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Found 4 results

  1. If you could add a support for sain who would it be between? Sain is my 2nd favourite fe7 character after canas and is the reason why I decided to carry on playing the game as he was really ridiculous which i found funny however his supports suck and gets paired endings with his worst options(not even a bromance with Kent!) Anyway, I was wondering if I could add a support and paired ending who would it be between? Personally, if I had the power I would pair him with Florina as I would imagine their supports would be super funny with them being the complete opposite when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. As for a paired ending either Florina, Isadora or Kent. who would you pair him with if given the choice? i may do more of these on Reddit or on here if it's successful Ps. a 2nd option i would add would be Marcus and Sain.
  2. How do paired endings work in this game? (non-Byleth) Is it the first A support or top person in their close allies? I'm wondering because if its the latter than some of my pairings are seriously screwed, and I've been hearing mixed things.
  3. One criticisms of Fates that I see frequently is that on Revelation there is a golden ending to the game. And that there shouldn't be one because that invalidates Corrin's choice.I 'm wondering could it have been better implemented in the game. Maybe Corrin could be an ambassador of peace to the continent? Or we are cynical people that want characters to suffer in the end.
  4. Picture the scene: You've just completed Awakening for the first time, and you're curious about what the developers had to say about your HenryXFeMU pairing. Except it's literally an *insert name here* ending. There is absolutely nothing different between you and your friend's endings, apart from your MU's husband. I want to make better endings for EVERY MU pairing. I've finished a few, which I will show here. I will use the default name for the avatar. (Robin.) RobinXSay'ri Robin and Say'ri returned to Chon'sin together to rebuild the shattered society. Although Robin was her husband, he left the ruling to her but occasionally appeared in the courts to remind the pettier nobles of him and his wife's hard work during the war. They lived our their lives together in prosperity and happiness. RobinXAversa People often questioned Robin's choice of wife, and Aversa sometimes questioned her choice of husband, but they lived happily together as the new rulers of Plegia in Gangrel's place. They had two children: A studious tactician named Morgan, and a beautiful heartthrob called Elise. RobinXFlavia Robin and Flavia were famed for their fighting spirit and love even during the war. They settled down in Regna Ferox as husband and wife, and ruled justly. Basilio would often visit to reminisce about the war and challenge Robin to duels for Flavia's love. RobinXEmmeryn Emmeryn only got a few of her memories back, but she didn't mind. Her and Robin left Ylisse for a different lifestyle in the hopes that they would never have to hear of war again. Future Morgan left after a few years, so he would not meet the new-born present-day Morgan. RobinXWalhart Chrom was stunned when he heard of Walhart and Robin's union, but he managed to stop laughing long enough to say goodbye. They left for Valm, where Walhart turned over a new leaf as a benevolent ruler. RobinXYen'fay After much consideration, Yen'fay decided to stay in Say'ri's time. He tried to brood as little as possible about the alternate future. Robin ruled over Plegia with Yen'fay's help, though he kept to the shadows for quite a while until Morgan was born. RobinXLucina Chrom found Robin and Lucina's a little strange, but he blessed their union anyway. The two of them became the rulers of Plegia. Lucina often wore her mask in public or asked for a hex to hide the Brand of the Exalt on her eye. RobinXAnna Anna realized that she did love Robin more than money, and they ruled over Plegia together. However, she often made shady buisness deals at night to increase the royal treasury. As well as Morgan, she adopted one of the children of another Anna, named Hannah. I am adding in non-canon children as well. If you have any comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to go for it!
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