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Found 3 results

  1. Hello guys, I just made a new account to ask this but may I know if there are any budget decklists for a Risen deck? I'm planning to use F!Grima as my MC and it would help out a lot to have a decklist I can use as reference when building my deck. I don't really need meta decks or anything, I'm just playing casually with a group of friends. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, It's been a while sins I last posted here. Just been busy. But now I have some more time for Cipher and would like to improve not only my deck but also myself. So I've come back to ask for help. My current situation is that I have a yellow deck with Shannan as my MC. With this deck I was able to get some wins in, however yellow hasn't gotten a lot of love lately so my deck is kinda under powered if I compare it to the decks of my friends (who play Red, Purple and Green). So on the verge of a new set release I would like to improve my deck, but I don't know how.. As it stands I choose my MC because his effect seemed good, however my friends are able to play around his effect. When up against him, they make sure to have at least 1 or 2 bonds left and dodge the attacks of my other units. Then they just let my Shannan hit. This causes me to have a hand full of Shannan cards, not being able to save my other units and eventually just run out of steam. I would like to start to learn how to pick a MC and know what makes a good MC, for which I have prepared a few questions. TLDR: I'm having a hard time competing with the group I'm playing with. To the extend of being a push-over. So I would like to edit my deck, starting with a review of my MC (Shannan) and I would like to know how you guys pick / rate a MC. Questions: How do you guys pick your MC? What makes a good MC? What works better (in your experience): Picking an MC and building your strategy around that or Picking a strategy and building your deck (MC included) around that? What do you think of Shannan as a MC? As always, any and all help is appreciated.
  3. Hi, I'm new to Cipher and plan to build a deck on my own. I have a good amount of experience with other TCG such as yugioh and pokemon. While I understand how ratios work I can't seem to find a reliable source of information on decks to build my own and I've spent the past few hours just trying to figure out how many copies of a MC I should be running. Cipher plays so drastically different from what I'm used to, I'm completely lost. While looking through some cards, I've taken an interest in Gerik, Amelia, Joshua, Lute, Rutger, and Fir. I'd like some help learning if any decks can be made around who I've listed and cards that have synergy with that MC. While doing some research, I think Lute would have the most potential, Joshua with the ability to recycle copies of himself to crit and evade with a gimmicky but fun skill to take orbs, a Rutger/Fir deck for unavoidable attacks, while Gerik would be some kind of basic 10 support swarm, and Amelia seems too slow and is without a relevant enough ability.
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