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Found 8 results

  1. I’ve been starting up a YouTube channel where I post footage of my art process. My goal is to draw every single Fire Emblem character. Check out my art and videos! For commissions please contact me via email: [email protected]
  2. Hey guys, I managed to join BoomBoomPrints since last June and I managed to make a good amount of artwork that I did. I did managed to get one person buy the Two Pots artwork. But, sorry about with these prices in the site, I kept them as Default and I don't want to lower it since the Raising in case if someone buys it and get the money transfer to PayPal will get lower also. But here's the link of the page that has my artwork. And I have about a total of 33 artwork post it right now. And, I am going to be working on a illustration of a Female Robin holding Baby Lucina. Also, I'm planning using it to go to DigiPen Institute of Technology on my future goal and I am going to get a Lucina amiibo from eBay and getting some of the games also. And by the way, I did asked for approval and Avyen Knight (aka VincentASM) saids it's ok that I can post this to the creativity section. Edit: Forgot to update this thread that I already bought the Lucina amiibo and also, I can take on artwork requests on this thread to work on that has to be appropriate enough and can be upload it to BoomBoomPrints.
  3. Online name: SuperWow121 Real name: César DoB: February First Favourite FE Game: The only one i have played, Fates Favourite Game (other than FE): Super Mario Galaxy 1 Favourite FE Character: Female Corrin, Azura, Ophelia, Asugi, Leo and Caeldori Least Favourite game: Dont Remember Sports: --- Online friends: --- Favourite music: Video game music Favourite artist/band: --- Favourite song: --- Country: ¡México! MSN/Yahoo/AIM: I have Skype | SuperWow121 | ElNiggita | GoldenThePro | ( just copy the name and search it) Hobbies: Drawing Good Point: --- Bad Point: --- I am new in the Fire Emblem Franchise, but I am trying to get the Visit and Battle Seal, help me by entering to my castle and battle/visit it 05591-21768-87375-01156 ----
  4. Welcome one and all ( at least I hope it's more than one) to the my art thread. I'm pretty much new to this so if I screw up at all sorry. Anyway, I figured I should take some of my art from my DA of the same name *cough*checkitout*cough* and post it here, particullarly my FE art of course. I mainly do Sonic stuff but I'm gonna try and limit that the amount I post here to few if any and leave it that for if people actually wanna check out my DA, don't wanna bore people with the same thing. Otherwise I do FE art (though not much) and some spriting, mainly for Sonic, though I do have one or two for other games. Anyway, onto the art. FE stuff: Misc: and just a bit of Sonic stuff If your noticing a difference in style in the human stuff that's because some of this stuff was before I actually figured my own out. Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you like what you see.
  5. Hello and welcome to Snake's Art Dump ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ Drawing is fun. I'm trying to get into the habit of drawing and posting my artwork more. Most of my stuff's either on my Tumblr (... which is admittedly pretty scarce) or dA (also scarce, lol) so the stuff I'm posting here is like my sketch dump, kinda? Also, I like to work with (semi-)/realism the most, but cel shading is fun too. :u [spoiler=Obligatory FE drawing]My current Tactician for Lunatic+ run: [spoiler=I dunno where I was going with this] [spoiler=Some One Piece artwork I did for a Secret Santa] [spoiler=Gintama stuff from last year] [spoiler=Old iPhone drawing] I downloaded some cool painting app and decided to burn a few hours (ref used)
  6. So, this will mostly be a mirror of sorts of what I post in the forums on this website, but I would like to see perspectives on my current practices. Maybe some feedback and suggestions I can fit into my current training regimen. So, yeah. Don't expect anything glamorous, like the typical art topic would have ^^; So, I did a pose practice from posemaniacs (not shown here, because artistic nudity), as well as practices with line. Recently started including motor control exercises in my sessions. Did a still life to fill some extra time, and practice my perceptual abilities some more. Been keeping this up for quite a while... this marks my 15th finished session. So, the results:
  7. BANA

    Rysk art

    Hey guys, Pretty much gonna dump all my fire emblem related art here! Feedback is always welcome. Please don't repost my art elsewhere without my permission. Don't ask me for requests. Find my other art through my facebook page or my art twitter. Dump of all the Fire emblem awakening art [spoiler=Birthday fanart- dropped] [spoiler=Rakugaki (doodles)] [spoiler=Digital] [spoiler=Meme]http://i.imgur.com/RnhWCcp.png [spoiler=cosplays]anna (fea version)@sydnova15
  8. This is a pic of my drawing of Lucina in a cutscene when her mask was cut off. (First time posting a pic... I wonder if it's going to show up.) LOL I love Haar.
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