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Found 14 results

  1. I'm a fan of Eirika X Seth, and Ephraim X Tana, because I just see them legit.
  2. I've been writing on and off for a while, but between a relatively recent replay of Echoes and a less-recent replaying of GotHW, I came up with a Crossover story centered around Sigurd surviving Belhalla in a modern AU where he finds himself barred from contacting anyone he ever knew. While I'll try to update it here first from here on, here's the first chapter of Little Chalphy (link leads to AO3, so warning if your Job/School forbids access to it). Any feedback is welcome here. While I've been translating documentation and whatnot for a long time, it was only up until a few years ago that I gained enough confidence to start writing fiction in English, so any daft bits you find that sound odd/goofy/out of place to you, do not hesitate to let me know. Good day to you all and thanks in advance.
  3. Hey, i'm having a lot of trouble with chapter 14 on the ephraim route. I have only played Eirika's route before, so i went into chapter 14 (Father and son) blind. I saved on the battle preperations screen, and i haven't bought any restore staves. I'm sure you can see the problem there. With 2 sleep and 2 berserk staves and i think theres also a silence staff somewhere, i have no idea how i'm supposed to do this, at least when recruiting Rennac. Any tips?
  4. General Base Stats HP: 42 / 45 / 48 Atk: 32 / 35 / 38 Spd: 22 / 25 / 29 Def: 29 / 32 / 35 Res: 17 / 20 / 23 Ephraim carries the stat line of a strong physical tank, with high HP, Atk, and Def. He also comes with a Legendary weapon, Siegmund, which buffs his allies' Atk at the start of the turn. Siegmund can also be refined, with its Effect refinement providing the ability to perform a guaranteed follow-up attack when at or above 90% HP. This greatly increases Ephraim's versatility, allowing him to act as both buff support and a powerful combatant on either phase. His greatest weaknesses are his poor Spd and Res stats. He gets doubled easily, and will likely be crippled (if not KO'd) after being attacked by a tome, (well built) staff, or breath user. Suggested Skill Sets When multiple options are available, my personal recommendations (if any) will be in bold. Budget options will be colored red. Defense-oriented Buff-phraim (Steady Breath Tank + Buff Support) Offense-oriented Buff-phraim (Physical Offense + Buff Support) Flame Siegmund Budget Build MemEphraim (Speed-stack + Windsweep Novelty) Change Log
  5. The English notes have an error in them, which makes it unclear when Ephraim and Gunnthra will return. After checking the French version, it appears that Ike and Gunnthra will be available in March (which would coincide with Fjorm's return). Translation: If anyone wants to corroborate that with another language's notes, that'd be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  6. We don't have a specific thread for this yet and since we got the first Brave Heroes' unit types almost spot on (the only thing we missed was Lyn and Roy being on horseback, which is a FEH-original addition), I thought it would be interesting to speculate what our new Overlords will end up being. Discuss away!
  7. Hey everyone, I've been doing a monthly Voice Actor series with different Fire Emblem Heroes' VO performers. This time I got Greg Chun because he was lucky enough to score the role of Ike in addition to Ephraim, Eldigan, and Lukas. I found out that he also did Lukas' voice for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, and that he found it intimidating to embody everybody's favorite mercenary. Greg has some great insights about breaking into voice acting, overusing your voice, and a little bit on the process behind winning some of his roles. He actually broke into VO through an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression! https://comedyngaming.com/news/interview-greg-chun-fire-emblems-new-ike Hope you enjoy it!
  8. So I'm just curious; Why is Ephraim getting more gauntlet votes? What is wrong with our dear tomato boy?? (Is it the "you'll never guess which fruit i fancy... tomatoes"??) (It is, isn't it...) (I know he's a Freak but we love him anyway okay) (also yes I know that Sacred Stones is generally much more popular than Fates, I'm asking more on a character level than a story/plot level) (I thank you ahead of time for your consideration!)
  9. Moving on, I suppose~ For me, I'd say I prefer shipping Eirika/Lyon, Tana or Innes and Ephraim/Tana or L'Arachel or Myrrh as a joke.
  10. Does anyone know if the main Lord has some form of Provoke skill? I've set Eirika and Ephraim standing next to each other to fight off a horde of enemies in two instances, and in both, the enemies all attacked Eirika, with no regard to traditional AI quirks. And by 'traditional AI quirks', I mean 'once all the spots Eirika could be attacked from range were filled, all the Rangers equipped their swords and attacked Eirika in melee range, dying to her Rapier, when they could have shot arrows at Ephraim and avoided a counter'. Ephraim was so good at the start of the run, but his support with Eirika probably hurt him more than it helped- he couldn't get any kills because everyone ran right past him and attacked Eirika instead.
  11. I've gotten to the point where you decide who's Journey to cover. Ephraim or Erikia. Who should I go with and what are the advantages?
  12. Because noone's ever done one of these before... Rules: -All of the growth rates for the player controlled units are set to 0%. -All of the characters will be recruited. -I will be going on Ephraim route (another shocker). -I will attempt (key word there) to achieve the lowest turncounts possible given those constraints. I'll probably edit the OP later on to include other things of importance. Probably. Prologue- 1/1 turn Chapter 1- 3/4 turns One can only hope that the later chapters will be more interesting to watch.
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