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Found 126 results

  1. I was thinking of this for a while, since Super Smash Bros. series has Konami, Sega, Capcom, Namco, Square Enix, Atlus (some people claimed it as Sega for Joker, Atlus had their name on the credits), Microsoft, and lastly SNK had their own characters from their franchises joins in the roster. What about Atari character qualifies as a fighter to join in the fight? I do recall Atari was kinda a big company for the video game department back at the late 1970s before Nintendo comes through before they started a console war with Sega back then since their biggest console success was the Atari arcades and Atari 2600 consoles. I was thinking Bentley Bear from Crystal Castles might be qualify as a fighter, but I did saw some of their best sellers were listed for Atari that I recall remembering such as Asteroids, Missle Command, and Adventure are definitely Atari property. I did played most of Atari arcade games from the compilation on the PC years ago, but I don't recall there's alot of characters showing up on screen? They were merely just showed up as vehicles and ships for their games, but then again that I do recall Captain Falcon himself hasn't shown his face in-game in the first F-Zero game and I don't exactly know if Asteroids, Missle Command, and Adventure had any characters showed up? But, which Atari video game originated characters (please don't use E.T. since he's counted as a Movie Character not a Video Game Originated Character) do you guy think it qualifies as a fighter if one of the Atari characters joins up for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Fighter Pass or for the later games?
  2. am i the only one that gets lelouch lamperouge vibes from yuri in fe3h? maybe its the purple eyes or his calculating nature but I can just imagine him viewing fighting just like chess lol.
  3. Is anyone aware of anyone who has been able to build CIAs that install a DLC to add characters/items similar to how Mila's Bounty works? I'm hoping to achieve something similar to what DeathChaos25 was able to do for fates, where he was able to import Chrom, Lissa, and Frederick into the exdata via installing DLC through a CIA file and "playing" the DLC to add characters/items. If anyone's been successful with it or knows of a guide about writing DLC/CIAs for FE15 please let me know
  4. what are the best classes from the abyss? and who should I give them to? Note: right now I'm training my ferdinand as a trickster (just for a goof) but who is really good for these classes? my female byleth is def going to be a war monk
  5. With the DLC coming soon I thought it would be a good idea to make this poll. Please feel free to comment why you chose the character. Update: Now that the DLC is out... Who is your favorite?
  6. Which gatekeeper is best?
  7. First of all, this is a custom built DLC by myself, meaning, THIS IS ONLY USABLE WITH CFW! It should also be noted that this DLC is for the western (USA) versions of FE Fates. DO NOT USE FBI TO INSTALL! USE BIGBLUEMENU INSTEAD. To uninstall the old version, an extdata wipe is needed, go to 3DS System Settings > Extra Data, and delete your FE Fates extra data, if you want to keep your saves, you'll need extra steps involving JK's Save manager. To keep your saves located in extra data, in JK's Save Manager, chose to dump the extra data for Fire Emblem Fates, inside the extdata dump, you will have a bunch of files starting with "g_", these are the asset files that need to be deleted, delete those from the extdata dump, delete your extra data from System Settings, then with JK's Save Manager inject your extdata back in after having deleted all of the "g_" files EXCEPT g_contents.bin V3 Notes: - Reconstructed Awakening Characters so that they no longer conflict with the Before Awakening DLC (NOTE: For some reason, Before Awakening still breaks, if you enter Before Awakening a 3rd time, your game will crash, the best way would be to save and reset every 2 visits, this is the best I can do to fix it from the character's side, the other fix has to be done from Before Awakening itself) - Fixed the reclass glitch on Awakening Characters! You can now reclass them without any weird costume Glitches, however, they WILL keep their unique outfit regardless of class, and Chrom will keep his sword attack animations and idle pose. - Frederick is no longer a Unique Great Knight, he is now a normal Great Knight, if you