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Found 12 results

  1. Update: CYL 6 is live! Update 2 (Jan 24th): Day 5, and midterms are out! Update 3: The results are out! Happy 5th Anniversary, FEH! I know this is a few weeks early (CYL starts at the end of the month), but I thought it would be nice to talk about our choices a little earlier this time and got permission from @eclipse to do so as well. And hey: if this thread stays active, maybe it'll become the "official" thread for the main event this year too? Regardless of that, who do you plan on voting for this year? After Eirika (finally) won last year, I'm thinking of splitting my votes between Nino and Lyon (wielding a Sacred Stone perhaps?) this time, with one vote for Elena to keep a promise I made to @Mercakete last year. If I can remember my JPN account's details, I think I'll add some Elincia and/ or F!Morgan votes too. I know that sounds heavily biased towards the women and I don't like it either. I was planning on voting for Yuri as well, but Three Houses has already taken six CYL spots in the past two years, including both first places each time (the runner up for representation is FE7 with three winners over three years) and F!Byleth with Snow Mercurius and the Sothis Regalia at least is all but guaranteed a spot already, so... yeah. I'll wait until we have a year with no FE16 reps before voting for one of them. Enjoy your -leth ships being reunited this year, I guess. (And hey, if F!Byleth is sacrificed as a "parity Hero with a fanservicey" scapegoat, at least M!Byleth has better chances of getting something creative when he wins in 2023?) On the bright side, after the snoozefest of 2020, I'm glad the 3H winners last year had creative builds and that the second place winners got Prfs, which relieves the pressure of wanting to get them into first place for the best possible treatment, so with any luck this and future events will be less stressful for people whose favorites are in the upper ranks, which is incredible news! It injects a whole heap of possibility into the event! So again: who will you vote for this year, and what do you want them to have?
  2. Judging by past years (and when the next Forma Soul is made available to purchase), the new banner will drop on the 17th of August (Tuesday). The associated FEH Channel has been much more erratic, but I thought it would be nice to start talking about what we think/ want the five Heroes to be. I still think GK and Marianne will be the dullest of the bunch using last year as an indicator, so expect Marianne to be a sword cavalier (Blutgang) and GK to be a lance infantry unit (maybe an armored unit if they want to give him a Save Skill). The other two have much more potential, but I'm leaning towards Colorless Mage/ Healer (Starlight or the Aum Staff) for Marth and Green Mage (with Excalibur) for Eirika (I would have loved it if she wielded the Sacred Stone itself, but I fear her falling to second place means she won't be getting anything that special). The GHB is definitely going to be Abysskeeper, if only so the community doesn't set itself on fire for next year's voting as well. As an aside, considering Marth is guaranteed to get Fire Emblem, I hope Eirika gets Lunar Brace or ideally a similar but stronger Prf Skill (like H!Grima's Dragonscale). It's not exactly a novel concept either, since other Legendary Heroes have held onto their Prf Skills in subsequent alts unless it clashes with their new build (e.g. W!Altina, who was no longer a flier) or it's just plain terrible (i.e. Ninja Lyn) - Fallen Ike even got a renamed version so he could keep "Radiant Aether" without breaking the lore more than he already did! Even Young Eirika had Lunar and Solar Brace built into her weapon, in a way. So... yeah, the original Lunar Brace is inheritable to anything except healers (going off of the data) so a similar Skill that boosts Special damage or even replaces it for regular true damage like Bushido II would be great. A lot of people think she'd be a flier, so maybe she could have a Trace skill built into it too? (But as you may have heard me say in the past, I'm worried Eirika will end up being the obligatory dud of this year's batch... 😕) After all, I'm certain Marianne's getting Canto of some sort too, so it would work! I was going to say her Prf Skill would allow Beasts to transform when adjacent to her, but that would just mean we'd have to deal with her and F!Edelgard in PvP. No thanks. Everyone's unanimously decided GK's Prf is likely a Save Skill, for that matter. Either that and/ or Obstruct 4. So, what do you all think? Oh, and what outfits do you think they'll wear? Again, I think Marianne and GK will wear exactly what everyone thinks they will (I'd love to be wrong. Maybe GK could get a cool cape or something, or ape Alois' outfit), but it'd be nice to see Marth in his ancestor's clothes or Lodestar outfit. Ephraim already took Fado's outfit and SM!Eirika already did the Lyon homage, so outside of emulating Nada Kuya I don't know if there's an "obvious" option for Eirika. I'd love to hear what everyone has to say about all of this stuff! EDIT: Possible leak mentioned here.
