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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I'm not really sure if this belongs in the "Written Works" section, but this is something I've been doing in my spare time for the past while. Essentially, I'm just documenting all the characters throughout the Fire Emblem series whose names are of (often vaguely) Irish origin! This "project" is purely for fun, and my main reason for posting it here is to get some input! Is there a character missing from this list whose name is of Irish origin? Or, just as importantly, is there a character present on this list whose name is definitely not of Irish origin? If you have any information to share, or even if you don't, feel free to share your thoughts! :) CHARACTERS Shadow Dragon Ogma (Merecnary in the service of Talys) Catria (Pegasus Knight of Macedon) Dall (Thief, and the leader of a gang) Gaiden Boey (Mage) (Reason: Either of Scottish origin or much more commonly associated with Scotland.) New Mystery of the Emblem Ryan (A freshly recruited Altean Archer) Genealogy of the Holy War Naoise (“Cain” type Cavalier, adept with swords) Arden (A slow but well-meaning Sword Armor) Quan (Duke Knight of Leonster, and the wielder of the Gáe Bolg) Ethlyn (Troubadour, and Quan’s wife) Finn (A Lance Knight of Leonster) Midir (Arch Knight who holds a candle for Edain) Edain (Priest and noblewoman from Jungby) Deirdre (Light Priestess) Chulainn (Myrmidon) Tailtiu (Thunder Mage) Ethnia (Daughter of Duke Reptor, and Tailtiu’s younger sister) Brigid (Sniper/Swordmaster; a pirate queen) Grahnye Mananan (The king of Isaach) Mariccle (Mananan’s heir and Arya’s older brother) Cimbaeth (Warrior) Donovan (General) Fotla (Wind Mage of Duke Bloom’s magi squad) Eriu (Thunder Mage of Duke Bloom’s magi squad) Banba (Fire Mage of Duke Bloom’s magi squad) Muirne (Priest, Deimne’s sister) Larcei (Myrmidon, Ulster’s sister) Creidne (Myrmidon, and promotes to the first female Hero in series history. Larcei’s substitute) Ulster (Myrmidon) Oifey (Paladin) Diarmuid (Free Knight, son of the legendary Beowolf) Deimne (Arch Knight, Muirne’s brother) Amid (Wind Mage) Iuchar (Axe Knight, Iucharba’s brother) Iucharba (Axe Fighter, Iuchar’s brother) Shannan (The only male Swordmaster in his game) Tine (Mage) Febail (Bow Fighter, son of Brigid) Coirpre (Priest) Danann (Tyrannical Baron) Brian (Master Knight, Danann’s son and brother to Iuchar and Iucharba) Morigan (Dark Bishop) Thracia 776 Orsin (Axe Fighter, member of the Fiana Freeblades) Dagdar (Warrior, leader of the Fiana Freeblades) Ronan (Bow Fighter, member of the Fiana Freeblades) Fergus (Free Knight, possibly the bastard son of the legendary Beowolf) Alva (A Lance Knight of Leonster) Shannam (Swordmaster) The Binding Blade Lugh (Mage, Nino’s orphaned son) Fir (Myrmidon) Cath (Thief with a vendetta against nobles) Murdock (General, and the loyal bodyguard of Zephiel) The Blazing Blade Brendan (Warrior, founder and leader of the Black Fang) Desmond (The king of Bern, and the father of Zephiel) The Sacred Stones Colm (Thief) Caellach (Hero, one of the Six Imperial Generals) O’Neill (Fighter in Grado’s army) Murray (Cavalier in Grado’s army) Dara (Matron of Caer Pelyn) Fomortiis (The Demon King of old) Path of Radiance Boyd (Fighter in Greil’s Mercenaries) (Reason: Either of Scottish origin or much more commonly associated with Scotland.) Oscar (Lance Knight in Greil’s Mercenaries) Kieran (Axe Knight of Crimea) Ena (Red Dragon) Radiant Dawn Nolan (Fighter, leader of the Dawn Brigade) Aran (Soldier of Daein) Roark (Halberdier in Begnion’s army) Awakening Donnel (Villager; Village Hero) Brady (Priest, Mariebelle’s son) Ardri (A Grimleal Sorcerer) Fates Dwyer (Troubadour, Jakob’s son) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOCATIONS Genealogy of the Holy War The Manster District Manster (A province in the Manster District) Leonster (A province in the Manster District) Alster (A province in the Manster District) Conote (A province in the Manster District) Tirnanog (A small town in northern Isaach) Yied Desert (An inhospitable desert region, possibly named after "Aed", god of the Underworld(?) Mease Castle (A castle in Thracia?) Three Houses Fódlan (The continent) Brigid (A cluster of independent islands to the southwest?) Sreng (A country to the north, separated by a mountain range) Brionac Plateau (A stretch of land in the Adrestian Empire) Airmid (Location in the Adrestian Empire) Enbarr (A location in the Adrestian Empire. Near the southern coast) Oghma (Location in the Adrestian Empire. Possibly some mountains) Holy Kingdom of Faerghus Conand (Location in Faerghus) Fhirdiad (Location in Faerghus, near Conand) Tailtean Plains (Location in Faerghus) Aileill (A location in the Leicester Alliance. Borders Faerghus) Derdriu (A location in the Leicester Alliance. Near Aileill) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEAPONS Gáe Bolg (The divine lance of Njorun the Crusader) Caladbolg (One of Daein's national treasures) Lughnasadh (Another of Daein's national treasures) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- (To quickly clear up a few things: I haven't written up a summary as to the actual history of any of the names, mainly because this isn't something I thought I'd be sharing up until just now! Also, for my own sake, bosses have been marked in bold and background/purely plot characters in italics. Oh, and I thought I'd also include a few locations and a whopping three weapons that seem to be of Irish origin, too. Enjoy!)
