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Found 2 results

  1. 1. Is Lusamine Ike's descendant while the Aether Foundation is the rebanded Greil Mercenaries? 2. The Master Sword is actually the Master Sword from Legend of Zelda after it got worn out 3. Hardin is actually Joseph Stalin from Real Life, Why? Because they both have the same hair, They both like the color red, And they're both dictators 4. The Falchion is actually Naga's husband imprisoned into a sword 5. Zephiel is actually Cyrus from Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum, Why? Because they both have similar motives and hairstyles, And they're both misanthropic 6. Brunnya is actually Jupiter Jack from Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum because they both look alike 7. Gazzak is actually Kazzak from Hyrule Conquest Birthright and Revolution, Why? Because they both have similar names, And they're both rulers 8. Pokemon Mr black 2 and Mr White 2 foreshadowed Fire Emblem Awakening 9. Fire Emblem is actually a Pokemon AU 10. Lucina is seen staring at a mountain in Fire Emblem Awakening's ending, And it's shaped like a triangle, What else do we know about triangles? They have three sides, What else has three sides? That's right, A dorito, HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED
  2. What if. Those toys in the orginal Smash 64 intro and the trophies in Melee and so on were just Amiibos that Master Hand and Crazy Hand were playing with all along. More so who do the hands belong to? I venture to say Andy from Toy Story is behind it all. Thats right Andy. I mean how else do the toys/Amiibos come to life? I feel like I'm on the verge of a discovery.
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