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Found 9 results

  1. I want to know if we cleared all support character each other in each route without recruit. What happened in the ending (Byleth is excluded) : Crimson Flower (Not sure) : - Edelgard and Hubert - Ferdinand and Bernadetta - Linhardt and Caspar - Dorothea and Petra - Jeritza Azure Moon (Not sure) : - Dimitri and Dedue - Felix and Sylvain - Ashe and Ingrid - Mercedes and Annette - Seteth and Flayn - Gilbert Verdant Wind : - Claude and Lorenz - Raphael and Ignatz - Marianne and Hilda - Leonie and Seteth - Lysithea - Flayn Silver Snow (Not sure) : - Ferdinand and Bernadetta - Linhardt and Caspar - Dorothea and Petra - Seteth and Flayn - Catherine and Shamir - Cyril
  2. I loaded an old save I had at the endgame and my plan was to get a lot of people killed and see if the dialogue is different. After killing some of my units and Killing Julius Seliph's sprite bugged out. I seized anyways because I just thought it was a graphical error. However after I seize the screen goes black and it stays that way. Is this because certain ending variations aren't translated or something else? I tried a couple more combinations with deaths and I keep getting a black screen. I don't think its my rom since I beat the game before with the same file. On said file I saw the ending on it when no one died. I don't know if this could be the problem but I did the Seliph x Julia glitch to get an early pairing on the file in question and in this latest attempt I killed berserk Julia to see the ending for her death. If anyone has anyway to help or knows the answer I would appreciate it. I just want to see some alternate endings. Thanks for your time. Translation used : https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/63676-fe4-translation-patch-open-beta-v7/
  3. Micaiah and Sothe’s relationship throughout the game is told to be a very strong, protective, and close one, though it’s never actually seemed very romantic to me. Not at all flirty or conventionally intimate by romantic standards. Until Micaiah and Sothe end up married in the A support ending, I never really felt THAT sort of connection from them and even then it seemed to come along so suddenly. Also: Micaiah is stated to become Queen in the ending, though Sothe is only ever mentioned as her “husband” and “pillar of strength”, and never really King of Daein even with being married to her. Might it be fair to guess that maybe Sothe is NOT king and perhaps only Prince, leaving Miccy with all the concrete power? Might it be possible that they are only married for political reasons?
  4. ok, I finished the game for the first time( amazing game). but the ending got this weird text( probably because of translation maybe?) afer seizing the final castle and then froze on this screen. Is it a bug or maybe it was a translation bug?
  5. Because the NES and SNES board covers so many games, it also has the most number of pinned topics. To save a bit of scrolling time, I've unpinned some of the older topics belonging to complete projects. Instead, you can find links to them in this pinned topic instead. Note: You are allowed to post in the linked topics no matter the date of the last post. Game Translations FE1 (Dark Dragon and Sword of Light) Translation FE3 (Mystery of the Emblem) Translation Patch Updated Mystery of the Emblem Translation Manga Translations FE4 Fujimori Nuts Translation Thread Resources BS Fire Emblem Information FE4 Ending Generator FE4 Missing Scripts + Treasure articles Enemy Stats Gaiden (FE2) Genealogy of the Holy War (FE4) Suggestions for additional links are also appreciated.
  6. I know this would require someone to beat the game twice to test this out, but I've a slight question. In the... epilogue, I suppose, you're told each character's battles, which I'm 99.9% sure is the number of enemies they've encountered, or rather battled, and victories is the number that, out of those encounters, how many they've finished off. Now, I'm pretty sure this is a no, but out of curiosity, do DLC enemies increase these two numbers for a character, or is it only Chapters/Skirmishes? (I think Skirmishes raise the number, pretty sure...)
  7. is this time the paired endings of the avatar as generic as the ones from awakening with the "and avatar loved his/her wife forever yada yada" without mentioning about the husband/wife?
  8. After sadly finishing the anime, I've been giving this a lot of thought, because locating others with this ability will most likely be a huge part of he second season. I'm really interested in what other people are speculating. I would have done a poll, but some of the choices would have been out-of-this-world epic (Titan Mikasa=GOD) or rather silly (Titan Armin *snickers*). But anything is possible since we know nothing as of yet!
  9. "Father, I have done research into this fell dragon. I believe there are other ways to secure peace besides your demise."- Laurent on Chrom's ending [MU/Miriel]. Just what the damn hell was he getting at with that? Besides the obvious take a third option, of course-- err... what is his third option. He seems pretty confident with that line, and Laurent being.... Laurent, I doubt he's off the mark. I mean, yeah, he could be thinking the "easy way" (Walhart's plan, I.E. Jugdral's plan, I.E. Goodbye crazy cult, meet torch burning.) which would be effective at keeping Grima down for good (Hi, Loptyr. I'm not sure you've enjoyed your 3000 year sealing, but it's not ending anytime soon... Seriously, Loptyr is pretty good proof such a plan would work. Sure the Grannvale army never found the Yied Shrine (which I don't get), but it only took a measly 200 years for Loptyr to come back the first time. 3000 years later, since Seliph rolled thru and handed them their asses, the Loptyrian cult didn't seem to get their Dark God back ever- even with Saias around (he doesn't die, and nothing implies he's chaste- he may stick to the thou shalt have no more than one child Maira Convent, but he's not anywhere implied to be chaste)...) even if it is quite brutal. (Not that the Grimleal don't deserve it, but...) But something tells me it's something else entirely. Use of Alm's Falchion, maybe? (Duma and Mila are not dragons. They're outright gods like Ashera/Yune/Ashunera... with a base assumption that the most powerful of dragons cannot actually destroy each other, perhaps an actual outright god, like one of those two (or Ashera/Yune/Ashunera) can?) EDIT: I just realized he said "ways". I.E. More than one. ...More reasons to push MU's ending off the table, TBQH.
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