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Found 2 results

  1. 1) Edelgard von Hresvelg 2) Hubert von Vestra 3) Ferdinand von Aegir 4) Linhardt von Hevring 5) Caspar von Bergliez 6) Bernadetta von Varley 7) Dorothea Arnault 8 ) Petra Macneary 9) Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd 10) Dedue Molinaro 11) Felix Hugo Fraldarius 12) Ashe Ubert 13) Sylvain Jose Gautier 14) Mercedes von Martritz 15) Annette Fantine Dominic 16) Ingrid Brandl Galatea 17) Claude von Riegan 18) Lorenz Hellman Gloucester 19) Raphael Kirsten 20) Ignatz Victor 21) Lysithea von Ordelia 22) Marianne von Edmund 23) Hilda Valentine Goneril 24) Leonie Pinelli 25) Seteth/Cichol 26) Flayn/Cethleann 27) Hanneman von Essar 28) Manuela Casagranda 29) Gilbert Pronislav/Gustave Eddie Dominic 30) Alois Rangeld 31) Catherine/Cassandra Rubens Charon 32) Shamir Nevrand 33) Cyril 34) Rhea/Seiros 35) Anna 36) Jeritza von Hrym/Emile von Bartels 37) Yuri Leclerc 38) Balthus von Albrecht 39) Constance von Nuvelle 40) Hapi I leave a number of bounty (Between 10 000 and 1 000 000) to each character for you.
  2. Hello everyone! If you haven't gotten to Paralogue 18 this will have spoilers for that, just a heads up! I've played through Awakening twice now on Normal/Casual and very few recruitable characters ever give me trouble as much as Gangrel (not including Paralogue 17 good lord). So I've thought about it, and would like to know, what do you guys do for that chapter to recruit him? I'll share what I usually do, but I'm almost positive there is a better way to go about it. My strategy is to make sure that I at least have two flying units. Frederick is a Wyvern Lord with A support for Chrom who is a Great Lord. I pair those two together and put them in the mountains right until Gangrel comes close enough to them, which ends up happening at the bottleneck of the two mountainsides. I'll fly out and switch to a weaponless Chrom and talk to Gangrel. Meanwhile, my other flying unit (it doesn't really matter who it is, my first time playing through was Grand Master Female Avatar and Falcon Knight Cordelia) will pair up with the Avatar and make their way to the village. My other units, besides Lissa and Libra, would go and clean up the spawn area but avoid going near the bottleneck just in case they pull Gangrel to them. Lissa (Sage) and Libra (Sage) were on standby in case anyone needed healing. With the village taken care of and the spawn area clear, I just wait on Chrom to finish talking to Gangrel for two more turns, meaning Chrom is weaponless during that time. On Normal difficulty that isn't a problem, but I think this plan would fail on Hard and up. Needless to say, Chrom finally gets Gangrel to join. Since I'm Casual scum, I just send Gangrel off to fight everyone by himself, but when I play on Classic I planned on just having Lissa or Libra to rescue him so he doesn't get killed by his former comrades. After that, everyone charges in and cleans up the map. It doesn't seem too hard of a map, it's just Gangrel makes it difficult if you really want to recruit him. Like I've said, I know my strategy isn't that great, so I'm curious on what others on Serenes Forest have tried.
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