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Found 9 results

  1. I'd like for unit deaths in Fire Emblem 6 to be temporary, like in Shining Force. How can I do this?
  2. So I had our wonderful @Phillius give me a wonderful team, that is right here! I am going to show the growth rates! http://pastebin.com/P2NX4iQq Avatar: 45% 60% 50% 50% 50% 40% 40% 40% Felicia Growth Rates: 60% 30% 35% 40% 45% 60% 35% Nyx Growth Rates: 50% 25% 50% 45% 55% 25% 35% 30% Charlotte 65% 55% 25% 35% 60% 45% 25% 20% Benny Growth Rates: 50% 40% 15% 55% 20% 55% 55% 60% Silas Growth Rates: 40% 45% 20% 55% 50% 60% 40% 40% Effie Growth Rates: 35% 60% 15% 40% 60% 70% 35% 45% Elise Growth Rates: 40% 20% 65% 40% 65% 75% 35% 40% Kagero 30% 65% 20% 30% 65% 30% 25% 55% Hinata Growth Rates: 55% 35% 20% 35% 30% 45% 45% 30% Kaden(The Hero) Growth Rates: 65% 60% 10% 35% 50% 55% 55% 40% Orochi Growth Rates: 55% 25% 65% 60% 20% 50% 35% 50% Hana(Other Hero) 45% 75% 10% 55% 60% 30% 40% 30% Xander Growth Rates: 45% 50% 30% 40% 45% 60% 45% 30% Ryoma Growth Rates: 50% 45% 15% 55% 55% 60% 35% 40% So yeah I got myself into a tough challenge. I will be keeping up and telling you all how it goes! EDIT:Sorry for it being very sloppy looking, it looked different while editing
  3. Menu Music Hello, everyone, and welcome to a very, very unexpected LP: Plague Inc. Evolved! I shall do the introduction via questions. So... what the heck IS this game, exactly? Basically, at its very core it is a realistic plague simulator, that doubles as a game. And a very fun and interesting game, at that. We use a plague to infect the earth and everyone in it, killing them all. Yes, that's right, our end goal is the death of every single human on earth! Nothing less will do. We don't directly control our plague, however (at least for the normal plagues). We can only buy upgrades and then watch as our plague destroys everything. It sounds like it might be boring, but it actually manages to force us to use a lot of strategy, and there are different plague types to mix things up. We'll see more about how it works once we actually get started. Also, there's a lot of cool interfaces to stare at. So there's that, too. Where did you hear about this game? I got it on my phone, played it and loved it, and then I saw the Steam version for PC on sale. Then I thought, hey, I could make a screenshot LP! That's basically how all my romhack screenshot LPs get started. Where can I get this game? As I said earlier, it's on Steam for anyone who wants it. It's still in early access, but judging from what I played on the phone it's definitely worth a go. Can a screenshot LP of this game work? I don't know! We're certainly going to find out, aren't we? Also, looking at the screenshot above, you'll see that it's a big screenshot. A VERY big screenshot. Due to being on a PC and meant to be played in fullscreen, there is a LOT of information that the game needs to convey to us. Yeah, the screenshots are maybe too big, but if they were any smaller you wouldn't be able to see anything! I'll try to mess with the resolutions and screenshot size and see what works. Make sure to tell me if there's any problems! Also, I'm going to be going for informative with this LP. Since we're doing screenshots, I feel that's best. As for the information in question, well, there is a LOT of ground to cover, so I'll tell you as we go along. THE BEGINNING: Say in the comments what we should name our first plague, or subsequent plagues. I'll use any good name suggestions!
  4. So I ran into a little problem I never seen encountered before. I was making and editing custom weapons in nightmare and this happened: https://gyazo.com/7c540bde7709dc1b928ddf7a24e5aea3 The dreadful screech of death. Well I narrowed it down to the nightmare spell association module, at least I think that's what it is but I'm not sure. Is this due to a limited amount of custom weapons? I went back and forth betweens backups and found that this only happens after I pass a certain number of edited/custom weapons in the spell association module. As in, telling the ROM which weapon uses which spell animation, I can only make 6 of these before the game shows me that screen. Things I did do: The item and spell association modules are expanded. The corresponding notepad nightmare lists are as well. I did check if I overwritten anything and I did not. Does anyone know why this would happen?
