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Found 8 results

  1. I know there's a lot of criticism being hurled at a certain two recent titles in this series (I guess I'm part of this camp?) so I felt like I should ask critics of Fire Emblem's 3DS era what their favorite things about those games are since all I fucking do here is ask people stuff.
  2. Welp it's question time again since that's all I seem to fucking do here, I'm boring like that. Exactly what the title says, what are your favorite and/or least favorite moments in Fire Emblem story-wise?
  3. Ok here's the issue... I would like to know to the Price of Awakening FE, reason because, I saved up about a 113 AUS Dollars, and I would like to know the Cheapest price for this game, In AUS its 47.10$, I would like to know a cheaper price, also because I don't have a 3DS. In AUS its 108.00$ for a 3DS (preowned}. Thanks.
  4. So I'm kinda new to Fire Emblem but I know with Awakening you can have customization with your characters. A few people just told me "Do what you like." I'd rather have efficiency with my characters so that I can massacre people online. XP Not to mention I'd rather get the game done quickly and max out my characters and have them at their best ASAP. I do have ALL DLC for this game as well. Thank you in advance. ~StormVentus
  5. Ask for clarification if needed. Guidelines: -Submit your entry.PNG via PM to me, Kitty of Time, I will post them all anonymously and reveal the entrants after the voting is over -Make your maps original, don't copy/steal someone else's design. -If you have any constructive criticism to offer to an entry, feel free to post it in the main topic(Keep this civil) -If your map is being talked about and you want clarification, PM me this as well and I will ask it for you - If you want to re-submit your map after changes, just re-send it to me. - Please refrain from using backgrounds in map submissions unless they are specifically stated to be allowed in the requirements - Generated maps are frowned upon(and are typically easy to spot), so avoid them if you can Fun Links: GBA FE Tileset Zelda Tiled Ganondorf Mappy Vaati Requirements: "Use the FE8 overworld tileset, either palette, and make a map, but you can't use any buildings, no castles, villages, ruins, houses, etc. 20-30x20-30" Additional Information: Winners shall pick the next map to be revamped, any map from FE(or anything similar to FE ex Tear Ring Saga) that isn't GBA FE for obvious reasons or a new map and tileset like normal Winners of 3 contests in a row are barred from entering the round following their 3rd victory. They are still allowed to submit a submission, but I will post it separate from the poll. All participants must vote in the round they entered or they will be barred from entering the following round. Refusal to cooperate consecutively will result in multiple bars. Side note: Ever wonder why this contest disappeared? No, it wasn't because I forgot or got lazy; I got tired of either having to extend the thing by a week and a half and getting piss poor amounts of entries and no one ever PM'd me requirements for the next map. If the same behavior applies, the contest will disappear again. I don't ask for a lot; just try to be on time(I'm going to be a bit stricter regarding this to keep this a timely fashion) and ACTUALLY PM ME A REQUIREMENT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER. If this is no longer someone wishes to do, just say something and I'll make something up, don't just not respond for a week+. Barred Contestants: None Due Date: Feb 24th 2014 Winner Count: Round 1 - Kitty of Time Round 2 - Celice Round 3 - Sairento Round 4 - Koopa Round 5 - Koopa! Round 6 - Matt Snow Round 7 - Haku(Koopa) Round 8 - ShinyPichu Round 9 - Matt Snow Round 10 - Primefusion Round 11 - Haku Round 12 - Sairento/Aura Wolf Round 13 - Matt Snow Round 14 - ???
  6. Sorry if it sounds stupid but. how can i replace the face, and battle sprites from characters in a fe rom with custom sprites? i kinda wanted to just change it to a custom character sprites i found because i got a retarded idea in mind.
  7. I came up with the idea for this thread for a while ago, but wasn't sure if it was really a good idea due to situations or just general hate toward polls for some reason. If there's a particular reason you don't like the idea, post in the thread. I'll discontinue the thread if there are an overwhelming amount of "No"s. I plan on adding a new round or question daily, so check back on the thread for updates, but after 5 or so I'll have to start a new thread because of question limits. [PLEASE READ] Every day I'll add a new section to the poll, so you will have to delete your original answer and redo the poll including the new question if you wish to vote for it. Sorry if there are any problems to this with mobile devices or something. Rules: (subject to change) -The skills are based on the game play of the skill, and which is better in most situations in which they are both usable by the same character. (Don't factor Stahl into Luna-Ignis arguments) Unless I say differently, availability can be used as an argument. I'll say so in the thread if there is an exception. -Proc. rates ARE factored in, but base it only on the raw numbers, not on a character's skill or luck. (People who use Astra typically have higher skill, but it technically activates as much as Aether) -Bias can be talked about in the forum, but don't let it influence a decision as much as possible.(Sol looks stupid, and therefore Sol is a stupid skill) -If a skill "plays nice" with other skills, that can be taken into consideration, but keep the focus on the said skill. (Don't go nuts with X+Galeforce is good stuff) -Rightful King can be used as an argument point, regardless. -Skills are based on Fire Emblem: Awakening situations only. (Sol doesn't do 3x damage) -No general difficulty or game setting such as hard or lunatic mode, but stuff like "Lethality is better in Luna+ Streetpass teams" is kinda iffy. -Assume all Streetpass and DLC features are available. Round 1: Ignis vs. Luna Ignis: Adds (Magic)/2 to Strength when dealing physical damage and (Strength)/2 to Magic when dealing magical damage. Activation: [skillstat]% Grandmaster Lv. 5 Luna: Ignores half the enemy's Defense or Resistance. Activation: [skillstat]% Great Knight Lv. 5
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