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Found 3 results

  1. Heya, it's my first post in the forums so apologies if I do anything wrong. Basically I would like to get around the issue of the party change from Eirika to Ephraim (in chapter 5x), in that the supply convoy and money are both separate. I have a handful of weapon drops etc, and would like for them to not be stuck in an inaccessible convoy for a while should the players inventory get full. I tried to find this amongst the forums but to no avail. While I'm on the topic, I haven't gotten further than 5x yet, but can I assume there are some common difficulties in the party split later on (when you choose Eirika/Ephraim route) or is it quite simple? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time ~
  2. I've been stuck on this long enough to warrant a post here I think so here goes. I've been hacking FE8 with FEBuilder but I'm running into one issue that I can't seem to fix - the convoy is full, despite having no items in it. I'm using the patch which increases the limit to 200, but I don't feel like that's the issue because I've tried putting that into a vanilla sacred stones file along with all the other patches I used and the convoy works fine. Is there some sort of event I may have deleted that would fix this or some way to set the original number of items in the convoy to 0/200 instead of 200/200 like the game starts me at? This is super frustrating as I need some sort of storage space, but the game isn't letting me access what should be my empty convoy.
  3. I was testing out some weapons earlier, when I was reminded how the convoy differs in FE7 than FE8 (or any other FE, as far as I'm aware). I looked through Nightmare to see if there was a class option to change my lord character convoy access/ability to send excess items to convoy, but I didn't see anything. Is there a way to give other characters Merlinus' properties of being able to access the convoy, as well as letting items be sent to the convoy when an inventory is full?
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