  5. So there I was, sitting in front of my laptop, staring at a textedit page that I had opened up. It was a cool, summer night, and I was planning on staying up all night to write a personal statement for college. My mind was blank, I was nervous and it hadn't occurred to me that my brothers were about to go to the liquor store for late-night snacks. I thought to myself, "Well... I could go for a can of Arnie. (This is a drink known as "Arnold Palmer". It's basically iced tea mixed with lemonade. It's a gentleman's drink, you see. It's a me drink.) I should ask him for some." And so I did. He replied, "Where's the money?" "Damn!" I though, "I'm penniless..." I would have begged him to buy one for me, but I'm not that kind of guy. I said, "Oh, well, maybe next time." He laughed and said, "Ha! You're as broke as me now." What a cad... Him and my little brother opened the door and talked on the porch for a bit. They discussed whether or not it would be best to purchase Nacho Cheese doritos or those god-awful blue ones. Stale Semen flavor, I think they were called. As they were about to decide, my younger brother shouted, "Don't you take another step!" I immediately thought that he had finally snapped. All those days of playing Warframe, grinding and selling crap items to fools in the marketplace... I finally thought it had broken him. I was wrong, however, because as soon as I set foot outside the doorway, I noticed his arm stretched out in front of my older brother. He was warning him, protecting him from the evil creature that made our porch its home. It was white and gold. It had eight legs and eight eyes. It looked like a demon straight out of the Goetia. Yes, it was here to tempt us with the knowledge of the world, but little did it know that, although my younger brother is a terrible merchant, he is wise to the ways of demons and their ilk. My brothers and I froze in horror and disgust. How dare this unholy arachnid think itself so clever as to craft its web in front our very faces! It was insulting! Normally, we would banish such creatures with our... uh, vaccum, but we knew we were no match for this beast. Instead, we left it alone. We decided to wait 'till morning, when it was most vulnerable, to initiate our attack. But woe is the man who thinks himself so clever for simply moving a chess piece onto a most strategic space without thinking ahead of the game! As we maneuvered past the web, there was another eight-legged beast building a hellish web of evil right in front of our very faces! If it were not for my younger brother's excellent eyesight, I daresay that he and I would have been food for the beast and its cohort. I am thankful that I have family to rely on. We plan on henceforth removing the beasts at the break of dawn. Whatever victims they manage to catch tonight shall be their last. Pray for my safety, dear friends. I am a humble man, but I am also a weak one. I cannot do this alone. Again, I ask for your prayers. Thank you
  6. Hello everyone, and welcome to... THE LACK OF A CUSTOM TITLE SCREEN! Uh, wait, I mean... DEATH OR GLORY! Death or Glory is an FE7 hack by NYZ Gamer. It's story and gameplay are all custom, using plenty of custom animations and mugs. The story revolves around a generic soldier named Ragnar, who aims to make a difference in a large war. It contains 15 levels(13 chapters + the prologue and a gaiden), which is actually the same as the second-to-most-recent patch, which I played. The newest patch just makes massive changes to the gameplay and dialogue of the existing chapters. I honestly have to say that it needed it. Before, the gameplay and story could be described as "mediocre". But has it really improved? Is it a better hack now? We will find out! The thread for the hack(and the patch) can be found here. Also, I have a few notes I'd like to make: 1: I'll be doing the same prelude/gameplay/conclusion thing I did for Road to Ruin, at least after the first few chapters. 2: I wasn't able to get a growths sheet, so no character growths. Sorry :C 3: This hack is way better than Corrupt Theocracy, so you and I both will have to switch out of criticism mode. NEXT TIME, WE ACTUALLY START!
