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Found 9 results

  1. A "Rotating Choose Your Own Adventure" game is simple. It's like a regular choose-your-own-adventure game, but instead of me writing out the most popular path split for the whole story, each successive player writes what happens and then provides the next set of path splits for the next player to choose from. Here is an example. Here is another example. It is recommend you let two other people post between your own posts, so as to encourage variety, creativity, participation, etc. All that good stuff. *** Two years. For the past two years you've been locked inside your house, sustaining yourself on canned beans and your surplus of toilet paper from the start of the pandemic. Your colon hurts. So much. You need fresh air. You need human contact. You need to go outside. Provided, you haven't been outside in 2 years, so you really don't know what the world is like anymore. You assume there hasn't been a nuclear holocaust though, but even if there were, you choose to risk it. You're going to take a walk in the park. You know why? A) Being concerned for your health, you want to get fresh air and exercise B) You want to meet a pretty girl C) So you can find old dudes playing chess and test your wits against them D) Psych! The nuclear holocaust actually did happen, this is now a Fallout adventure
  2. You are the son of Joj, the baddest bandit in the mountains of Moldova. For centuries the leader of the Joj clan has headed an intricate criminal syndicate which terrorizes these lands and beyond without mercy, and you have been trained since the earliest days of youth to eventually take over leadership of this group. Now that you are of age, Joj hands you a master seal. "Boy," says your father, who has a voice like 20 grit sandpaper. "It's time to promote to man. What kind of man do you want to be?" @Jotari A) Become a brigand and take people's things by force. B) Become a pirate and do the same thing but at sea. C) Become a thief and take people's things in a sneaky manner. D) Become a priest and repent of the criminal ways of your ancestors. E) Wake up in a retirement home bed
  3. A "Rotating Choose Your Own Adventure" game is simple. It's like a regular choose-your-own-adventure game, but instead of me writing out the most popular path split for the whole story, each successive player writes what happens and then provides the next set of path splits for the next player to choose from. Here is an example. *** It's a cold New York afternoon. You are chasing after a man on a bike. Why? A) He stole my bike! B) I want the donuts he has C) For exercise, the man is my coach D) I really, really hate bikers
  4. Nearly three millennia ago, the five heroes sealed away the Demon King. Nearly a millennia after that, the War of the Stones lead to the destruction of the Demon King's body, so that he could never be resurrected. Many ages have since passed. Alliances were forged and broken, wars were won and lost. New discoveries were made, shunned, and embraced. History was written, and as each day was a product of the last, so has all of Magvel's history built up this very moment- You, in your high-rise apartment, sitting down with a cup of fresh coffee and the daily newspaper. As you do every morning, you first look at the headline, which reads- A) Frankincense vs Myrrh Reaches Rausten Supreme Court B) Cultists Demand Formal Apology For Defeat of the Demon King C) Stock in Tome Manufacturers Plummets Amid Recession D) wait actually you can't read
  5. So, you own a hat now. It's a pretty cool hat honestly, you had gone to Target get some stuff your friend asked you to get, but when you were passing the personal apparel section... you saw it. The hat that you own now. Maybe it was a reckless purchase, It did cost 30 bucks you could've used for food or your friend's stuff or something. But it's no use worrying about that now, it's a pretty cool hat, one that you could wear to work or to a wedding even, you probably could use more clothes like that anyway. Your past impulse purchases have tended to be not great and ill thought out. But this one feels different, you've never been so sure about anything in your life, is this... what love is like? It's been a few days now, since you bought your hat, and things have been going pretty well. Everyone at work has been complimenting you on it, and you even got a raise! When you get back to your apartment you throw your mail on the counter and put your hat in it's special spot. Which is.... A.) On the open window sill of your third floor apartment. B.) Also on the counter. The hat is king and the letters are its subjects! C.) Nice try, if you set it down somewhere there's a chance some crime thieves could steal it. It never leaves your head. D.) On the couch or something. E.) In the fridge of course.
  6. You are you, you're pretty average except for one defining characteristic, you barely know anything about traditional Texas style barbecue. A.) Learn more about it by going to the library. B.) Enter a barbecue contest. C.) Search for a grill master to pass on the ways of the Q. D.) This really isn't that important, learn how to play piano instead. E.) Oh, wait, you just remembered you hate Texas, learn about Carolina style barbecue instead.
  7. You've just woken up in the hospital. You don't seem to be very physically hurt, but you're quite disoriented. A.) Yell for a nurse. B.) Adjust your bed C.) Try to remember the last 24 hours. D.) Die.
  8. You work as a janitor at a secret military base. Your friend told you that they're making a time machine, but she also told you the Star Wars prequels would be good, so you're not sure she can be trusted. You're pretty content with your job, and damn good at it if you do say so yourself, it can get a little boring though. You tend to spend the slow parts thinking about things. Philosophy, politics, the Star Wars prequels.. god they really sucked. They had so much potential too! But there were problems from the get go, the special effects, too much world building, he had three previous movies for gods sake! We didn't need to know the entire workings of the galactic senate. The biggest thing you can't understand is that George Lucas wrote and directed A New Hope, and that movie's fine! Oh well, not much you can do about it I guess. You continue your janitorial duty, eventually you come upon a door you've never seen before, it's locked and says "TOP SECRET" on it. What will you do? A.) Try to pick the lock with the paper clip in your pocket B.) It looks a little dusty, clean it. C.) Don't bother with the door, continue being the best goddamn janitor in the world! D.) Try to pick the lock with the credit card in the wallet that lives in the hole in your pants.
  9. You guys know how a CYOA works, I'll update whenever I get the chance (probably every couple days or something). Hope you enjoy. You are you, it's Saturday, you are sitting in your house watching TV, bored and down-trodden by your job as a door to door fan salesman. You spend every weekend like this, work just puts you in a funk. Of course, you wouldn't be in this mess if you hadn't quit your old job and bought all those fans off of QVC. They seemed like such a good deal, you had never seen top quality fans like the "ArtificiWind 260", with a fully swiveling head, beautiful surf green and burnt umber finishes, a 5 foot coil-able grounded power cord, and whisper quiet operation. All for one easy payment of $19.99."These fans will sell themselves" you said to your cat, promptly spending your life savings of $783 dollars on these amazing fans, "I can flip these babies for 30 bucks a pop". But after a few weeks, on December 9th, you're starting to regret your decision. "Nobody want's to buy fans in the winter! What was I thinking?" You howl. "Especially not from someone driving a old beat up van, I look like some creep hawking stuff they found at the dump. Curse you, you infernal contraptions of a slightly breezy moderately temperature'd hell!" A.) Calm down and look for real jobs in the classifieds to recoup your massive fan losses. B.) Use your remaining rent money to trick out your van so it looks like an official company car. C.) Continue cursing the fans D.) The fan's are the perfect product, you are the problem. Contemplate yourself and your existence. E.) There's still hope! Try to re-brand fans as the Ultimate Christmas gift. F.) Try to get your old job back.
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