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Found 2 results

  1. So I've just finished my second playthrough of the game. I've put in a 100 hours getting this far (yeah that's probably a pretty high hour count, I did basically all the additional stuff both times) and I'm thinking of taking a break before tackling the other two routes. Reason 1 being I want to wait until some of the DLC is released so I'm not launching a fifth playthrough merely to see it. Reason 2, being what I want to discuss here, is that I was kind of disappointed by how the two routes I've played so far (Church of Serios and Claude's route) were pretty much identical. Literally the only difference is you talk to Claude instead of Edelgard/Seteth. Also the same plot events happen. All the same chapters. Until the final chapter where they randomly change the final boss, appreciated, but it does leave me scratching my head wondering why Nemesis didn't get released in the Church of Serios route and why Rhea didn't go crazy in the Golden Deer route (and why an authoritarian like Rhea would let you wrest control of the entirety of Fodlan in the scenario where she doesn't die/marry you). I enjoyed the plot on my firs through mildly enough. I had some issues with it, but I assumed they'd be resolved because I was only getting part of the story. But then on my second playthrough it was just really boring as all the same stuff happens only with different people saying it. Claude's own mini arc with Almayra was cool, and it kind of makes me with I went Golden Deer first (but if I did do that I would have no doubt despised Church of Serios route as it would have offered nothing, as it's basically Claude's route only with less). Now obviously from it's very nature, Edelgard's true route is going to be very different from either of the two played so far. So what I'm really asking, is Dimitri's route a rehash of the other two? I've heard he kind of goes crazy in his route, which sounds like it's very different, but glancing at the chapter list, it still looks like I'm going to the exact same places and doing the exact same things. Which is basically a death keel to me playing this game until I've waited a few months to distance myself from it. I suppose I could play Edelgard's route to split up the sameyness, but even that comes with me having to go through the same first twelve or so chapters that I've experienced twice already. Anyway, thems my thoughts. Let's hear yours. Tell me if Blue Lions is basically just a different paint job on the same story.
  2. We learn some contradicting things about witches during the story. First off is that you need to consent to having Duma eat your soul. Cool. Makes up a hefty part of Celica's chapter 4/5 plot. Except right at the last second Judah reveals to her that her soul won't save Mila and he's going to kill Alm anyway...so is she still giving her consent or was it never needed in the first place? If it was never needed why did they go through all that trouble? Then there's the case of Delthea who it doesn't seem gave her consent but also seems to have never even went to Duma. Tatarrah is the one that's said to turn her into a witch. It's also said that being a witch can't be reversed yet they do it very easily by just killing Tatarrah...for some reason that undos it. So does that mean it can be reversible without consent? If so why should the villains even care about consent? Delta was just as effective a minion being brainwashed as she was (maybe it's a range thing and Tatarrah needs to be near her for the brainwashing to stick). And then the even more perplexing case of Sonia. We don't know if she did or didn't give consent. But she does get cured of her witchness by...killing Grieth...Did he sacrifice her soul to Duma instead of her father Judah? What makes her different from her sisters? Did she just try...not being a witch and that was okay (that's sort of meant to be a gay joke but it might actually be the explanation given one of the sister's death quotes)? Really it seems like things would have been a hell of a lot simpler if they just kept Delthea and Sonia as witches when the player controls them. I don't think it would have been too broken if they nerfed it. Both of them learn rewarp and that's...actually rather useless in my opinion. Should have given it to them at base and kept their class as witch I say.
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