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Found 10 results

  1. What are your thoughts on the characters we've seen so far? Do you like the designs/art style? What do you think their personalities will be? What are your hopes for any yet to be revealed characters? Personally I really like the art style and the designs we've seen so far! Though, Claude is my favourite. #TeamClaude I like Edelgard and Byleth as well and I don't even dislike Dimitri's design :P As for the other characters I have high hopes! Or at least high optimism. The consensus seems to be that the character artist is Kurahana Chinatsu who designed the characters for Uta no Prince-sama. I'm a fan of her art but I do wonder how varied her designs can actually get in terms of differing body types. I'm excited to find out though.
  2. I was thinking of making a Fan Game with popular characters and I thought what sort of features would be good? I'm thinking of using a lot of modern game play elements such as pair ups, my units, and child units but I also wanted a lot of new interesting stuff to make it sort of unique from other fan games. The plot would probably be pretty basic overall but with the unique game specific characters' personality and growth would be the main focus besides the actual gameplay. I have a link here for feedback on some things but if anyone has any other sorts of ideas or suggestions I'd greatly appreciate them, as well as what already existing characters would people want to see make an appearance? Link: http://www.strawpoll.me/darthax3l
  3. I still haven't played a lot of FE games (especially the older ones) and Heroes does a great job introducing me to new characters. Some of them even make me want to play their respective games and know more about their story. As for me: Lucina seems like a genuinly nice lord, great design and her story with Chrom etc. seems interesting. (I will probably buy Awakening after playing through Shadows). Jeorge for that matter is also good, but I don't use him. And I absolutly love Michalis and Zephiel, making the latter my first promoted 5*. I know they are baddies, but they both fascinate me and I can't wait to kick their *** in the future. And they both look rather glorious. Do you have some favorites of the ones you've never played before? And what makes them appeal to you? Artstyle/Quotes?
  4. Heya, I notice that I don't really have a favourite class in the series. It changes depending on what game I'm playing, as certain games seem to favour certain classes and give them cooler niches and stuff. That being said, what is your favourite class from each of the games you've played? You can give reasons, although I suppose it isn't required. (Design, gameplay, animations, etc.) I've only played overseas releases so far so I can't speak for FE1-6. FE7: I'd say I really like the Nomad line because it was my first introduction to horseback bow users, and I think Rath is pretty great statistically. FE8: Something about the Cavalier line really stands out to me, you get a fair few and Seth as your Paladin makes a pretty boss impact in this game. FE9: Fighter line. Boyd oh Boyd. Need I say more. Also his design really stood out to me. FE10: Soldier line. Moreso than FE9 due to the differences that Aran and Neph present statistically, but they're both pretty useful. FE11/12: The myrmidon line looks absolutely badass here. Their animations are pretty cool imo, and the design looks regal and deadly. FE13: I really like the Wyvern Rider line here. Cherche/Gerome are both pretty cool in their base class, and I like the promotion options. Yes even Griffons. FE14: This is a hard choice between Ninja line and Archer line. On one hand I love the design and aesthetic of Ninjas, and the gameplay choices they bring with hidden weapons. On the other, Archers are f***king great in this game! So yeah, would love to hear everyone's thoughts and such ESD
  5. [spoiler=The Art] -General Fire Emblem designs, ideas for Villager designs, Garhen, Bandit dude done for the Splice Contest in a battle sprite-ish form. Big one is tier2? smaller tier1? -Still working on these... mulling over designs for a Barbarian class in GBA battle sprite form. Not sure what combination of elements works the best for the concept. -Fighter concept designs... trying to come up with some different feels/styles. -Really need to rescan this one... its ridiculously blurry due to poor scanning due to trying to place two pages on scanner from a ringed sketch book. If you can make it out... my Lord from my sprite thread Quinn is there, along with some of his potential supporting cast on the top page. His starter units are a tier0/trainee armor unit with swords, a naive young blade knight named Rupert. His other(insanely blurry) companion is a taciturn tactician name Torne. Torne will likely use magic and swords if possible... Notes on his personality are grumpy+cynical...(totally not a Soren analogue at all >.