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Found 7 results

  1. i turn on the trailer. (i sundunly understand the premise but will explain it) Famous heroes from multiple worlds can be reincarnated, Regaining there memories slowly from the age of 6, if they sing or dance from their heart and they are not reincarnated nothing happens however if they are reincarnated black lines appear like an old camera. Theres a teenage girl with brown and blue hair and a red ribbon tying it together, she is talking to two friends(one is black, with grey hair and the other is blonde) when a boy her age, blonde with(oddly) a beard He is walking towards them, and hands her a towel, the girls beside her freak out because that was her husband in her former life: king dimitri(the guy from fire emblem three houses) she is shocked and says no to telling him this, saying that she doesnt want to remember those times. A green haired boy comes pass and is talking to short nine year old girl also with green hair, he is wearing a casual top holding a coat behind him. It flashes to a black haired boy being chased by a brown haired boy with the brown heard one wearing a white suit. We cut to the brown and blue haired girl in her parents house, she hasnt told her parents she is a reincarnation(most kids do this apparently) we are not told why, they say she got into the school she wanted to go to, the other teens we saw apparently all also got in to that same school however it is not shown, we cut to the start of the school year and their is a performance competition announced which all but the green haired and brown haired boys, not taking part in. the tagline romance and truths will be revealed appears and the trailer ends change it as you wish, change the charachters(every charachter mentioned IS a charachter from something Most of them arent fire emblem though) or what creates the black lines but if you make this mention me, i do take credit for my dreams after all.
  2. Hi everyone, here is a bit of an interesting idea of an LP I think. Some of you might have heard of the PlayStation 4 video game Dreams, a game/tool engine developed by LittleBigPlanet developers Media Molecule. Long and short of it, this is a game where if you... dream it *hiss* you can make it, you can see it, you can use it, you can watch it, you can play it! This game is a monster to dive into and quite a bit to master, but in the end something that I think is really worth sinking into if you want to push the limits of your creativity. I've been playing for the last few days and I have only begun to get the hang of it myself. And the content in there has been really fun to dive into as well. A lot of it has been so fun that I've decided, "Hey, maybe I could use this to promote my video stuff?" And that is the way I plan on doing a "Let's Play" of Dreams for the PlayStation 4. I will be wandering and searching across the game for new content and new sights that seldom get promoted and hopefully be able to showcase what Dreams is really capable of. So what can you expect from this corner of the LP corner? Primary idea is to do the LP of games that are on this game here like I said earlier. Anything could be suggested though, if you want me to watch an animation/short and commentate it MST3K style or just stare at a full beech breakfast showcase for a certain duration, within Dreams the potential is only limited by what you perceive as being possible. On top of that I plan on doing a segment I'll call "Development Journal". Yeah, I plan on creating stuff in Dreams as well, it's probably going to be a while though because I'll have quite a bit here to get used to and master before it fits my standards of presentable. Stay on the lookout for them though, I hope they are all sights you look forward to seeing realized one day. Now you're probably wondering, "I don't have access to Dreams, so how can I suggest stuff?" It's pretty easy actually, Dreams has a website that you can access as well as a search function below: https://indreams.me/ Just think of anything you would like to suggest for me and I'll get around to it. In the meantime, I would like to present to you proof that I do intend to do an LP of some kind... An LP of the first ever Fire Emblem appearance on Dreams: Nino's Dash. Quite the character to first represent the series on this game isn't it? The game is pretty simplistic and short, but it's not a bad first impression for the series to appear on here I think. And so with that, I hope you all look forward to future dream diving and future explorations of this game. Come with me guys, and let's dream on!
  3. Rules: Alias List: Playerlist: Deaths: Role PMs are still going out, but go ahead and consider it Night 1. As promised, Night 1 will last 48 hours, concluding on 7/18 at 12:15 AM CDT.
  4. ---THIS IS AN EIMM. THIS IS NOT NOC. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK--- I'm getting antsy to run a mafia game and interest for this seems pretty high so FUCK IT WE'RE DOING IT LIVE. feat. Javelinlover and Jiac as my lovely co-hosts If you don't know, EIMM (or Everyone Is Mafia Mafia) is a free-for-all social strategy game loosely based off the mechanics of Mafia. Players each have 2 BPVs, a shot each night, and a role they can use. Day phases are for chumps so we ain't using them. Rules: This game will start on July 15 at 11 PM CDT. The signup deadline, however, is earlier: July 14 at 11 PM CDT. By this date, all players who wish to play will need to do 3 things: Sign up below Send me (and Jav/Jiac) an alias to hide behind Send me (and Jav/Jiac) a character, real or fictional, to base your role off of. There's a Discord for this: https://discord.gg/VYTFQj9 CURRENT SIGN-UPS (bold indicates a player who has sent the relevant information): Blitz Lord Gaius Da Letter El chen fak_ename GAYreenHamster General Ciraxis Einto Kunclord Snype Paperblade Makaze Clarinets Monde Lil Bean Kirsche sylveonzoroark Toren coy Ullar Shubaka Zeonth Secondhand Revenant acidphoenix rssp1 Juliette Kaoz Prims A Random Player SeaLoss Izuhark Elieson SB TheChamp Magnificence Incarnate
  5. Tell us, did you have some weird or funny dreams? I had a dream once were I lost a bike race against Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck :D
  6. I was going to make this thread for like, months, but I always forgot. Someone's post in fftf made me finally go make it. So. But yeah. All of my dreams are always so weird and strange. And I figured since I think that dreams are so interesting, it'd be nice to have a place where everyone can share them, and keep a record of so they don't forget. But yeah, feel free to share any dreams you've had here. I'm interested to hear about them and I'm sure everyone else is too!
  7. This one's pretty straightforward. What's the best or happiest dream you've ever had? I tend to forget most of mine, but a lot of mine involve water for some reason. Like with rain and junk. As I said, I forget most of mine, but when I was younger, I would tend to spin around. Uncontrollably. I could barely even walk forward most of the time. This doesn't have to be nothing but emo junk, like some funny stuff or where you become a badass or something. Also, weirdest dreams? Share those too. EDIT: Also, how do you change the topic name? I want to add "weirdest" in there.
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