reinstall and already had Frederick on your save, please Reclass your Frederick into a normal Great Knight if he is still in his Unique Lance only GK class, or else he'll have no horse. - HOPEFULLY, as of V3, no further updates should require an extdata wipe to reinstall (V3 itself does however require one.) IT IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED THAT NONE OF THESE UNITS BE USED IN MULTIPLAYER, ANY BUGS/CRASH/BANS ARE YOUR FAULT. V4 Notes: Added a Generic Witch named Arfoire! Human Lilith has been added (LILITH MAY RANDOMLY CRASH YOUR GAME FOR NO REASON, I AM NOT RESPONSABLE FOR ANY UNSAVED PROGRESS LOST, USE AT OWN RISK) - Fixed crashing bug for Sumeragi and Mikoto in revelation (this sadly requires an extdata backup/wipe. V5 Notes: - Fixed Red side crash on certain units (this sadly requires an extdata backup/wipe if updating from previous version, again, soz) - Added Cipher characters + Amiibos -The loading times when initially loading the extdata when first starting the game have been massively improved and shortened. V6 Notes: - Small Update, Added Arete! - she's a scaling character, she will scale proportional to your story progress. - She's also a Jakob/Felicia, a prepromote who can level up to 40 while having an internal level of -1 so she gains exp as fast as an unpromoted unit. The DLC has now been reduced to only 1 entry, the Awakening character assets now gives you Chrom/Lissa/Frederick and a generic Witch, Garon/Sumeragi/Mikoto/Human Lilith, Cipher Marth/Lucina/Minerva, and also all 4 amiibo units, they all now come equipped with a weapon! DOWNLOAD LINKS: V6 Links: English - https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvjsb2p481azhel/EnglishV6.7z?dl=1 Undub - https://www.dropbox.com/s/a43sn46r9o3tdno/UndubV6.7z?dl=1 fe14unit files (includes Chrom/Lissa/Frederick/Mikoto/Sumeragi/Garon/Lilith, THESE WILL NOT WORK IF THE DLC IS NOT INSTALLED) https://www.dropbox.com/s/dhnxur3m6umhzld/fe14unit.7z?dl=1 Assorted screenshots:
  8. Hi, I wanted to try a run with Witch Rinkah, no skillbuying for her, reclass as soon as My Castle is accessible, and Malig Knight/Wyvern lord Felicia (wen for Malig knight for magic growth but might end in wyvern lord with magic weapons). Well, doing that on hard in BR, and so far it's very easy, Rinkah has approximately the same defence as average Silas, enough speed to double every ennemy except swordies/thieves/ninjas, average mag (although with witch base mag she has about the same magic as Orochi, while having more HP, def and way more speed). So we have a hard hitting magic unit with cavalier level defensive abilities, free tonic/potions seeking to save money, and she kills everything except anti mage units in 1 round. Felicia has average strength and def with above average magic and resist compared with similar units, early access to str+2, lv 10 wyvern skill to switch places, savage blow, soon trample, giving her 7 physical damage vs non mounted ennemies and 5 magic damage. She can also get rally def whenever I switch her to wyvern lord and then sword breaker for easy axe berserk. I also picked up Setsuna, don't know which class she's gonna go into, maybe ninja after lv 10 archer for quick draw and more strength/def/HP so she can pick locks and poison strike. I guess she makes a good master ninja/mechanist depending on what you want her to do (mechanist allowing her to use her bow rank and stronger weapon type is nice too with bonus movement being quite useful in some situations with BR open maps). I also found out how useful it was to pair Hinoka with Setsuna in their intro map since Setsuna can double and tank mages and double onis with Hinoka backpack (she 3HKOs the onis in this chapter at base). Don't know who I'm gonna use on top of them. MU is really stat screwed (only stats that got more than 2/3 level ups at lv 8 were HP and strength, making him/her a fighter with swords and dragonstone...with Charlotte level defensive stats and Silas/Effie level speed, so I'm not using MU outside Felicia backpack, which he does well anyway). I like the vanguard and Lodestar skins so I might use some males with DLC classes. Just don't know which ones are gonna be the chosen ones. Now I let you suggest things to try since I've largely seen in my diverse playthroughs that weird class paths often make the best units. Who should get lodestar in your opinion? The class is really poor growths-wise and sword locked, a poor man's swordmaster/master of arms.