>) -Bottom page has a OC of mine named Dacen, who like my other OC Erwand I am still trying to figure out how they fit into the Fire Emblem universe, design and classwise. Other random little sketches/characters... Think the girl at the bottom was me trying to figure out the design on my Female Lord. Some random archer/sniper... Some older Armor Knight/Paladin/Great Knight gentleman in the top right corner. -As you can see, the simplified designs I make... I then can pretty easily translate into battle sprite form. -Sometimes, I make a sprite/mug that I like and then try to translate into a battle sprite design... this guy I made for my first splice contest here will eventually be made into a bandit/brigand when I get around to it. ---- Anyways, that's some of my stuff... I honestly have a bunch of sketch pads full of way better works from ages ago... think I will try to see if I can those sometime. In the meantime, I hope to update this thread every week with some actual hard effort artwork to try to improve a bit. Thanks for taking the time to check this out. Hope you found it interesting or entertaining at least... ...as I always say in my sprite threads, I seriously love any and all sorts of feedback, whether criticisms, comments, thoughts, cookies or just random streams of consciousness...Thanks! :D
  6. Hello everyone! I decided to post this here instead of concepts because this isn't I new game idea. I'm going to propose an idea for a chapter in my Blazing Sword hack and I ask that you guys share your thoughts on whether it's a good or bad idea. In the chapter before it your party is captured and thrown in prison, with one or two characters being in each cell. Your main lord manages to escape, and your thief picks the lock on their prison door. Prior to the start of gameplay all your other units (only six at the time) get turned into red units with the guard tile AI (this is to hide their location as this will be a fog of war chapter) and standing on the tile in front of their cell door turns them into green units which can be recruited back to blue units. Your goal is to rescue as many of your units as possible and you end the chapter by reaching a certain tile with the main lord and escaping. Any allies you don't rescue are permanently lost. There will be many enemies stationed around the prison with either the guard tile or attack in range AI (no approaching enemies) so you'll have to be careful about how you advance, but nothing cheap like a bolting tome or sleep staff. Does this sound like fun? Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you, Gryphon
  7. Much to my surprise, there wasn't a topic that really discussed this aspect of the new class designs. As the title states, pick the classes you believe are well designed, even if they aren't necessarily your favorite class in the game. The designs are based off of the generic portraits rather than the playable characters. Without further ado, here are some of mine: Nohr: Outlaw Hero Adventurer Mercenary Garou Maid/Butler Hoshido: Elite Ninja Puppeteer Trueblade Holy Lancer Nine-Tailed Fox Other: Dread Fighter Ballistician Vanguard Witch
  8. Hope this isn't a topic already. Out of all the games I think hands down that Tellius had the best character design. The armor looked practical yet unique to each character and they were all distinguishable. I also can't put my finger on it but the designs for each character just seemed right. So which character designs from this saga were your favorites? I like Ike's Lord design from FE9 the color scheme of olive green with the blue cape just looks good and goes with him really well. I like his base Hero design as well and think it suits him but I'll always like the color scheme of the Lord get up. Titania is another design I liked aside from being an overall pretty character the cloth under the armor matches real well with the hair while the armor looks like what you would expect of an elite Paladin. Greil/Gawain is another design I liked as well simple clothing and armor resembling Hero Ike. Fits the part of an aged legendary warrior. Black Knight. Pretty much the Darth Vader of the series in my opinion. Down right menacing and terrifying and gives the feeling of being one of the four apocalyptic horsemen. Sigrun and Nephenee. Like the hair color and armor choice for both of these and the way the helmet covers their eye is pretty nice too. Nailah. Unique one of a kind character cool markings along her body and that eyepatch is killer. I could go on and on and there's many more I like as well and this is just scraping the surface.
  9. So since we now have yet another Fire Emblem character with a cape my interest in the cape designs made me want to make a video on it but when I did some research I did not find that much information so I'd like to ask you guys what some of these symbols/insignias are if they have any meaning at all. I will also add the information in this topic. Marth's The symbol of the Archanea nation. Ike's Greil Mercenaries. Roy's Elibe's Fire Emblem. Lucina's Mark Of Naga. Two Nagas. Three Grima eyes. I hope someone knows what these symbols are supposed to represent! (Also sorry if there is already a post like this I created this account today for the purpose of posting this thread)
  10. Essentially, what I'm trying to figure out is how to create a webpage similar to http://www.fireemblemwod.net/fe6/guiafe6/ENG_cap7.htm ^ that. Just the map part though, the whole uploading of an image and attaching a tag to specific parts of it. I know this is a terribly worded question/post, I apologize.
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