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Found 2 results

  1. So, before the game released for Playstation, I saw this game in an article of Game Informer, and I was truly excited, and wanted to play it. Unfortunately, my Dad loathed Sony and I never had a PS2, thus I couldn't play it. I later saw an LP of the game, but I still had yet to play it, and had little hope that I would when the 3DS game was announced, as the track record for Dragon Quest games coming to the west had been...pretty poor. (And my iPhone was...finicky.) Fortunately, the game was released, and I picked it up! Only to get sorely distracted by the Switch and Breath of the Wild. Now, since Smash Ultimate is coming out in less than half a year, I have hopes to beat this game. On average, it seems a playthrough of Dragon Quest VIII is around fifty-seventy hours, so I believe I can do it. I only have two days a week, however, that being Monday and Tuesday, as otherwise, I work five days straight. Now, I must admit...I am disappointed by one aspect of this game. The DLC that was released after the game was going. I am glad that it was free, but the issues that plagued it were ridiculous, particularly with daylight savings time crashing the whole thing. And the fact that they had dropped the servers for it less than a YEAR after the game was released is just downright shameful. The items there, while not necessary, are useful, and the game feels incomplete without them. It really is just dumb. They should have simply made it possible to get the games from at least the blue chests, otherwise. It's just...dumb. Otherwise, the game is quite pleasant. I don't recall much seeing as the LP I watched was eight years ago, so a lot of this is now fresh to me. I must admit, the visuals don't bother me, but I do feel that maybe they could be better? I feel like, Dream Drop Distance, despite being five-years-older, looked smoother. But, I digress. Currently, I have arrived at Alexandria. The Hero is at level ten, and is at work mastering swords, whereas Yangus, at the same level, is 16 points into Humanity for a bit of healing, 8 points into Axes for Helm Splitter, and is currently 8 points into Fisticuffs. Gotta admit, the monsters that drop coins for bonus cash are kind of fun. Buffalo Bill was a nice challenge. Gotta admit, I'm looking forward to getting the alchemy pot. I wish it came sooner, though. Edit: Does anybody know if wielding a shield counts against Fisticuffs?
  2. Aperrintly, dragon quest 7 and 8 are going to have english 3ds versions. Has anyone played them before? would you recommend them? I have tried to play all dragon quest games except those two(always in the gbc or ds versions), but the only ones i have finished are 1, 2, and, 5. For all others, i lost interest during the pre-final boss grinding. I read an LP of 7, but lost interest(and honestly, the way they force you through dungeons twice feels like artificial game-play extension). I have no previous experience with 8. Does anyone else have anythinge to say? Also, are tere any good DQ8 LPs out there? For reference, the DQ7 LP i read is here: http://lparchive.org/Dragon-Warrior-VII/
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