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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone, I recently came across the idea of a corrinquest which I feel like could be a fun way to play lunatic conquest since I’ve never done it. If you would like to help out, please create a Corrin in a unique class and add 2 skills you would like to add I would be happy to use them since it doesn’t seem like too many people play anymore. If anyone would like to put their castle names/addresses below I would really appreciate it!
  2. I'm looking for NA Corrins at level 10 or Below with a unique from outside the Corrin's secondary class, and reclassed into that second class. I kinda wanted to do this challenge for a while now.
  3. Hello everyone of the Fire Emblem community. I have a request for atleas 8 people, i want you to make me an Avatar of my design for use in my Corrinquest. If you would be willing to help me with this endeavour then please send me a Private message and i will get back to you as soon as possible. Many many thanks, TheErazor.
  4. Like the title says, I want to do a Corrinquest playthrough for Revelations and I want YOU to help (cheesy, I know). Sadly I can only accept EU Corrins as I live in Europe. Rules: All base Corrins must be at most level 10 You can be any un-promoted class as long as they aren't an exclusive or an enemy-only class. This means that you can't be a: Nohr Prince(ss) Songstress Faceless Stoneborn Automaton Astral Dragon Nohrian King Blight Dragon Empty Vessel Silent Dragon You get to choose 1 special skill to have as your "personal skill". You also cannot use a single stat-boosting item on your Corrin beforehand. Template: Name: Castle Adress: Boon: Bane: Class: Personal Skill: Notes: I will only recruit 15 Corrins and I want this team to be as diverse as possible so I will try to avoid characters with the same class. You can use any DLC-only class. This includes: Dread Fighter Dark Falcon Ballistician Witch I will not use amiibo classes. This includes: Lodestar Vanguard Grandmaster Great Lord Remember that your castle has to be entirely safe (No enemies and easy to seize)
  5. As the topic title suggests, I've been wrecking my brain trying to figure out how to get through Conquest on Hard Mode and I think I've finally found the answer as to why I couldn't do it before: I just can't deal with Conquest's units and their weird-@$$ growth rates. In any run I've tried, only Corrin ever ended up worthwile compared to the rest, but not even they can beat Conquest alone, so I figured I would try and gather an entire army of Corrins (or at least 10 or 12 of them). And after reading through a few topics here, I found my salvation (?) in the form of Corrinquest. Here's a few guidelines for any kind person willing to help me: 1) I live in Europe, so as much as I'd like to, I can't ask you kind folks from the US or Japan for help. Region lock be damned. 2) Each Corrin has to be at least at level 10 and not much higher, and already reclassed. I'm trying to make my army as balanced as possible, so try and have different classes, if you can. DLC classes are allowed, too, if you want to give me one of those. 3) As for skills, I leave everything to you, as long as the skills you give to your Corrin are somewhat sensible and not like Live to Serve on a designated attacker or something. The only skill I really would love to have is Locktouch for the many treasure chests encountered on Conquest. 4) As for items, again, I leave it in your hands whether you use your stat boosters or boots. 5) Concerning asset/flaw combinations, those don't really matter. You can make interesting ones or ones you yourself feel comfortable with using. 6) And lastly, and this should be obvious, please make your castle an easy seize, so empty throne and all units put on hold. And with that, I thank every person kind enough to help me in advance! I will of course inform you how it went if I complete my mission or not and what went wrong if something does. That is, if you're interested, of course. EDIT: Okay, I'll compile a list of your Corrins so that you and I may know which ones I am using and to appreciate it correctly. I'll register your cards and give you an accessory, if you want to make bond units. 1. Juno, Archer. Skills: Astra, Natural Cover, Dragon Fang, Nobility. Submitted by: Mackc2 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  6. Im doing a corrinquest but I can't find any healer corrins. Do you guys have any? I would suggest around level 10-13 unpromoted. ~ My castle address: 13594-87419-94525-33994 Class: Outlaw Special skill: Lethality Boon/bane: Skill/luck ~
