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Found 2 results

  1. I've started my second run of Genealogy and wanted to try some different pairings. I've already got everyone figured out except Brigid. I'm debating between Dew and Alec, since they are both some of my favorite Gen1 characters and offer something decent in the form of Bargain/Sol or Pursuit/Nihil. What do you guys think? (I know there are way better pairings out there for her, but I'd like to keep the choices down to either Dew or Alec here plz)
  2. So I'm doing my first playthrough of Genealogy of the Holy War and I've run into a problem regarding who Briggid should marry. My main choices are Dew and Jamke. The main factor between who the father of Patty and Faval should be is who passes down items to who. I know Faval gets Yewfelle from Briggid which leads me to believe his equipment comes from his mother, but I don't know this. If it turns out that he only gets Yewfelle from his mother and everything else from his father then Jamke will be the father. If Faval gets everything from his mother then I'll make Dew the father, as he passes down the Bargain skill to both children and Sol to Patty. If anybody has information regarding the item inheritance of Patty and Faval then that would be very much appreciated.
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