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Found 1 result

  1. After playing Persona 3's "The journey" I decided to play the sequel. Although I should be experienced with the battle system, I've lots of trouble with 4. While Persona 3's easy mode became less and less challenging for me after a while, I have problems to survive each boss in Persona 4 on "beginner" mode. These bosses have tons of HP, no weaknesses and are really powerful. My units died quite a lot unlike in the prequel. (My unit died already more often than in the entire prequel.) Shadow Kanji took me already more time than the final boss Nyx in Persona 3. My units went out of HP and SP and so I had to use all my HP and SP potions. I only have a few Peach seeds and mudoon cast left, that's it! (For comparison: In Persona 3 I sold pretty much all the stuff and didn't know what to do with the money.) So I'd like to get a few tips how to survive this game. Honestly I feel a bit helpless atm.
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