  9. Be wary of possible spoilers. Turn back if you want to avoid them! This leak is from the Three Houses Perfect Guide published by Famitsu and was discovered by a user on GameFAQs and subsequently translated. Our very own @VincentASM has wrote an in-depth article about the leak. For those wondering about the contents: Wave 3 Free DLC New playable character: Jeritza (certain routes only) New support conversations [presumably featuring Jeritza] New activities New online features Paid DLC New playable character: Anna New monastery facilities New online [features?] Anna and Jeritza paralogue New quests (around 10) New activities: Sauna [who didn’t see this coming?], playing with dogs and cats(!) New costumes: Maid, Butler and more New battalions: Maid and Butler Wave 4 Paid DLC Side story: Abyss Mode New playable characters: Juris, Balthazar, Constanze and Javi [tentative translations] New support conversations New monastery facilities New online features New classes (4) New enemy monsters New hero relics New paralogues New quests New battalions New gambits New costumes for Byleth (male), Byleth (female) and Sothis Turn back the hands of time if old.
  10. These are just some of my overall thoughts. Thoughts on Blue Lions. For Black Eagles (both routes) Golden Deer. What do you guys want story wise from the DLC?
  11. With DLC on the horizon and the success of the game im expecting IS to add new master classes as the current list is a tiny bit disappointing. The only classes I really want is a Mage flyer (Malig Knight), A physical sword unit (Like another level of assassain with the same bowrange as bowknight but footlocked) and a male Gremory type class. Does anyone have any ideas as to possible classes that could be added?
  12. Which parts of the Fodlan's worldbuilding remains unresolved by all paths that you wish to be resolved with the upcoming DLC? I personally would like to learn about the nations mentioned in the travelers notes. Also new nations, new cultures, new classes. Am i right? (hopefully as part of free update)
  13. So since this wasn't brought up yet, do you think there'll be dlc (since Treehouse didn't mentioned it, this time) and what kind of dlc could you imagine?
  14. Can I purchase one physical cartridge copy of Fire Emblem Fates Birthright or Conquest pre-owned in some manner, through Amazon for example and still get the discount for the two other paths? On Nintendo's fire emblem fates website it says "Buy the first game for US$39.99MSRP/CA$49.99MSRP, then purchase and download the other paths for just US$19.99MSRP/CA$24.99MSRP. MSRP = Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, Actual Price May Vary" How does the discount work, would it come with a discount code when you buy the game brand new, or is it something that works with all Fire Emblem Fates Cartridges where once you purchase one version you then can purchase the other two paths for $19.99 no matter what. Is the discount for the two other paths locked to brand new retail purchased games? How about digital purchases? I'm trying to get all 3 versions, Conquest, Birthright and Revelations as cheap as possible on one cartridge without spending upwards of $100-$300 on the special edition, or purchase it new still pay $80 for an 2 year old title to save money and SD card space. This question didn't seem redundant since I can't find it on reddit/google, and Nintendo Customer Service is closed/busy due to it being Cyber Monday. The website isn't too specific as to how the discount actually works so I came here. Be as specific with your response as possible please.
  15. Since the latest Nintendo Direct shown that there is an upcoming Super Smash Bros. title happened today and the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch system on 2018. But, we haven't seen any footages nor any characters revealed for the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title and they haven't shown the Fire Emblem Switch title in today's Direct. I'm guessing that we could see Alm (he does use a bow since he does use a bow in his Hero class on Gaiden and Echoes: Shadows of Valentia and it would avoid use the Plain Swordsman category since what happened to Chrom when he was going to be planned during at Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U) or probably add Celica since Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia was released last year and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia did managed to sold well outside of Japan and it did managed to outsold Pokemon Sun and Moon's numbers since May as one of the Top 10 Best Selling Nintendo 3DS games. However, since the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title is coming to the same year as the upcoming Super Smash Bros. title, but we have no idea which games is going to be coming out first. I totally think the Fire Emblem Switch protagonist is probably going to be showing up either as an Unlockable Newcomer similar to like Roy in Super Smash Bros. Melee since Roy's game The Binding Blade did released after Super Smash Bros. Melee or he/she will might show up as a DLC Newcomer similar to like Corrin since Fire Emblem Fates did released after Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. I don't think it would make any sense and we don't exactly know if he/she will show up as a default fighter since his/her game is going to be coming this year if the Fire Emblem Switch title as well as the Super Smash Bros. Switch title and we still don't have a single release date confirmed other than confirmed 2018 for both of these titles. I know that Sakurai did add Roy and Corrin to the roster as Unlockable, DLC, vice versa since Sakurai did said he's a big fan of the Fire Emblem series and I totally think we could see the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch protagonist being appearing for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Switch title sometime during at the development. What do you guys think how will the protagonist of the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title will show up for the upcoming Nintendo Switch title of Super Smash Bros.? I'm pretty sure we could see some or a few Nintendo related characters (like any ARMS characters, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, etc.) who debut from the Nintendo Switch games that were released around 2017 through early or mid 2018 will might show up for upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch either as default, unlockable, or even DLC newcomers. Edit: The E3 Presentation and the latest Nintendo Direct confirms the new title for both games revealed to be as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for December 9, 2018 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses is now set to Spring 2019 instead of 2018.