  7. Hello, I am the clone of a great Brigadier, Nodney the Great... I have come here to scout out your forums... and decide how we will bring you down. But for the time being, just enjoy yourselves with my company... you dont have long to live... The Emblem Brigade will soon rule over you and your pitiful forest!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!! (I'm with Cancer Lancer.... How'd you like my intro? Intimidating, right? anyway, im here mainly to rp just like my friend Lancer.)
  8. Hey, Fateborn here again. I'm going to do a Female!sword only run. If you are familiar with my FE8 run, then the rules will be the same, with few expectations that I have placed in poll to allow you to decide for me (I would do it myself but I like to see what you guys want to see me do.) First rule. Only women are allowed. (Unless Bartre is permitted permanently I won't use him.) And they are required to have either sword, or has promotion gain of swords. In other word... Lyndis, Florina, Fiora, Isadora, Vaida, Farina, and Karla are permitted. However, as an expectation due to low amount of units, Ninian/Nils are also permited. (If only I had a mamakute too...) If such a need arise, I won't hesitate to use a healing class or an additional female unit. But until then, I won't be required to use them. (Yeah, you heard me right. I'm WILLING to use Louise or Priscilla (Two most likely canditate of emergency if something's fucky with my run such as terribad growth on my characters since it usually happen... Fucking Tate, Vanessa and Syrene.) I also have to sell all items that are not swords and consumables (Which means, no axe, no lances, no bows, no staves, no tomes. I will however keeps few lances -for florina and fiora of course, and a couple of bow/staves for louise and priscilla in case of emergency.) As I will be unable to have any female sword users for 5 chapters of HHM, I am allowed to use Eliwood and Hector with no hestitation until I re-acquires Lyndis, to which I will then bench Failwood. (He always suck on my team no matter what happen. It'd be Lyndis who's most blessed, and Hector will be above average, that's always common for me...) I also will level up Priscilla with usages until the unnecessary of her approaches. If something is really messy between chapter 12 and 15, I will be permitted to use Marcus, but only with swords. I'll keep the poll running for 24 hours, or until sufficient votes are input. Till then, I bid you good read and entertainment of my mostly gangsta outburst and dumb references here and there of my run. (Mostly thwomp.) Now then I gotta go study a certain pattern of the chapters and see what I could do for each one (the ones between 11 and 15 anyway.) Edit: Main reason why I'd like to do LHM is so I can drag my balls through chapter 19xx :>
  9. After clearing FE6 with the similar run, I figured I'd tackle either FE7 or FE8 with the same challenge, and I was told to do FE8... After reviewing the roster, I must say it's whole lot tougher than FE6 run for a certainty. Being forced to only have SIX SEVEN units to use, of which one is the last unit to be recruited in the entire game. However, just like my FE6 run, I will also use the dancer and the mamakute. Tethys and Myrrah. The Units I am restricted to for the run... Eirika, Vanessa, Neimi, Tana, Marissa, and Syrene. And Amelia apparently. Tethys and Myrrah I am not allowed to use any other weapons, with expectation of the classes that only get swords on promotion, to which I will freely use their default weapons until they promote. (Vanessa, Neimi, and Tana. Amelia.) With no further explanation, let's begin! [spoiler=Prologue] Silent and Serene adventure begins. On second thought... not that quiet and gentle. Getting the Romance of the Five Kingdoms vibe Random nation is random. I like the wordings. Suicide time? Suicide time! But Daddy, this bracelet is so 15 years ago! Worst King Ever Surprise! Batt sekt! Must...? What? Roll in the mud and sneak through the forest in the camouflages of brownness? CreepValter is Creep Creepiest Character Japan NO! I SHALLN'T LOSE MAH VIRGINITY TO THIS PEDO Best Knight NA? But it's certainly a bother to see you gushing out like a fountain onto your beloved horse. Well, you won't die because it's FEMALE!SWORD ONLY RUN! Eiraka sucks, petitioning for Seth to be turned into a woman please. GIMME EVERYTHING YOU GOT SETHY Dead fighter is dead. Dead princess is dead. Twond try! One step behind the other fighter. SAFE ENOUGH RIGHT? Poke She's good looking at least. She already died though... Not too rash. With a flick of her wrist, that's how. WTB str. Quite so.
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