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Found 2 results

  1. I really hope DaisyJane is ok and they are just very busy or maybe lost interesting on making these threads. Now then last month we had blue which means we aren't getting blue this month, IS has never given same color back to back, there is also no record where we getting two different colors on same month assuming we get two mythic like last year so no blue, No Fafnir. Colorless is full. That leaves to Red and Green; Green has Dagr with her second rerun and she already welcomed a new unit(L!Byleth), for Red with and old year unit Plumeria and L!Sigurd which is also his second rerun but unlike like Dagr, he hasn't welcome any unit, making him more value than Dagr. Plumeria (Atk/Res Push 4, Sabotage Spd 3, Atk/Res Rein 3) L!Sigurd (Atk/Def Catch 4, Fatal Smoke 3) New Mythic Here Nott (Distant Counter, Atk/Spd Menace) L!Dimitri (Sturdy Impact, Odd Tempest 3) F!Dimitri (Atk/Solo, Odd Tempest 3) (It has to be him right???) Dagr (Atk/Spd 4, Even Tempest) B!Gatekeeper (Harsh Command+, Close Reversal, Joint Drive Def) New mythic here or Green unit missing on Voting gauntlet banner(s) event, too early for A!Fjorm L!Corrin (Distant Counter, Shield Pulse 3, Joint Drive Atk) Bramimond (Atk/Def 4, Lull Atk/Res 3) L!Micaiah (Fury 4, Joint Distant Guard) -------Blessing------- Do I need to explain it? It's pretty obvious it's Dark. Since Book 5 started IS has giving us two of each elements: Astra: Reginn + Ashera Anima: Seiros + Otr Light: Dagr + Ullr Dark: Nott + New Mythic. We are just missing Dark one to complete the circle. Another reason it's because next month we are getting our new freebie unit, assuming we still getting mythic, It will be most likely Astra or Light since it's more appealing to have offense unit than defense unit. -------Personal Predictions------- I had been saying we getting Dark Red Eitri since September, I believe? And I still stand my prediction, it's just fit perfectly for this month/last chapter from book 5. Now then we are getting Wind on December and having three slots empty on Colorless, its just screaming here "New Free unit and New Legendary" I'ma say for now it's Free unit Astra and Staff Elincia here. January looks in shambles... with worst selling unit Otr.... February is schedule to be Water right now and it's anniversary, Naga, Yune and Eir probably moving to remix banners. Leaving L!Fae welcoming either Caeda or Ninian, I'ma guess.
  2. So Nintendo just posted a Book V Movie that looks like it could have something happen in the Mid Chapters of Book V that was just announced today. I'm kinda speechless watching in this movie, but it did gave me some ideas what happens in Book V. Eitri had launched her magic gear canon at Fáfnir that turned him into a Beast that is similar to like Three Houses did with the Crests Users can turn anyone into Beasts. So I don't exactly know if this is suppose to be Eitri helping Fáfnir or Eitri was manipulating Fáfnir this entire time. I don't know if this really caused Fáfnir turned into evil based upon what Reginn mentioned to the Order of Heroes? I suppose to think Eitri was the true main antagonist in Book V, not Fáfnir. (*gasp*) I'm still kinda wondered why Reginn isn't using her Armor in the movie unless if something bad happened to her armor in Book V, but she does have nice jumping reflexes in the movie? But at the end that it looks like Reginn is pulling the Alm stabbing to the Head at Fáfnir and Fáfnir might going to be killed by her own foster sister, Reginn.
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