  16. I'm kind of thinking of doing a balitician run just for something different. I took my new MU to 15 in On I Chieftain for counter. I will probably keep counter on and put in last slot for Kana. But i am wondering if I should run him through tactician or another class first before using sighting lens. I'm thinking I will want to get my unit Pavise, Renewal, Astra, Lethality and or Pointe Blank. Not sure who I should make her mother. I think his boon is skill or strength and his bane is luck. Does anyone have any advice on who would be best choice for Kana's mother? I know children can't inherit DLC skills.
  17. So I've literally been shitting myself all month for the awakening DLC coming out (because Tharja and Olivia are life), and I decided hey why not check for an update (because it was a Wednesday and the shadow dragon pack released exactly a month ago on a Wednesday) and the game started updating. I literally freaked for 30 min while it downloaded but when I started the game there was nothing. like wtf Nintendo why u toy with my emotions. And the shadow dragon DLC was already installed... so wtf was this 30 min update for? because I'm seriously pissed that I used my limited internet on a useless download
  18. Hello! This is my first post to this site! Ok, so I’m not the best at explaining things but here goes...the holiday season is upon us in the US, and I wanted to give my best bud my physical copy of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright (since he always watches me play it) so that I could buy Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest for myself (since I kinda regret not picking that first, for irl reasons). I already bought Conquest and Revelation as DLC for the Birthright cartridge. Is there a way I could put them both on an SD card and give that and Birthright to him so that he’ll have all 3 versions on his 2DS? Or will he be forced to rebuy them (if he wanted to play the other routes) and I can just give him an eShop gift card with it instead? I really hope I explained that clearly, really super sorry if I didn’t! ALSO, since I’ll be getting a physical copy of Conquest, is it posible I can still retain my DLC of Revelation on my 3DS if its still on the SD card, or will I be forced to rebuy that too? Again, sorry if I missed any details or said something confusing! Feel free to ask me to clarify any points, and thank you for taking the time to read and help me!
  19. Has anyone had an issue with the dlc not showing? Mainly Lucina's bride costume. I've archived it and am redownloading everything but it's a long download and I don't know if it'll fix it. Something downloaded yesterday while I was playing it so maybe that messed it all up? I'm just worried something happened and it won't work at all anymore. I even googled it and found nothing with a sure-fire solution.
  20. So the official dlc announcement said that each pack would feature 3 history mode maps, focused on the new characters, so we can assume that each dlc character will get a map focused on them. I'm guessing that means that they'll either be maps where we fight or are joined by the dlc characters, or where the dlc characters are the main characters (the sprite you control on the map). my ideas for the maps are: Niles: Birthright chapter 18. They could do conquest chapter 8, but I feel like it's much more likely that they'll do a map where you fight Niles. If they wanted to do a map where you control Niles, it would have to be something largely original. Maybe that could be based off chapter 8? Oboro: Conquest chapter 10/chapter 23. One's more infamous, while the other is more plot important. Like with Niles, they'd have to do something more original if they wanted a map where you control Oboro, maybe they could base it off birthright chapter 9? Azura: They could do the theater in Nestra, but given that the other 2 characters will probably have maps based off the other 2 routs, Azura's map will likely be a revelations map, probably the final/ 2nd to last chapter. Navarre: Shadow dragon chapter 3 is a likely guess. New Mystery chapter 7 could also be neat, though then they would maybe have to make a Phina portrait or something, so that could cause issues, but it'd be a pretty easy map to make Navarre controllable in. Minerva: Shadow dragon chapter 10 would be a safe bet, but what would be really cool is if the map was based off Minerva's Archanea saga map. Linde: Shadow dragon chapter 11 could work I guess, but if they wanted to do a map where you control Linde, then they could do the 2nd to last map from New Mystery, and have Linde face off against Gharnef, since he killed her dad and all. Owain: Most likely just Owain's paralogue, though they could do his map from the future past, though that map would be weird without Inigo. Tharja: chapter 9 I guess. I couldn't really see them changing any other chapter to make Tharja more significant, unless they just want to somehow put Awakening's final chapter in. Olivia: Could be chapter 10 or 11. Again, I can't really see them making Olivia important anywhere else, or really at all. They could maybe do something original about her meeting up with Chrom's party. So those are my predictions, what are yours? Unlike most people who are whining about us having to pay for the npc characters, I'm actually looking forward to the dlc, so I like speculation like this.
