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Found 21 results

  1. So I'm on Dolphin 5.0 with an USA Path of Radiance .iso file (I'm 99% sure of this). I have successfully got varies cheat codes to function correctly, but the one cheat that I haven't been able to correctly execute is item creation. I use the most common method of item creation on Ike with a button combination that triggers the cheat. The code for the button combination trigger for the item creation works, but the individual item codes that the cheat generates always turns out to be some unusable junk item with an Iron Sword icon. I just don't know what went wrong, and I'd like any help if possible.
  2. Hello cheaters/hackers, In this post, I am going to share you codes that I managed (and sometimes edited) to port for the NTSC-U 16:9 v1.01. Codes have been tested on Dolphin Emulator, 16:9 screen, on normal difficulty. I will show you how to customize in another post Here are the codes I managed to port for v1.01 : And here a code that I managed to create : Set the unit's side to controlled by [Whai] While in the player phase, put your cursor on the unit then press : R+ZL and/or R+ZR via the WiiRemote with Classic Controller to change the unit's "controlled by". You can press the buttons multiple times to browse which side the unit will fight for. It works on easy/normal mode, for hard mode change at the : - 3rd to 12th line of the cheat code from 224CB568 to 223DB348 - 4th and 13th line of the cheat code from 804CB568 to 803DB348 Here are the files so no need to copy/paste : RFEE01 v1.00 (Pastebin) | RFEE01 v1.01 (Pastebin) Download the one with the version you have (if you continued to read up here I guess you have the v1.01) and save it as RFEE01.ini in <Your user home directory>/Documents/Dolphin Emulator/GameSettings/
  3. EDIT: See a few posts below for an upload of RDCC - Radiant Dawn Code Creator! Generate masses of AR codes instantly! I had some trouble with getting some working codes on Dolphin. It took a while and even http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=29220 couldn't help me. Many people seem to be posting on this forum looking for answers, so here are some answers. I found that most stuff ended up being offset by different amounts - it was a bit confusing but everything has been shifted around in memory a lot for me. Most of this was figured out with the Dolphin memory monitor thingy, which requires running the command prompt, navigating to where Dolphin is installed and running "Dolphin.exe /d". Pretty damn handy for making AR codes. NTSC-U codes, not sure whether I have the patched RD disc or not... I also posted them here: https://forums.dolphin-emu.org/Thread-wii-fire-emblem-radiant-dawn--26089?pid=319200#pid319200
  4. I want to play RD soon, but want to play it on NG+ for the new characters and because I already beat it on different hardware. Is there a way to do so with a code or something? Speedrunning it doesn't appeal to me.
  5. Hey guys, as the title mentioned I'm playing the 1.00 version on my Dolphin emulator and it's absolutely great! I wanted to do a play through where I have less to grind and more fun doing the levels with all units instead of having to grind certain ones. mainly some of the Laguz (getting their strikes at SS) now some of the codes by ShadowX39 (Gecko) work..not all do and some even bug the game in the process. (Muarim, Vika, Naesala, Skrimir, Janaff and Kurth, Ena, Nazir and Gareth I was wondering if someone could help me with some working codes for said version for these characters so that I don't have the grind maps for them especially since most are with me for a limited amount of stages
  6. Please... anyone... I've been trying for a very long time of not finding any resources... it's been an obviously frustrating journey to anyone This was the best I felt relieved to find: But my Dolphin ended up crashing, possibly because I may not be fully grasping how to do memory editing, I haven't touched this stuff until literally a week ago. Please can anyone help a noobie out... Maybe just explain what I need to do in dummy terms and I can probably go back to this other thread and piece everything together
  7. Does anyone know of a Radiant Dawn patch to fix the transfer glitch? People say that it works as long as you play on hard mode but when I transfer my hard mode it still crashes the second an animation starts. I can get up to Michaiah's promotion with animations off, but then I'm softlocked because her promotion is a forced animation. I know its supposed to be patched on newer roms but they be hard to find, so looking for a patch hopefully. Just want to replay my favorite FE with a few hommie bonuses on my MVPS! (proof that its a hard mode save and there is no easy mode saves)
  8. Hello question and I have downloaded Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn iso on Dolphin but when I start RFEE01 with geckos codes and Ar codes activated the codes do not work even though I have activated it in the settings.
  9. I have both Dolphin 4.0.2 and Dolphin 5.0 and the NA version of Path of Radiance. I am looking for a code to make Alondite and Gurgurant usable by playable units. Is it possible though? I have also noticed the code for the Debug menu doesn't work in Dolphin 4.0.2. I have tried so many codes to activate the Debug menu and tried to open the Debug menu in a chapter to no avail. Currently, I haven't tried it in the newer version of Dolphin.
