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Found 7 results

  1. I'm replaying Conquest with Male Corrin because he's my favorite lord, but also would like to have Male Kana on the run, with the only way to do so being getting him from someone else's castle. But the thing is, all the M!Kanas I find are too strong and skilled (and thus, expensive, not to mention that to keep things balanced I would have to bench him most of the game), so I wanted to see if anybody here had in their MyCastle a weak enough M!Kana I could get. Also quick question, there's any difference between a normal unit and one got this way outside of the supports? Like, could I get them skills from other Kanas from other castles? And would he have access to his father's classes?
  2. hello! made an account just for this lmao i'm playing on an emulator and i'm trying to add multiple avatar units to one save file but i'm having trouble figuring it out. i've speedrun the game three times (not very good times pls don't ask what they are) just to add three barely-touched corrins to the logbook and i'm wondering if there's a faster way i wanna play through the game with my brothers with each of us using our own avatar units, i thought it would be fun but having to abuse ryoma and speedrun to the endgame is time consuming : (
  3. Hi, So, my new obsession is trying to go through the game while swapping the units accessible (understand that I want to play Nohrians in Birthright and Hoshidans in Conquest). For people who still don't know how to do it without an emulator and an edited rom, I'll just expose you my way of doing it (although it takes a few hours to prepare): 1. Pick a really strong logbook unit who can solo the game (or look for one in My Castle, preferrably with galeforce although you can always teach it to that unit if it's not already lv 99 but what a waste of time it would be) and put the boots on it if it doesn't already have all stats capped (with statues for higher cap, like my logbook Keaton with 50 def 45 spd 47/8/9 str 38+ res with great knight as a friendship seal option, the great master lv 5 regen skill and gold/weapon drop farming skills (from blacksmith and merchant), this unit is very useful to solo the game but also to farm gold/ressources/hoshidan weapons in conquest, if you can find one I recommend you to use this kind of logbook unit) 2. Solo the game and recruit all characters you want 3. Build the einherjar (preferably to max rank it's faster) then go to the ball on the right of your throne (where you take the bonus items from paths, the pvp etc.), streetpass, change your defence, then put everyone on your defence team (there's a max, just repeat with the units you didn't select the 1st time so you get everyone in 2 rounds). When you have selected all your units to put into the logbook, go to the Einherjar and buy them (that's why you want a unit who can farm gold efficiently and fast), repeat with the 2nd row until you've got everyone in the logbook from the Einherjar bulding 4. DON'T FORGET TO SAVE, then reset the 3DS, go to another save file and check your logbook. Everyone from the other game should be there. Now save this file with the logbook full of the units you did all that for 5. Once you have saved your logbook in any other save file, you can delete the playthrough. You can now access all the Hoshidan/Nohrian units from any save file you want as long as you don't delete them from the logbook, you can also recruit them earlier than their join time in a same path case (let's say you want Odin in chapter 7 instead of 1X (very late) or whatever chapter he appears in in Rev, you can use him 6. You can also use this to transfer skills, secondary classes (I married Keaton to MU ninja to have the option to reclass Keaton to ninja and cumulate th fang skill with poison strike for -40% hp after a fight like these b*tch ennemy ninjas and faceless, so the Keaton I put into my logbook can access ninja from any save file even though he cannot support anyone) 7. Don't forget you can't make any logbook unit support another one, so you can't get marriages, children and buddies with your logbook units, if you want them, plan them before deleting the logbook filling playthrough 8. Conquest is practical for this since your units don't gain exp in DLC and non-cannon maps, so you can grind supports without modifying your units' level and stats/weapon ranks. Good recruitment swap playthroughs to you, I hope it helped! If you have other tips to add, please go on. I think "new players" or simply players who weren't familiar with the einherjar and logbook functionnalities can appreciate any information they can find. Good thing: you can do it legally (unlike having a copy of a rom if you don't have the game) and no one can forbid you from doing that.
  4. Hi, I've experienced something that seems like a bug. After boosting Haitaka (level 16 early promotion to lance master to reclass into fark flyer, get to level 5 and reclass to lance master for seal speed, given him the midori paralogue's herb for +1 everywhere and elite skill then updates Haitaka level 6 lance master in the logbook), I've loaded another save file and even with gold, I couldn't even try to recruit any einherjar/prisoner unit. I was at chapter 15 revelations (I also boosted Haitaka on rev chapter 10 so it was possible) and I tried to diminish my number of units by killing Sakura's sky knight, but I still couldn't recruit anyone. Is it normal or it a bug?
  5. So they haven't been confirmed nor denied yet but how do you guys feel about spotpass characters/maps and Einherjar characters returing? What characters from Awakening do you think would make it as Einherjar characters? Einherjar are the cards of characters from previous games you get once you beat their DLC chapters. Personally, I enjoyed the spotpass maps as they were far more challenging than the regular story maps and you could unlock more characters my favorite unlockable being Priam in Awakening. As far as the Einherjar from the DLC I thought it was a nice little addition to the game and a good nod to the past titles I was just kinda disappointed that they used generic avatars to build them save for Marth who got a unique class and appearence. I get that there are some limits with remaining in the art style and all but if they were to be implemented in the future then I'd hope that they'd have unique looks to them closer to how they originally appeared. Oh and the fact that spotpass chapters and characters were free was a huge plus as well.
  6. I am trying to figure out why my Einherjar units' prices differ, even though their stats and skill sets appear to be identical. I bought my first two generic Troubadours (Trim) from the shop. I used the Logbook trick to keep them level 1 while maxing their stats, gave them Boots, class changed them to all possible DLC classes, and applied all applicable skill scrolls onto them. Their final price is 73,300G each. I did the same thing for the next pair of Shrine Maidens and their final price is the same at 73,300G. And again for the next pair of Sky Knights and the price is the same. However, when I trained a second pair of Trims again, their final price is 72,500G each. At first, I thought I might have missed giving them a skill scroll or stat booster, but I double checked and both pairs of Trims have the same maxed stats across all classes and have all the same skills. I have been comparing them back and forth to make sure all the stats, movement, class sets, and skill sets are the same for the past hour or so. I even made sure they have maxed all weapon ranks to make them the same. All of them are also still level 1. This is all I can figure out so far: My Trims, Minoris, and Konoes all: It is driving me nuts trying to figure out why they are priced differently. Did the dragon herbs gave the first three pairs an invisible stat boost over the stat cap on certain stats? Did the game ignore a skill (73,300-72,500=800)? Is there a discount mechanism in the game? Is it an exploit/bug/glitch and if so how do I duplicate it again? So many questions bugging me!
  7. So I was looking at some of the DLC characters and wondered which one was most popular. There are too many to place in a poll, so we have to vote via posting. Unless you want a multi-round poll. The only thing is you can only vote based on your opinions of the DLC design of the character. So gameplay utility is out the window sorry, Micaiah. So, I'll line up the choices here: Marth (0 votes) Roy (3 votes) Micaiah (0 votes) Leif (5 votes) Alm (4 votes) Seliph (0 votes) Elincia (1 votes) Eirika (0 votes) Lyn (1 votes) Ephraim (7 votes) Celica (1 votes) Ike (0 votes) Est (0 votes) Catria (2 votes) Palla (0 votes) Katarina (3 votes) Is it just me or is anyone else really bothered by the lack of Eliwood, Hector, and Sigard?So... vote. Gah I accidentally double-posted a TOPIC. Can someone fix that? I'm so embarrassed...
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