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Found 3 results

  1. I don't know if anyone has rocked their brain enough to make a dumb topic like this, but here it is anyway. I've been fascinated with Ilia as a country for a while now, and have really liked the conditions the mercenaries had to go through. As a concept, it sounds moving: Writing letters to comrades who would keep some treasured belongings or living in bitter conditions that only make you fight harder. Or does it? I've almost completed a full semester of Microeconomics, and I'm still not able to wrap my head around Ilia as a country completely. Economically, it may not be able to function in the real world. So that got me thinking: "Would it?" Without boring the hell out of those of you who have not taken an economics course or just don't want to deal with complicated jargon, basically I've deduced that in exchange for mercenary work, a trade of common or privately owned resources (and some pay) could be imported from other countries to help prolong the society there. In addition to trade and taxing, Pegasi and the folk that live there could have adapted to the cold; even to endure the harsh blizzards with enough shelter or magical protection. I mean let's face it - after the ending winter, 1000 years allowed them plenty of time to adapt and with a little fire magic, I'm sure that they could survive... right? If there is anyone who would like to discuss this fake country and how real economics wouldn't work, feel free to add any feedback or knowledge! (Or if you think I'm over-thinking this, tell me that too if you want) We must, as a community, know: Can people economically survive, in a fake, frozen Russia with Flying unicorns?
  2. So, by now, many of you know about the leaked information of the Upcoming title, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Or should I say, the entire game was leaked. For Data miners and those who run this site, that's basically gold and worthwhile information. But for the franchise, the sales of this upcoming title, and the possibility of more "Echoes" style remakes, I believe this is a disaster. The entire game was Leaked, and people can play the entire JP version of the game before even one copy is sold. This act of leaking the entire game will definitely impact the market of this game in some way. A BAD way. Let me put the financial situation like this: The law of demand states that when the price of something decreases, demand will increase. When the price increases, demand will decrease. But this law is thrown out the window when the black/grey market comes into play. I mean, ROMs, leaks, that sort of stuff. When that is put out for the world to see before there is even a chance for the demand to rise or fall in accordance with the price, (not counting pre-orders) demand suffers. People will no longer pay money to get what they want. People who cannot afford the game or who simply don't want to wait or pay, can screw over any regard for the people who want to pay for it, and get it free. This effects more than the sales. This effects the equality of the experience. This answers questions that would usually be left to the player to answer with his/her playthrough of a game - but with no real incentive to buy it or find out through a purchased copy, this means that there is no mystery or wonder to the game's presentation. There is little joy in playing a game where you know everything about it. Why do people avoid spoilers? This also effects future remakes, like FE 4 or 6 remake that I know you and I are wanting. Based on what, you ask? The sales. Believe it or not, lots of things depend on people buying the game, and it's a damn shame that some Japanese idiot leaked the entire game before it could be sold. Before any transactions could be completed. You think that those pre-orders have costs put in just when you order them? Nope. The company doesn't even get the money until the game is shipped/brought to you. Then it's a sale. This leak, and those who download/endorse this behavior for future releases of other games (not just FE) is a giant Middle finger to the developers who worked on this game, as well as the people who saved up money and put in effort to buy this game. To finally get it on release day. It's unfair, unjust, illegal, and worst of all, hypocritical for those who download it. Do you support this franchise or not!? I'm saying all this because I feel like I'm the only person concerned. Mangs made a good portion of one of his videos addressing this: All in all, that was the nicest way I could put all my thoughts together without spouting anger and slurs into the faces of anyone who reads this. I'm REALLY ANGRY, and definitely still buying this game. I get that some people can't afford it. That's where the grey market is. But for those who download it for the game because you JUST CAN'T WAIT, can you be anymore disrespectful? The way that hypocrisy works is like this: you say you hate the way something is or how something is done, and you turn around and do or aid in what you said you hate. But does hypocracy work that way in something you love?
  3. I have not done much research on this but I figured I might as well post it here for you all to see and speculate on. Most likely fake aside from the shareholder statistics which are interesting if you're into that kind of stuff. Here is a video of Etika covering it and how I originally found out about it. Original/fake reveal video However, these things are not fake: Shareholder ratings. http://nintendoeverything.com/approval-ratings-of-nintendo-directors-rise-at-recent-shareholders-meeting/ Details on the 75th annual shareholder meeting http://nintendoeverything.com/details-from-nintendos-75th-annual-general-meeting-of-shareholders/ What could this mean? The rise in the shareholders ratings and sudden optimistic outlook despite the Wii U's slow sales? What about DeNa? How much life does the 3DS still have in it? What exactly will the NX even be in the first place? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z. Some interesting things said about NX in the share holder meeting.
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