  10. Hi everyone. I'm having some problem: I'm trying to play radiant dawn on emulator (Dolphin), but it doesn't work. It never boots up and i just get a black screen, with no indication or warning whatsoever. Path of radiance worked perfectly fine, but the sequel doesn't. Any hep? Thanks
  11. Hello! I am rather new to FE series as a whole, with my first game being Path of Radiance. I’m rounding out the game now, I’m at chapter 25 as I type this up. When I complete PoR (which should be tonight if I have time), I am without a doubt going to be continuing the story and jumping right into Radiant Dawn.. as I am absolutely in-love with the world, story, lore, characters and everything else related to PoR (seriously this is one of the few video game stories that actually has me very intrigued and I love all the twists and turns!). Now with that said, and with me being incredibly new to the series, I have a handful of questions in regards to Radiant Dawn. I apologize in advance if these are all well known, or I could’ve found this information (I did try googling and searching through here for answers) elsewhere. Well, onto my questions: 1) First is difficulty. I found Path of Radiance incredibly easy (played on hard mode), and I really hope Radiant Dawn presents more of a challenge. I am the type of person who does a lot of thinking/strategizing each turn and takes my time to make sure my units will be protected/not die (I inspect enemy units and compared AS to see if I’m going to get doubled among other stats, check enemy attack ranges to see how many enemies will be able to hit me and so on), as if I lose even one unit, no matter who it is, I reset. So how does Radiant Dawn difficulty compare to PoR, in regards to someone who found PoR hard mode incredibly easy (like really easy as I’m sure most people did). Plus I really enjoy difficult games, as long as the difficulty is “fair” and not nonsensical and headache inducing. What is a good starting difficulty for RD? 2) Next is how stats work. Like I said, I’m rather new to the FE series, and it took me sometime to figure out what each stat does and how they affect my units and the battle. More or less what I want to know is, do stats function the same from one FE game to the next, and more importantly from PoR to RD? For example; Is it always 4 or more attack speed to double? Does Luck/Skill have the same function as providing avoid/hit and bonus critical stats? And so on and so forth. 3) Now I’ve been doing some looking into Radiant Dawn, and I’m a little confused as to how the game plays out. From my understanding, there is 4 separate “parts” or sections, and each section only has specific units that are playable? If that’s so; - How does BEXP, money, weapons, stat boosters, and other items work when going from part to part? Is it ideal to just use everything up before going to the next part or do the items/BEXP carry over? - Is it even worth getting attached/investing into certain units? Meaning do you get full access to all the units by the end of the game, and if not does the game let you know beforehand that you won’t have access to the certain units later on.. so you don’t waste resources on them? 4) Lastly, and I’m sorry if this isn’t the place to ask for this, but does anyone have a working iso/wtsb (or whatever else works for dolphin) of FE: Radiant Dawn? I’ve been looking literally everywhere (vimmrs lab, reddit, other forum posts, and so on) for a functional copy of the game. Every copy I find does not work with Dolphin, as I got error messages that pop that say I’m missing files, and when I open the game it just stays on a pure black screen. Also in the emulator itself, no artwork image appears and I have just a giant X for the artwork image instead. If anybody knows any work around in the settings to get the game to work that I can try, I would truly appreciate it, same goes for a functional iso download as well. So yeah.. I’m pretty sure that’s it. My main concern is honestly getting Radiant Dawn to work in the first-place, but if anyone can answers my other questions I’d really appreciate it. Also any general advice for Radiant Dawn would be awesome as well, such as good units, skills to use, good supports, and/or any tips and tricks would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help with the above! Really regret skipping past FE over the years, and I’m really looking forward to catching up and playing all of them eventually!
  12. Hello Serenes Forest community ! I wanted to share what I found, and I need your help to complete. The code I found myself is to change the model of the unit (but only on the map) which is not documented on geckocode.org. I only tested on Edward on Part 1 - Prologue in normal mode. (Dolphin Emulator - FE:RD NTSC-U) Edward ModelMap: 028871DA 00000xxx xxx = the model "index" (value after 185 will crash dolphin) I need your help for finding ALL the model indices. (for seeing the model you've changed, you have to go to the "Guide" option and click whichever guide - once there, quit it and return to the map) Here are what I have found : (Note : for now, models appear unarmed)
  13. Hi, I want to recruit Zelgius in Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn with the "Make all enemies player controlled" but I don't know how. I saw a video of someone that used that code and the end chapter code in Endgame Rebirth 2 on the Black Knight but I don't know how that person "Transformed" the Black Knight into Zelgius. I have all the codes working and I recruited Sephiran, Dheginsea and Ashera, but I don't know how exactly I have to do to recruit Zelgius. Anyone can tell me how to recruit Zelgius?
  14. I was wondering if anyone here knew how to mod or use ar codes to change very specific things in path of radiance using dolphin. I was hoping to change values of weapons, which type of classes have certain skills, enemy ai, placing more enemies on the map with certain weapons. I was just wondering if those type of things were possible, and if so how difficult would they be.