  21. Normally I don't like talking about DLC before a game is even out yet, but with the past 4 fire emblem games having DLC and Hyrule warriors having DLC (I'm sure other warriors games have DLC too, but Hyrule Warriors is the only one I've played) DLC for this is all but confirmed. Plus, this is really the only way for some of my favorite characters to get in, so I want to speculate about it. I personally think we'll like;y see four waves of DlC (just like Hyrule warriors) possibly less but probably not more. These packs would include probably include some where from 1-4 characters, with also possibly a history mode map and/or maybe something for whatever the coliseum is. I think these packs would be: Echoes pack: Most likely since the game was just released. Obviously they couldn't be in the base game, since these games were being developed at the same time. Obviously we'd get Alm and Celica, with maybe one other character from each rout. Or Berkut. He's pretty popular. If they wanted to go real crazy, they could split this into an Alm rout and Celica rout pack, with like 3 characters each, but that seems a bit much. Especially since the game didn't do as good as Awakening or fates. AS for a map, they could just go with the final chapter, or maybe like the Rudolf map or the Greith map or something. Elibe pack: Fe6 and/or fe7. Fe7 was the best selling game until awakening, and even now these games are still popular. There's a reason these games got into heroes. if it's a general Elibe pack, then we'd probably just get all the lords as characters, though that would be 3 sword users. Maybe the'd drop one for some fan favorite character? They could do that if it was just fe7, too, though Hector is pretty much a shoe in if it is. If it's just fe6, We could get just Roy. While I hate the kid, he has a fire sword, so he could be fun. They could also add Lillina and someone else, maybe Clarine or Echidna. as for a map, from fe7 they could go with cog of destiny, or victory of death, or maybe just the final chapter. In fe6 there's the Zephiel map, or maybe chapter 7. Tellius pack: Probably the least likely, since these games sold like crap, put Ike did win the popularity poll, so maybe there's a chance. Characters could be Ike, Micaiah (If they pull from fe10), Titania, Soren, the Black Knight, or maybe some Laguz, like Ranulf or Tibarn. Probably not the Laguz though, since they would have to add a whole new weapon type. As for a map, Moment of Fate (if we get the black knight) is a strong possibility, or just the final map from either game. Maybe even the Greil Mercenaries fort? A really cool idea would be chapter 17 from fe9, though that may be a bit to big. A pack with more Awakening/ fates/ maybe even (but probably not) shadow dragon characters: Not much to say here, as we don't even know who all will be in the base game, nor what maps will be there, but I just have the strangest feeling that Tharja might not be in the base game. I mean, it's weird that they had an Awakening trailer with her not in it, right? I'm also concerned that Azura hasn't been announced yet, as I actually do like her, but She'll probably be in the base game. I don't know if this would focus on one game or all three, or just the 2 that aren't shadow dragon, but who knows. I don't really want this one to exist, but I just have the faintest inclination that it will. Anyways, those are my predictions. What are yours? They don't have to be as detailed as mine, but still I'm curious as to what people think.
  22. Anyone? i dig them. They all designed nicely, and have cute personalities. Emma is young but cheerful or plucky. Randal is a salty gambling sort that reminds me a bit of Joshua from FE8. Yuzu means business but has a softer side. I like how shes funny by being unfunny. What a nerd. Shade's design is fucking amazing and shes cute on top of it. A little lazy, kinda goth, but a bit fussy. I like her a lot. As units they seem pretty ok. I want gonna get this dlc, until I realized there were four characters with supports. Worth it.
  23. This is probably a stupid question, but what's the difference between the Fire Emblem: Echoes dlc Cipher Legends I and II compared to the Cipher Companions Pack?
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