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Found 2 results

  1. So, me, being the slow kid I am, only just noticed that Super Danganronpa 2 has been released in America - 2 months ago. As soon as I realized, I had to go check out the voices. I'm a little pressed for time ATM, but when I have time, I'll edit OP and give my opinion on the voices. Probably all of them. Now - What are your opinions on them? Do you prefer the Japanese or English voices?
  2. Finally got a chance to actually use my old PSP. I really only used that thing for Tekken and emulators but this time I decided to play that one heart-wrenching, emotionally-scarring game known as Dammit Ronpaul Dingle Rumpus Dangan Ronpa. I just finished it two days ago. No cheats, walkthroughs; the only thing I had was the first five episodes of the anime and pure courtroom/crime scene logic. I cried so hard. Like mostly anyone who's ever played Dangan Ronpa, the gameplay is like "a fast-paced Ace Attorney game". OH BOY, I LOVE ACE ATTORNEY!!! You got intervals where you're investigating a murder scene, and then after that you're dueling it out in the courtroom. This game functions like a point-and-click; toucing corpses, picking up evidence, the sorts. The real action lies within the courtroom, where testimonies and battles are presented as some sorts of minigames where you have the opportunity to throw out "OBJECTION!"'s, or rather "YOU GOT THAT WRONG!"'s. Anyways, the game's about a bunch of students trapped inside a high school. To get out, you have to kill one of your classmates and get away with it. That's when the CLASS TRIAL kicks in. Once you're in the courtroom, you'll have to figure out WHODUNNIT. And if you do, the killer gets punished. Death penalty! And if you don't, everyone but the killer gets punished! Also death penalty! ... So if you like devastating multi-murder stories, go ahead and play this game or watch the anime. But you're betting off playing the game if you want a better understanding of what goes on.
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