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Found 2 results

  1. Two Fire Emblem characters enter, and one leaves the duel a victor. For this thread, I will be suggesting two Fire Emblem characters/teams to duel, and invite any readers to discuss and response. Readers, feel free to continue this thread by posting dream duels, just bear in mind the following: 1. The duelers should be a roughly on an equal combat skill level (i.e. no "Mist (from Path of Radiance) vs Ganon (from Fates)" 2. At least one of the participants must be from a Fire Emblem Series. 3. Disagreements allowed, but please be civil. 4. You may write a short narrative of the duel, but it must have a winner. Thus without further ado let us discuss the following match-ups: A) Mia (POR/RD) vs Hana (Fates) B) Conrad (Echoes) vs Ferdinand (Three Houses) And the main event: C) Chrom (Awakening) vs Sigurd (Genealogy)
  2. Does the game ever tell the player who won the duel to be the commander of the Royal Knights?
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