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Found 3 results

  1. I know it's a bit early but I love speculating so lets give it a go with Book V.
  2. This is an issue I feel needs to be addressed whether you game on a PC, Wii, 3DS, Vita, Playstation, or Xbox. Is it me or do gamers now in days have this false sense of entitlement? Meaning if something is announced that they don't like or disagree with its immediately to the keyboard or to the youtube channel to state how much they feel betrayed and hate company X and how said company should be ashamed. Don't get me wrong people are within their right to complain and bitch about things they don't like. No one's questioning that. The part that gets me is that the way people do it makes us all look like a bunch of jackasses. If you really and truly disagree with how a company is doing something then don't buy their stuff. Like it or not that is how the world works and that is ultimately what companies listen to and make their management and investment decisions off of. They don't give two shits about what someone on youtube has to say about their company or acting like they are owed the exact kind of game they want to their specifications. It doesn't matter where you go you see it everywhere now. Its like we have grown so accoustemed to having big-budget games and phenomenal games being produced year after year out the wazoo that we've just come to expect that as the norm and that by god we are owed that and nothing less. These things take time and a shitload of money to produce and unless you are doing the CoD 2016 or Madden 16 every year it takes some serious investment to reintroduce new mechanics and make decisions on what to implement and try to implement it well. We want to have or cake and eat it too. Should you want your moneys' worth? Absoulutely. Does that give you a by to make an ass out of yourself or the gaming community. I personally do not think so. And you know what, if businesses want to continue to make poor marketing decisions and produce bad games the market will sort it out. It did with Atari and Sega. As much as it makes things suck to see a game company go under I do believe that it does happen for a reason and that ultimately things sort themselves out in the end. Oh and the thing that does downright piss me off to no end is when people want to sit there comment or make videos and outright call people sub-human cancers on society or social rejects for either liking a certain company or product or not agreeing with their train of thought. Sorry that shit doesn't fly with me under any circumstance. Especially with damn video games because thats all they are. Games. Not like the fate of the free world depends on it. I hope I wasn't too vulgar but this has been something hinging on my mind quite a bit (especially the second tidbit) and I want to see what you all think about it.
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