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Found 1 result

  1. Been planning to do this project for a while now, with the release of the demo of SRPG studio, I have been exploring it's tools and resources and began my project. A game to be called Divine Herald. I have 2 versions planned, but for now, I will just focus on the main cannon game, if it goes well enough, I will creat my planned second version of the game. Anyway, the point of this topic is to do some stormbraining for ideas for the project. For starters I'm going to post here some of the classes that I have planned for this project: -Noble (lord like class, can use swords) -Knight (same as cavalier, uses swords and lances) - Heavy Knight (a cavalier-like that uses swords and axes, has slightly better DEF growth and slightly worse SPD growth) -Guardian (an foot knight that wields swords) - Sergeant (an foot knight that wields axes) - Centurion (an foot knight that wields lances) - Warrior (foot axeman, acts as a base class, not a promoted one.) -Swordsmen/Swordmaiden (myrmidon and mercenary as if they were one class) -White Knight (default promotion for Guardian. Uses Swords and Lances. Has higher SPD and RES than other armored classes) -Black Knight (default promotion for Sergeant. Uses Axes and Swords. Has higher STR and SKL than other armored classes) -Warlord (default promotion for Warrior. Uses Axes, Swords and Lances. Has decent DEF and great STR)
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