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Found 1 result

  1. I'm calling it a documentary because I don't know what else to call it :p Here I will be documenting my run through of Lunatic with only Chrom. I have done Chrom-only runs in the past on normal. This will probably be a lot harder to start up. Rules I have set: •You can only use Chrom for everything. Even Risen encounters and the like •On maps where you don't get to choose who to bring into battle or where units join the fight afterward, you can use those units. Chrom should still get most of the experience. •I will post (with a picture) each time I complete a chapter or paralouge The few things I have planned out are these: I will marry Chrom and the Female MU As soon as I get to 20 in a class I'll use a seal Chrom will probably get most kills in the early chapters, as much as I have control over that So if anyone really wants to follow my Lunatic Chrom Only run, tune in over the next few days! (I would link to a stream but I don't have a capture card :p)
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