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Found 5 results

  1. Newest work: Sumia So here's a place where I put some of my art for feedback, critique etc. If you head on over to the last couple of pages, you'll see much less cringy work, as I'm much more familiar with digital art than I was back in May 2017. Requests are currently closed. I'm active on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter and post more WIPs and non-related artworks on there, so if you like what I do you can follow me on those. Commissions are closed.
  2. I've been slowly amassing a fair bit of Fire Emblem related art the past few months I've been hanging out here, so I figured I might as well post some here. If you want to see more of my non-Fire Emblem related stuff its floating around my deviantart mostly, and in my art tag on tumblr. Suggestions: Yes Please | No Thanks (Please keep suggestions Fire Emblem related, and don't be mad if I don't take your suggestion) Smaller Stuff: Some big stuff(digital): Other big stuff (traditional): And one non-FE thing I'm particularly happy with at the moment: New Thing:
  3. I'm a shy muffin and want to get better about posting art and getting critique! All feedback is very very appreciated! I have a somewhat rarely-updated deviantArt here: dA linkeroo ; though I mostly take commissions off a dragon-collection/breeding website called Flight Rising (ooooh boy, the obsession runs deep but that's an entirely different beast LOL I even made a fan-dragon for Chrom). Here's my latest, a sketch of Lon'qu. I'm been pretty sad/anxious and unmotivated to draw so I did this today to try and psych myself up! Still trying to get the hang of coloring in SAI ver2. Everything after this one was done in SAI 1. A commission I did for someone of their character: Sketch of my OC Kantor ❤️ ❤️ My OC Idunn 😄 Another commission:
  4. Hello everyone ! * U * I joined this site pretty recently and was told I should consider making an art thread, so here it is ! I've been on a fe14 fanart streak, so if you want to request anything from that, feel free to let me know ! though I'm going to limit it to single (non-mu) characters only, please ~ ; U ; Here are some of my most recently drawn ones: [spoiler=Aqua] [spoiler=Elise] aaand especially for you @Sophie [spoiler=Kagerou] you can check my tumblr to see what characters i've already drawn, but I'm totally down with drawing the same person more than once especially if that person is oboro hahhaah keep in mind though, these are all sketches, so they're going to remain quite low quality (quick coloring and sketchy instead of actual lineart ahha) Thanks for stopping by ! ヾ(≧∇≦*)ゝ
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