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Found 2 results

  1. Current release: 0.4 github repository download **Coming Soon** Included functionality: Item and class randomization for FE7, item randomization for FE6 and FE8 doc. The main application body is "run.py", or you can just put your ROM in the same folder as that file, then drag "script.txt" onto "run.py". Instructions for the commands are in the zip, COMMANDS.txt
  2. Okay guys, so this is the new topic that's just for the randomizer created by Ephraim225 along with things I helped design. There will be another topic for Camtech and I's randomizer when we get the first release finished somewhere in the next day or two. His randomizer is working currently but we're ironing out bugs. Now then, this topic is for Ephraim's randomizer. Randomizer DL for V3 Link DOWNLOAD LINK FOR FIX PATCH V0.73 <a data-ipb="nomediaparse" data-cke-saved-href="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28014061/Randomizer%20Shit/Ephraim" href="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28014061/Randomizer%20Shit/Ephraim"s%20fix%20patch%20v0.6.ups"="">Ephraim's Old Fix Patch V0.60, maybe use if the other one doesn't suit your fancy? Items required: -FE7 rom (Find that yourself) -Randomizer from above link -Nintenlord's Event Assembler - (Optional) My "Fix Patch" from above. What does this randomizer do? Simple! It randomizes character classes and their inventories based on an algorithm. There are some bugs, and feel free to report anything weird directly related to this specific randomizer in this topic. This randomizer currently only works for FE7, not FE6 or FE8. [spoiler=Screenshots] To use it, download the randomizer from the link above, extract it, and you'll get a folder with two files, one that says FE7Randomizer.exe, and one that says Completesave.sav. Double click the randomizer to run it. A dialogue will pop up that asks you to type the name of the "Output file". You can name this anything, I like to name mine "Random 1", "Random 2", etc. After typing in a name, press enter and it will ask you if you wish to alter Eliwood and Hector's class. The reason for this choice was because before I made my fix patch, Eliwood and Hector had abysmal stats as any class other than their default Lord classes. However, the fix patch changes that, so you can press Y or N based on whether you want them as lords or not. After you've done that for both characters... you're done! Now open event assembler, choose the outputted text file that the randomizer spit out (It'll be named whatever you named it), open your (U) FE7 rom, and press assemble. Viola, you're done! However, you can also apply my Fix Patch with a patcher, preferably NUPS as it's the superior patching system. I really don't recommend the IPS file, ever. So what does the Fix patch do? [spoiler=All this stuff mostly]Characters: -Fix characters with negative stats -Remove all custom animations from characters -Remove all assigned WLVL's so nothing gets fucked up like str + magic units. -Buff weak characters. Eliwood/Hector come to mind. -Since pre-promotes are autoleveled, lower their bases. -Louise, Pent, Hawkeye, others later based on beta tester reports (That means you guys!) -Fix characters with negative stats. Serra and Erk come to mind with DEF/RES stats. -Removed Triangle attack from Fiora, Farina, and Florina. -Make Nergal drop his tome on defeat. Only Dark Druids can wield it. (They only promote from Male Druid) (Not implemented yet) -The dragon will have tougher stats, though not to Chaos Mode levels. (Not implemented yet) Classes: -Add female classes. Druid, Myrm, Cavalier esp. -Add promotions and promotion bonuses for female classes. Adjust bases as needed. -Add a male priest.(Not implemented yet) -Soldiers promote to cavalier now. Think of them as T0's. You get 59 max levels of growths, and they can be your best units! -Renamed Female Mercenary to Sellsword. -Changed assassins to have steal and thief-key abilities. Gave them +1 movement too. -Wyverns and Wyvern Lords have -1 movement now. -Shamans and Druids have -1 movement now. They have good stats though and obvs only class with access to dark magic. -Buff weak classes. Soldier, monk, cleric, troubadour come to mind. -Nerfed Hector/Eliwood's base class. -Make triangle attack just a skill for pegasi. If you have more than three pegasi, you'll be able to use it then. -Make T2 lords have S ranks in both weapons on promotion. -Dark druids lose Light magic. Archsages lose Dark magic. Ubersages can use all three magics at S rank but can't use Forblaze or Erishkigal. Weapons: -Give prf weapons more uses, max 60? (Cam's randomizer will change this anyway) (Not implemented yet) -Make all S rank weapons effective against the Dragon. This includes the Lord weapons and Erishkigal and Forblaze. (Not implemented yet) -Changed crit on Luna to 0. Lowered hitrate to 80. Lowered uses to 30 (From 35). -Changed Flux to E rank. -Changed Nosferatu to D rank. -Changed Short Bow to 1 range. Items: -Fell contract promotes Sages, Druids, and Bishop to a third tier class. (Aside from the one on Sonia's chapter, you can buy as many as you like on the Limstella chapter in the secret shop) -Earth Seal promotes ALL classes that are T1, except thieves, pirates, corsairs, and brigands. No, seriously, all of them. -Ocean Seal promotes thieves, pirates, corsairs, and brigands. -Knight Crest promotes soldiers now, in addition to the vanilla classes. (Soldiers promote to CavM, they're essentially T1) -Orion's Bolt is unchanged. -Hero Crest is unchanged. -Heaven Seal is unchanged. -Increased Afa's Drops effect to 15% growth boost. Renamed to Stimulant. Animations: -Added Female Shaman -Added female Druid -Added female Cavalier -Added female Myrmidon (Since there isn't a female mercenary, I made this anim apply to that class too :B) Chapters: -Ch. 11H, included two droppable keys and change the thief to drop a chest key if killed. The save file for FE7 is included in the download of the randomizer, you can use it to skip Lyn Mode if desired. So that's it, enjoy your randomized FE7 runs! Please do NOT use this topic to post LP's of your games. This topic is for questions and bug reporting only, as well as words of praise for Ephraim and his endeavours. [spoiler=Known bugs] Marcus and Eliwood are known to have very similar classes. (Like pegasus knight and falcoknight) The randomizer does not stratify randomization first, so you can get 12 of the same class in a single run. We're hoping to fix that in the future. Female shaman and maybe also the female druid have glitched animations. Works fine though so whatever. Credits: Ephraim225, main coder. Myself, ideas and concepts. Nintenlord, his tool makes all this doable. Betatesters for catching bugs along the way. Various people for the feditor animations in the fix patch, though I ripped most of them from FE6/8 myself.
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