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Found 6 results

  1. So... a unknown menu text was found in the last datamine: "MID_SUMMON_PULL_ONLY_ONCE_Summon_762_legend13_OnlyPickup: The session ends when you summon a Hero." For me, and for a lot of people on internet, this sounds like a "Free Summon Banner", just like the CYL banners. And we have the "legend13" on it, which could mean 13 Legendary Heroes. I believe, for the 2 years anniversary, we will get a Free Legendary Hero of our choice, between 13 possible Legendary Heroes. I am also thinking that, since we have 14 Legendary Heroes, Fjorm will be out of this event. She is already a free hero, after all. Legendary Ike is also a free hero, but he is a different case. He won the A Hero Rises event, and that's why he is a free hero. Anyway, this is only a speculation, but... If we get a Free Legendary Hero of our choice, what Legendary Hero would you pick and why? For me, I would pick Legendary Azura. From all Legendary Heroes that I don't have (Ryoma, Eirika, Hríd and Azura), she will be the most useful hero for me.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=90&v=e579wa7BWZg The relevant stuff happens from 1:30 (feel free to just pause it there, since the only relevant part of that video is the enchanced silhouette(?) Same case as when we found out Flying Olivia . I compared this new silhouette(?) with Azura's sprite, mostly to see if we would get another alt of muh waifu. : Something that the units in those portraits have in common is that if they have long enough hair, it can be seen on the edge of their portraits there (ie: Olivia's ponytail, Lewyn's hair, etc.) There's no blue color on the central bottom part, which pretty much discards anyone with long hair. However, if you pay attention to the red circle in this pic, you can see a blue strand, which seems to match with Flora's hairstyle. The other marked parts focus on Flora's hairstyle and what seems to be her eye, which as I mentioned before seemed to be grey/blue in this pic. Here are some pics of Flora, so you can compare: Thoughts?
  3. https://pastebin.com/FQ5hbdYr So I came across this datamine with English battle text. A quick name-search (control-F character name) revealed that there are callouts to certain characters. This seems to indicate that these particular characters are or will be playable at some point, probably the latter. Might just be leftover content, but given the nature of this all, I highly doubt it isn't meant to ever be implemented. And one other thing. Feel free to name-search any other possible characters in the datamine, though I think this is probably all we're getting for now.
  4. I am not sure if this is already a thread but if it is possible I would love if people posted information they have found like next weeks focus units or the next great hero battle. I know you can find information like this on the general disscussions board but seeing how it has 70+ pages it is pretty hard for me to find. Basically I made this poll for future datamine posts so people can access them with ease if that makes any sense...
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