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Found 4 results

  1. So, I just started painstakingly recording all of the rewards I get for feeding these animals: Spreadsheet here As you can see, this would take forever to fill out with enough info to be statistically significant. My progress alone will be incredibly slow. If you want to help, feel free to make your own copy of my "Template" sheet for your own records. Then, link it here so that I can copy it from time to time. I'd be grateful. If the way this system works is known, I would very much appreciate an explanation or a link to one. Even if it's just a theory.
  2. So, last week we found a large lump on my dog. A very large lump. Having just lost my grandma to cancer, and having a bad spell of terrible luck, we had a feeling it was cancer. Today, we went to the vet. The good news? ITS NOT CANCER!!! He had an infected cyst of some kind that the vet drained. It cost $100 that we don't really have right now, but it's worth it to have my little buddy safe and healthy. The bad news? This little butterball now weighs 17 and a half pounds, gaining a pound and a half from his last month's visit. He's a toy poodle. A very obese toy poodle. If anyone is generous and wants to help with the bill, my twitter/twitch have links to a site you can donate from, but I'm just adding this here, I don't really expect anyone here to donate. I'm just so happy it's not cancer. I'm so sorry that image posted sideways. I'm on my phone and camera orientations are dumb.
  3. So this thread only deals with cute stuff: Pets Post your photos and / or tell us some funny, interesting or sad stories about your pets. Everything is qualified: cats dogs guinea pigs turtles snakes spiders etc... Even if you don't own a pet, you still can post stuff of wild animals (wild cats, dogs or pets of family members or friends). Actually I only have wildcats: PS: More images can be found on my profile. Going to upload more tomorrow.
  4. Guest

    Let's talk about our pets

    Let's make a thread about our adorable pets. I had a cat for 14 years but she sadly passed away a few years ago :( I recently got a kitten her name is May. she's half Siamese and I love her. She has a cone of her head because she was just spayed haha :p
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