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Found 9 results

  1. This is a breakdown of Eirika's character and growth over the course of Fire Emblem 8. Much thanks to @Icelerate for co-writing this (he wrote the green parts) and @Yexin and @BergelomeuSantos for providing screenshots. This will cover the entirety of the story, followed by Eirika's Endings and Supports. Also, I got permission from @eclipse to split this up into multiple posts if I was having problems and SF gets really laggy when making long posts, so I hope you allow these consecutive ones! Edit: I can't edit the other posts so I've moved Act 3 to this one (alongside making changes to Chapters 14-16 and 21). There's also a poll! PART 1: ACT 1 PART 2: ACT 2 PART 3: ACT 3
  2. Which weapon do you feel Lysithea is going to wield? Given that Green is going to be taken by Edlegard with Amyr Blue is going to be taken by Dimitri with Areadbhar Claude has a bow which is primarily colorless Dark Magic is red primarily with few exceptions (Dark Aura and Dark Excaliur) Futhermore Lysithea has two crests Charon and Gloucester it makes sense that she would have Red as her color but this asks a question. Which Relic is she going to have? Thyrsus points Dark Magic is Red, and Lysithea is known for Dark Magic She is typically much more powerful with this staff then with Thunderbrand If Claude is Red, Thyrsus could maker her Colorless Unit Thunderbrand Points Hidden Proficiency in swords, which gives her a Magic sword technique Has a support with Catherine with them bonding over their crests
  3. Personally, I don't think the lords of each game should be picks since its inevitable they will get alts anyways with Legendary Banners and the like (*Cough* Lyndis *Cough*) But I was wondering what everyone thought of this question? Do you hate the CYL Event, do you like it?
  4. Since last year, votes have been combined between different versions of a character, but this is not the case for BK and Zelgius. This means that a potential brave BK alt would not be in the form of his alter ego. If this is the case, in a future where BK somehow wins 1st or 2nd, what do you guys think they would do for his alt?
  5. Since the year is wrapping up, and it looks like we won't be having any normal banners apart from the Tellius banner, I thought it might be fin to see how many of our as of the time unreleased CYL choices have made it into the game in the last year. I'm 1 for 7, even worse if you don't count the Rachel, since she was released a couple days after CYL2 voting started. There is the off chance one of my Tellius guys would make it in in the upcoming RD Banner, but it looks like that's going to be a Beast Unit banner. 3 months without a regular banner has really hurt new characters making it into the game.
  6. I got this idea from YGO threads over on Pojo. How it works is that I'll name a character below and the next poster needs to create a CYL version of that character (it can be as detailed or as simple as you want it to be), then names a character for the next person to do, and so on. So, let's start with good ol' Eirika! Big surprise, I know.
  7. We don't have a specific thread for this yet and since we got the first Brave Heroes' unit types almost spot on (the only thing we missed was Lyn and Roy being on horseback, which is a FEH-original addition), I thought it would be interesting to speculate what our new Overlords will end up being. Discuss away!
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