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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings, Serenes Forest! I hope everyone's having a great Easter. As it happens, today is the day I have finally completed my magnum opus, THE BEGGINING. I sincerely believe you will find this game to be an epic and scintillating quest for revenge that will keep you on your toes. The game patches to FE8. DOWNLOAD SCREENSHOTS: SPECIAL THANKS:
  2. How do you feel about Easter Eggs in video games? For me personally, they are sort of a wild card. An Easter Egg that is successfully pulled off can make me enjoy a game significantly more, but a badly implemented one can ruin the entire experience for me. A good Easter Egg for me is: Relevant/appropriate to the game/series/developer. Subtle. Possible to be missed. Not a meme. The "relevant/appropriate" qualifier is the one that varies the most from game to game. A game about Batman, for example, should contain tons of references to Batman characters, gadgets, locations, and lore in the game. A game like Skyrim should not have any references to Batman at all. I also enjoy when games reference previous games in the series or other series developed by the same developers. Some examples of Easter Eggs I like: Easter Eggs I do not like:
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