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Found 2 results

  1. Hey what's going on guys? Got some great insight for you. I believe that the trickster class is practically made for Sylvain. How so? Well, it just so happens that he has a hidden talent for black magic where he learns Black magic avoid +20. So of course I taught him the required faith magic as well as black magic. To help him with swords I picked him as the representative for the dance competition where he earned Sword avoid +20. This is perfect as trickster specializes is swords and magic. He'll practically be untouched by most enemies and can be used as a dodge tank(especially useful on maddening). Hope this helps.
  2. While I haven't gone very far in my current Fates Conquest game card, I have heard rumors both in and out of Fates that their units fell to enemies with low hit rates. This has got me thinking, and I want to ask the audience: Which games are the best in investing in Avoid rate, and sideline (or even outright ignore) Defense? Which games have more reliable Defence or unreliable Avoid? I think a lot of people can agree, and I certainly think, that Binding Blade is one of the most suitable for dodge-tanking enemy attacks. I had so much milage with Thany, Clarine, Sue, Shin, and Fir in which they dodged everything left, right, and centre, with enemy hits under 10% and often even 0%. Even weapon disadvantage only "boosted" hit rates up to 20-25% at most. And because of the frequent doubling and criticals from enemies, I've found Defense-oriented units to be somewhat lacklustre to outright bad. Shadow Dragon was the other way around, where I had the biggest letdown with Navarre - his avoid seemed gimped (due to the calculations) and he doesn't have the defense to make up for that. I was better off using Draug against physical attacks, or Lena/Maria for tanking magic attacks. (Merric for some reason didn't have as high a Res for that - less than 15. I have to check my old file, but Lena was above 20, and Maria was around 20 too.)
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