  15. Would anyone happen to know any action replay codes for Weapon Triangle on Hard Mode Ability to Check Enemy Range on Hard Mode Map Affinity on Hard Mode Battles Saves On Hard Mode And a Way to change experience gain on hard mode to normal - just the normal experience not the the bonus experience the codes that I have tried didn't work I am using dolphin version 5.0-321
  16. Hello, I need some help with a couple of codes on Dolphin 5.0 and Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn [NTSC-U].iso: RFEE01 The only codes I'm trying to use are [Gecko] $No Cap Limits [ShadowX39] 08B54094 78646464 20A1011C 00000000 08B54098 64646464 20A1011C 00000000 08B54060 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B54064 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B54068 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B5406C 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B54070 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 08B54074 014B014B 20A1011C 00000000 $All Weapons have a Brave Effect [ShadowX39] 08B5FDCE 00000001 00CA0050 00000000 *Like Brave Axe and Amiti $Every Single Unit always has 99 Exp [ShadowX39] 08884E0F 00000063 00A103F0 00000000 $Weapon Become Blessed after use (Player's Turn) [g6flavor] 283c9396 0000B83C 003c9221 00000090 E0000000 80008000 The problem is, when ever I try to play, not only are they not activating, but when ever it changes to the enemy phase (only after combat), Dolphin gives me these warnings. "Invalid read from 0xbf80000c, PC = 0x800784bc" "Invalid read from 0xbf800008, PC = 0x800784d0" "Invalid read from 0xbf800008, PC = 0x80078fe8" I've read on other forums that there's a strange offset to the codes to make them work, only thing is.....I'm a complete idiot when it comes to hex codes so I'd never even begin to understand how to calculate the offset. Any help would be appreciated please. Also for a side note. In the .ini I have put a + in front of the code name to make sure it's activated. But it always seems to erase the + after I save and close the .ini.
  17. I used to be able to play games perfectly on Dolphin, but now, after a few minutes of playing, my Dolphin emulator says no-no and just crashes. Dolphin.Exe has stopped working. I am not a computer tech person. I did some digging on dolphin forums, but they all used pretty big words, that I just don't understand. I'm sad too, because I really love playing games on this emulator. I have already tried re-installing the emulator which doesn't work. Does anyone else have any idea?
  18. Hi, I want to know how to make these codes to work on Dolphin Emulator: $Make all enemies player-controlled 00666C84 00000000 $Chapter Warping [shadowX39] 043CAAC8 00000001 $Quick End Chapter {Win} 003CAFFC 00000004 I know that everyone have the same problem with every code in this game because the codes only works on the 1.00 version of the game but I want to make them work on the 1.01 version. I'm trying to make this since several moths and I'm still working on this but unfortunately, I could not make them work. If anyone have the Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn 1.00 version, much better, send it to me because if I have the 1.00 version, I can finally use all the codes without problems. I check this topic every day so don't worry if you think that is too late to help me. I only want to recruit Zelgius, Ashera (with maxed stats) and Sephiran. Edit: I got the PAL version of the game and have the codes working.
  19. It seems to be the only game I can't use AR codes with in Dolphin (version 4.0.2 with a USA copy). Both encrypted and decrypted codes do absolutely nothing. Google gave me no solutions and the search bar here only gave a fix for radiant dawn Anyone here manage to get codes working?
  20. Hi all, I wanted to ask if anyone can explain to me how to find the addresses corresponding to the weapons in dolphin debug mode? Like if you want to change the might or hit rate of the slim sword in general. I already know how to calculate the offset values to change character stats, how to add items to the character, add skills. But as for editing weapons, I have no idea how to find the addresses in debug mode to calculate the offset for items. I hope someone can help me with this and explain it to me. Thanks in advance
  21. So I've been playing around with AR codes from this topic (the actual codes, not the code creator thingy) during my recent playthrough of the game, and everything was working fine and dandy for a while. I used the EXP codes, the Gold and BEXP codes, and the item codes and they worked without a hitch. Right now, everything... Still works perfectly. Except for the item codes. See, I can find item slots, edit remaining uses and properties, and even spawn items in the slots just fine, but the problem is that they come out wrong when I spawn them. No matter what I try to spawn, it comes out as a nameless, unequipable weapon with weird stats (like, 1 Hit or 0-96 range), the symbol of some other weapon or item, an X where the name of the weapon type should be (the rank is always -), and a high max use. Example codes: 0484DB4C 80B66180 Here I try to spawn a Seraph Robe with 0 uses (which become 256 when I use it, this apparently breaks weapons but not items) on Nolan's first slot. It worked perfectly when I tried it in part 1 (along with some other stat-booster codes), but now it doesn't work. 0484DB4C 80B63250 0484DB50 0F000000 Here I try to spawn a Tomahawk with 15 uses in the same slot. Tried it in part 3 and it didn't work. What could have gone wrong? Is there some way of fixing this? I'm on Dolphin 4.0 BTW.
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