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Found 2 results

  1. I personally feel the MU or Avatar Mechanic is not bad at all just IS haven't gotten it completely correct I think something like Robin as the MU is a great start to the mechanic. While he is the 2nd protagonist after Chrome he doesn't take his spotlight that much IMO. The end with Grima make sense because well Robin is Grima and I think it better for Robin to off his self instead of Chrome just putting Grima to sleep. Corrin needs some work he a bad example of avatar unit he doesn't get accounted for his actions like at all or he doesn't grow as much like Robin does but I think that has to do more with IS to experiment with the mechanic. Kris I never got the hte for him he seem pretty small over the course of FE12 to me he just seem like a close to friend and confidant to Marth and that it. I guess his implied romance with Katarina adds character to him too, overall I think the mechanic isn't to bad a few bugs but what doesn't have bugs. What are your opinions on it.
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