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Found 3 results

  1. The side quests seem to require a lot of careful planning and prior knowledge to do in any kind of efficient way. You have to know to get Asselio his x5 Steel Lances before fighting Slayde for the last time, you only have access to so many peddlers, there's always the threat of reinforcement spawning...and sometimes, you even have to farm a few items. So, let's say you were speed running this game; doing some sort of "100%" category, or whatever. What would be the best path? Far as I can tell (and this is assuming you're getting the relevant items from all places you visit)... So, what do you guys think?
  2. I am considering snorting coke, and for those who do I have a few questions: Is it wrong to snort coke? Do you do it? Do you prefer cans or bottles? And if bottles, what size should I go for? 600ml? 2l? Glass or plastic? Should I just pour it in a cup? Is it best when fizzy? Should I refer to it as coca-cola before people assume I am snorting drugs? Or should I just snort Fanta instead? Thanks in advance. Whoops I double posted. Thank you internet.
  3. This is normally a thing on FFN and FP forums for the most part, because it's writing stuff.... But WHO CARES? So, here's how it works. I give three prompts, and the next poster writes a short piece using at least one of those prompts. Then they give three new prompts for the next poster and the cycle continues! Prompts can be anything. Quotes, characters, pictures, fanart, official art, words, songs, song titles, cat breeds, whatever! The only rule is follow the site rules. You may write either fanwork or original. I don't care. Starting prompts: Child beneath the stars Five Elements Beneath the apple tree
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