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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I am planning on making Libra!Owain a Dread Fighter in my current Lunatic playthrough, and I don't know which skills would be optimal for him. I already made the pairing, and I plan on passing Galeforce with Lissa (hello grinding) and Renewal with Libra (I'm really open for suggestions for this one though). The final skill set I plan on having is: Galeforce Renewal Vantage Vengeance Astra Other skills I'm considering are Swordfaire, Agressor, Limit Breaker and Lifetaker. What skills would be optimal for him? I'm open for suggestions outside of those choices since I never used a Dread Fighter before :P Thanks!
  2. For Henry!Owain, I'm not sure what class to go for. Trickster- Skill and high magic, with not too bad strength. Also has ability to use staves Dread Fighter- High stats all around, swords and magic, useful as a support unit Sorcerer- Don't really think I need to say anything here. Sage- High magic, but loses swords and renders Henry's strength mod pointless. Use of staves EDIT: I added in dark knight. It has high magic and can be a really good mixed tank. While I'm at it, I'm going to add in a poll for Inigo's most optimal father. I'm leaning towards Virion at the moment.
  3. If you get the dreadfighter/bride dlc, then take out the SD card with a dread fighter or bride in your party, that unit will be in a class called Outrealm Class, then their model will change to the tactician model, right? I would want to see that, but, I can't do this because I have the digital version, so does anyone happen have a pic of the tactician model with lances, bows, axes and staves? I would really appreciate if someone could do that. Sorry for the trouble.
  4. Hello, Serenes Forest! I was wondering how to make a DLC class into an Outrealm class. ShadowofChaos did this by removing his SD card, making his DLC disappear, but yet turning his DLC classes into "tacticians." Is there any way to do this with a Digital Download? People have suggested deleting the DLC, but that does not work. Can someone help me? Thanks!
  5. Dread Fighters instead learned Galeforce and Dual Support+ and Brides got Counter and Wrath (not sure about the highlights of male exclusive skills) I'd love that because I'm a huge Galeforce fan (I know it's overrated, but still). I don't use any male exclusive skills, but I don't use Bride skills either, so I would be indifferent.
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