  3. Datamine info here. Of note is that we seem to be getting a Hero Fest featuring - naturally they want to leech you dry right before CYL. This actually ties into something I've been thinking about for a few days now: last year we got two Feh Channels in August. One on the 1st (which showed off Harmonic Heroes and the half-anniversary events) and the second on the 13th (which showed off CYL 4 and Frontline Phalanx) while the year before we just got one Channel for the new Heroes and game modes on the 1st. Long story short, I reasoned the split last year was probably due to a mix of COVID and introducing Harmonic Heroes. Without a new gimmick or (hopefully) a new game mode, plus a year of dealing with COVID since then (I don't mean to make light of it, of course), it was possible we'd just get one big Channel on August 1st. This datamine may have confirmed that. As for why I think it has to be then (or maybe the 2nd depending on your timezone), is that the Summer Login Bonuses start on the 2nd. From what I've seen, login bonuses such as this have always been announced in a Feh Channel ahead of time (since it's great marketing to boot). I could be wrong and they will just make two separate Feh Channels again, but fingers crossed. Especially since the Hero Fest has some incredible fodder! For those of us who plan on pulling for CYL, it'd be nice to know what skills to get ahead of time! What do you all think? I remember seeing theory threads like this in the past, but please let me know if I'm breaking any rules by posting this. Thank you for reading!
  4. This is a breakdown of Eirika's character and growth over the course of Fire Emblem 8. Much thanks to @Icelerate for co-writing this (he wrote the green parts) and @Yexin and @BergelomeuSantos for providing screenshots. This will cover the entirety of the story, followed by Eirika's Endings and Supports. Also, I got permission from @eclipse to split this up into multiple posts if I was having problems and SF gets really laggy when making long posts, so I hope you allow these consecutive ones! Edit: I can't edit the other posts so I've moved Act 3 to this one (alongside making changes to Chapters 14-16 and 21). There's also a poll! PART 1: ACT 1 PART 2: ACT 2 PART 3: ACT 3
  5. Which weapon do you feel Lysithea is going to wield? Given that Green is going to be taken by Edlegard with Amyr Blue is going to be taken by Dimitri with Areadbhar Claude has a bow which is primarily colorless Dark Magic is red primarily with few exceptions (Dark Aura and Dark Excaliur) Futhermore Lysithea has two crests Charon and Gloucester it makes sense that she would have Red as her color but this asks a question. Which Relic is she going to have? Thyrsus points Dark Magic is Red, and Lysithea is known for Dark Magic She is typically much more powerful with this staff then with Thunderbrand If Claude is Red, Thyrsus could maker her Colorless Unit Thunderbrand Points Hidden Proficiency in swords, which gives her a Magic sword technique Has a support with Catherine with them bonding over their crests
  6. Personally, I don't think the lords of each game should be picks since its inevitable they will get alts anyways with Legendary Banners and the like (*Cough* Lyndis *Cough*) But I was wondering what everyone thought of this question? Do you hate the CYL Event, do you like it?
  7. Since last year, votes have been combined between different versions of a character, but this is not the case for BK and Zelgius. This means that a potential brave BK alt would not be in the form of his alter ego. If this is the case, in a future where BK somehow wins 1st or 2nd, what do you guys think they would do for his alt?
  8. Since the year is wrapping up, and it looks like we won't be having any normal banners apart from the Tellius banner, I thought it might be fin to see how many of our as of the time unreleased CYL choices have made it into the game in the last year. I'm 1 for 7, even worse if you don't count the Rachel, since she was released a couple days after CYL2 voting started. There is the off chance one of my Tellius guys would make it in in the upcoming RD Banner, but it looks like that's going to be a Beast Unit banner. 3 months without a regular banner has really hurt new characters making it into the game.
  9. I got this idea from YGO threads over on Pojo. How it works is that I'll name a character below and the next poster needs to create a CYL version of that character (it can be as detailed or as simple as you want it to be), then names a character for the next person to do, and so on. So, let's start with good ol' Eirika! Big surprise, I know.
  10. We don't have a specific thread for this yet and since we got the first Brave Heroes' unit types almost spot on (the only thing we missed was Lyn and Roy being on horseback, which is a FEH-original addition), I thought it would be interesting to speculate what our new Overlords will end up being. Discuss away!
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