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Found 2 results

  1. The dancer class is iconic of the Fire Emblem series and I was wondering that, even though they're numerous units with the ability to refresh a unit, if anyone had a favorite(s) that they wanted to share and converse about. Guidelines: Give some sort of explanation as to your pick, it doesn't have to be long. Reasons can range from gameplay performance, aesthetic, availability or just overall appearance and personality. Be respectful
  2. In FE7, or Blazing Blade/Sword, there were a particular set of items that only Ninian or Nils could use, such as Nini's Grace (Improved Defense for a turn), Filla's Might (Increased Might for a turn), etc. Now with the advent of buffs/debuffs with Fates equipment, I think it'd be fitting to maybe see these rings again. Honestly i've been waiting for them to make some kind of appearance again, but I guess thats mostly wishful thinking. What are your thoughts?
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