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Found 1 result

  1. Because Custom Specials are unlikely to return in SSBU (though it would be incredibly awesome if they did), this will apply more to speculation for SSB6. When Custom Specials return, what if next time they're sorted into categories? In SSB, each fighter's specials generally serve one of the following purposes: Power - A powerful attack designed to deal big damage and/or launch opponents. These are most frequently N or D Specials, and may involve charging or windups. Range - A longer-range and usually projectile-based attack designed for area control. You often see these in the N, S, and D Special Slots, rarely in the U Special Slot. Defense - A move designed to protect you from attacks, such as by reflecting or absorbing them. Most often these apply to projectiles, but counters are particularly effective against physical attacks. Defense can also cover status effect moves like Jigglypuff's Sing. These are most common in N and D, less so in S, and practically unheard of in U. Mobility - A move designed to help you cover distance quickly, such as by dashing or jumping high. These tend to be S or U specials, as you're already pressing in the directions you want to go, but there are examples in N and D as well. Alteration - A move that allows you to tweak some aspect of your fighter, such as by changing which stat buff they're using, which weapon they're using, or even transforming or switching the fighter altogether. This is almost always a D Special, but a few N Specials fit here too. The idea is to standardize Special functions across fighters for more practical customization. For example, let's say every fighter has Power, Range, and Defense N Specials. Mario's Fireball is obviously his Range N Special. What if his Cape became his Defense N Special, and his Power N Special was a Hammer attack or the Squirt Nozzle? Link has the Boomerang as a Range S Special. Maybe a Hammer could be his Power S Special? Obviously, there are overlaps in function. Samus' Charge Beam could be interpreted as both a Power Special and a Range Special. But which function does it fit better in regards to Samus? Could it be considered her Power N in contrast to, say, Wave Beam being her Range N? Or could Super Missile be Samus' Power Special while Charge Beam is her Range N? There's some flexibility in how Specials can be categorized. By choosing, say, 3 categories for each Special Slot, we can then build fighters and their Custom Specials around these categories. This should also aid in coming up with Special options for prospective fighters by providing design directions for their Special options. N Specials: Power, Range, Defense S Specials: Power, Range, Mobility U Specials: Power, Range, Mobility D Specials: Power, Defense, Alteration Here are a couple samples.
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