  7. Hi guys!!! My first ever post on this forum is about something I've wanted SOOOOO badly. A corrinquest run. A corrinquest run is a run of Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest (Or Birthright (Corrinright) and Revelation (Corrinvelation) only using Corrin from My Castle battles, with units requested on forums. Please note: I am new to Fire Emblem and at the moment I only have the skill to play Casual Normal mode.... please don't criticize me. This is Europe / Australia only since I own an Australian 2ds. I will only accept non Nohr Prince(ss) and units level 10 and under. Remember to unequip any weapons of your corrin so I dont die trying to recruit them. Please leave your corrin's my castle up until I reply saying I have the corrin. Format example: (Let me know if I forget anything in my list below) Name: Bob Class: Mercenary - Hero Boon / Bane Robust / Excitable Skill: Elbow Room Castle Address: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX Any help give will be very appreciated. Thanks ^3^ BTW I already have my corrin, (Dark Mage) Juno (Archer) and Crux (Mercenary)
  8. Hey Everyone, Thanks to Mangs, I've decided to do a "Corrinquest" run of Fire Emblem Conquest on Hard mode, but I lack the Corrin's so could you send me some? To clarify I live in Australia so only European and Australian Corrin's will be recruited. Rules 1. Every Corrin must be Level 8 - 12 (unpromoted) 2. Every Corrin must be in their talent class (cavalier, fighter, pegasus knight, ect.) or in a DLC class 3. Each Corrin is allowed 1 "persoonal" or "unique" skill (vantage, vengence, luna, sol, ect. (DLC skills included)) 4. Please do not use stat boosting items on your Corrin (including Boots and Arms Scrolls) Template -Your Corrin's Name- -Your Castle Address- -Boon- -Bane- -Class- -Custom Skill- -Growth Rates (Optional)- Example Crux 02935-08817-75525-82465 Deft (skill) Unlucky (luck) Mercenary Astra Growth Rates: 45 45 25 65 45 25 40 25 Notes Remember I want this run to be interesting, so I will likely choose interesting characters like a fast knight with renewal or a slow ninja with trample I look forward to seeing and recruiting your Corrin's!! Current Lineup (8/16) - If I Find Corrin's That I Like, I Will Add Them To The Team (Trying Not To Use Corrin's Of The Same Class) Team Will Be Open To Change Crux (Mercenary, Astra) Amelia (Knight, Strength-taker) Gazzak (Fighter, Astra) Lutz (Archer, Sol) Muckaid (Troubadour, Replicate) Sabia (Dark Falcon, Foreign Princess) Tana (Wyvern Rider, Lunge) George (Dark Mage, Renewal)
  9. Hey everyone I'm doing a Corrinquest run and I need some people to make some Corrin's for me! Here are the rules for your Corrin. Rules: 1. They have have to be level 10-13 2. They can only have one skill 3. All classes are allowed except Nohr Noble or Nohr Prince/Princess 4. They also all have to be a base class (For example: Spear fighter, Outlaw, Troubadour, Mercenary, etc...) 5. Also show what your boon and bane stat is. 6. US versions of the game. Here is how it is supposed to look: Name: Corrin Class: Apothecary Boon: +Strength Bane: -Magic Castle Address: 18974-27493-12832-7483 (This is just an example and not a real castle address) Thanks and have a good day!
  10. Since I'm bored of playing by standard rules I decided to play a Birthright Corrinquest Rules are simple enough: Selected difficulty is Hard Birthright. I will play under an Ironman setting, which means that whoever dies stays dead, and if my Corrin dies, we'll just restart the current level Only Corrin units may be used. They have to be more or less between Levels 8-11, although I won't reject someone that has one with a slightly lower level, because Birthright is piss easy (or so I heared). To submit your Corrin, just make a new save file on Normal! (preferably phoenix), rush to chapter 6 and grind your way until the met levels (it's super easy with Nobility+Paragon(if you have access)), and assign them any skill of your choice as their "Personal Skill", which can be any skill of your choice(no skills banned, not even Warp/Replicate), and any class of your choice through a Heart Seal (buyable at the Staff shop for 2000g, and you start with 5000, soooo). Please only equip your "personal skill" and (if you want) the first (and second) class skill of your chosen class I'm trying to keep things interesting, Not OP! Please keep this in mind, so things like a fast, fragile Armor knight with renewal or a Smart Slow samurai with speed-/strenght taker will be more likely to get chosen than a Clever unlucky Dark mage with Astra or something !!!! Put all your units on hold and place them away from the throne !!!! ​ An example of how a submission would look like would be something like this: Name: Astrida Class: Shrine maiden-> Priestess Boon/Bane: +HP/-speed Skill: Counter Growths (optional) : 60 45 30 35 35 40 40 30 Castle Address: 14180-34971-54228-89401 (this is indeed mine if you wanted it) As the title says I'm from Europe and will thus only be able to take European (and Australian?) Corrins I will be taking submissions untill the 25th of September, Although later submissions might be added too Good luck (to me) and have fun creating your Corrins
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