it has a bit more power behind it; Side Special: Attack (Can't really think of a good name): Does her attack animation as a Lord, which has decent power, but can be used as a pressure tool, since it can jump back after attacking on the ground, or can be used as a recovery tool; Up Special: Third Jump?; Down Special: Critical Counter: Basically the All-or-Nothing counter with high attack power but little counter frames. Hector: (Note: HEAVY and surprisingly fast) Hadn't thought much about it, but Side Special as the Hand Axe and Up Special as Armads-Copter?
  7. *is working on fixing this topic*
  8. (Sorry for the delay (life)) The Quarterly Fire Emblem Fan-game Awards! The goals of these awards are to promote and encourage fan-game creators and to recognize all the hard work they put in to bring the very best of what they can make. Whether the creations are intricately designed chapters, or amazing sprite work, or gripping plots and characters, or a potentially great concept, now's the time we buck up and truly show each other our appreciation for our fellow community members and make this forum a more pleasant experience for all! Voting Rules 1. Voters can vote once per category. 2. Don't be lame, don't vote for yourself. 3. Putting down other members, projects or concepts, for ANY reason is COMPLETELY NOT COOL. CLASHING EGO'S ARE ALSO NOT COOL. It's okay to disagree and discuss decisions like grown ups, and clashing opinions are probably definitely going to happen. But please, just don't be a poopy-head about it. If there's something or someone that you don't like, don't vote for it. Tangerine (thank you)was kind enough to allow me to organize this and okay'd the pinned thread prize. But if the topic goes to utter shit, the event can easily be canned. And that would be lame because this is fun for me to organize. The whole point of this is to promote, encourage and recognize our work and our fellow community members. No matter the quality. Survey Monkey's free trial only allows for 10 question in their free trial... So I picked the 10 most questions that had the highest competition between them. Voting ends May 1st! Vote Vote Vote!
  9. Anyone ever have a concept that doesn't really go anywhere or someone else did it first? That stinks when you think of a concept which has little purpose but very interesting.
  10. Jedi

    Fe6: (R)FEmastered

    There is a project I've had on my mind for awhile, although being at job corps kinda restricts my time to do anything especially with KP starting next Friday for me. anyways the concepts, this would be Fe6 made on the Fe8 engine. The story would be revamped a fair bit and there would be two parties (think Fe2 or TRS) one led by Roy and the other Lilina, the cast of Fe6 would be divided between the two thereby allowing a more balanced game. Not to mention stat changes more classes, thieves would promote, Roy would promote in a reasonable time and his stats would actually be decent. All new maps with some of the originals being used Cavaliers would become like their fe9 selves aka Mono weapon. With the two teams the various split paths would both be followed. Hit rates would be much more reliable and thrones not as much of a pain. Fe5 PCC and possibly fatigue would be integrated thanks to Cam Promotion items would all be Master Seals to allow people to use their favorites more easily with promotions. Possible new prfs and prfs for non Roy people. Such as a Judgral styled Fire Sword for Roy 3x effectiveness would remain. As would Swordmaster and Zerker 30% crit and Snipers would join their ranks Archers and Healers would have a greater experience gain. Weapon ranks would be easier to up, support rates will be ridiculously high in comparison. Unsure how to divide the partied equally and make sense currently. I will make a document when I can but all I have is my phone I am writing this on currently
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