  2. Below I have compiled a list of almost all the etymologies of the person/place/weapon names that are in Genealogy of the Holy War. I would like to point out that I came up with the majority of these etymologies myself but I did not shy away from checking my findings with other sources such as the two Fire Emblem Wikis and some Serenes Forest posts as well. With that out of the way I would like to point out how well researched and inspired this, and by extension all other Fire Emblem games, are in terms of the names used for people/places/objects. Genealogy of the Holy War seems to draw extensively from Norse and Celtic/Irish mythology, and the use of some lesser known names is even more astounding. As a note, the list is not totally complete and it would be great if some of you well informed fans can fill in some of the remaining blanks for the names I have listed. Genealogy of the Holy War Etymology Collection: Place Names Jugdral- Corruption of Yggdrasil, the World Tree of Norse mythology Grannvale- Original name, Translated as Grandbell, seems to simply be a combination of Grand and bell Chalphy- Corruption of Thialfi(Þjálfi), servant of the Norse god Thor Jungby- Corrution of Ygnvi, the old name for the Norse god Freyr Friege- Original? Possible corruption of Phygia, an ancient kingdom in Anatolia and location for various Greek myths Edda- Named after the Poetic and Prose Eddas, the written sources for the majority of Norse myths, compiled by Snorri Sturluson Dozel- Original name, unclear etymology Velthomer- Original name, likely utilizes the name Vala(Fala) as a source such as Falaflame Belhalla- Corruption of Valhalla, the Norse afterlife for heroes and warriors, seems to fit in with the name Grand-bell Verdane- Original name, draws from adjective “verdant” meaning green with plants. A reference to the forested terrain of the country Evans- English/Welsh last name meaning Son of Evan, where Evan is the Welsh version of John Genoa- City in Italy and capital of the region of Liguria Marpha- Unsure, name of a small village in Nepal Verdane- Capital shares name with country Agustria- Original name, likely drawn from Augustus, first Roman Emperor or corruption of Austria Nordion- Original name? Likely draws from “nord” meaning north or of the north Heirhein- Original name, drawn from hein, diminutive of Heinrich or more likely a corruption of Highland Mackily- Original? Unknown Anphony- Original? Unknown Madino- Unkown, possibly drawn from Medina, a holy city for Islam in Arabia Silvail- Original? Unknown Orgahill- Original? Unknown Agusty- Likely Original, shortened version of Agustria Silesse- Corruption of Silesia, a region in Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany Sailane- Original? Possibly a corruption of Silesia Thove- Original? Unknown Zaxon- Corruption of Saxon or Saxony, a region in eastern Germany Lubeck- Slight corruption of Lübeck, a port city in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany Silesse- Capital named after country Isaach- Corruption of Biblical name Isaac, patriarch of the Israelites Tirnanog- Corruption of Tír na nÓg meaning “land of the young” and is another name for Otherworld in Celtic mythology Ganeishire- Unknown, likely drawn from some English/Scottish shire Sophara- Original name? Possibly drawn from Sofia, capital of Bulgaria Rivough- Original name? Possibly drawn from an Irish/Welsh place name Isaach- Capital named after the country Yied Desert- Corruption of Aed, Irish god of the underworld Phinora- Original? Unknown Darna- Original? Unknown Yied- Same as the region Manster District- Corruption of Munster, ancient kingdom in Ireland and currently one of its provinces Melgen- Original name? Unknown, possibly an Irish/Scottish/Welsh place name Alster- Corruption of Ulster, old Irish kingdom and current province Leonster- Corruption of Leinster, old Irish kingdom and current province Conote- Corruption of Connacht, old Irish kingdom and current province Manster- Same etymology as the country Thracia- Named after region in the Balkans inhabited by Thracian people Mease- Corruption of Meath, old Irish kingdom and current county Kapathogia- Original? Unknown, likely a Greek place name Luthecia- Corruption of Lutecia, Roman name for Paris Grutia- Thracia- capital named after country Miletos District- Named after ancient Greek city Miletos(Μί̄λητος) Peruluke- Original name? Unknown Chronos- Named after Greek primordial god of time Rados- Original name? Likely Greek person/place name Miletos- capital named after country Weapon names Tyrfing- Named after the magical sword in Norse mythology associated with three tragedies Balmung- The name used in Richard Wagner’s Ring Cycle for the sword of the Norse hero Sigurd called Gram Mystletainn- Named after the magical sword of the Norse hero Hrómund Gripsson, possibly also in reference to the weapon used by Hodr to accidentally kill Baldur in Norse myth Gungnir- Named after the magical spear of the Norse god Odin Gae Bolg- Named after the magical spear used by the Irish hero Cu Chulainn Valflame- Combination of character name Fala and flame Forseti- Named after Norse god of justice Mjolnir- Named after the Norse god Thor’ hammer Helswath- Combination of Hel, Norse goddess of the underworld and swath, “the space covered by the stroke of a scythe” Named Swanchika originally, a corruption of sanskrit “svastika” known as manji in japanese Yewfelle- Named after yew, a material often used to make bows and fell, to knock down or defeat, as Ichaival, the name of a bow used by Odin that could fire ten arrows at once Valkyrie Staff- Named after Valkyries, Norse warrior women who carry fallen warriors to the afterlife Book of Naga- Named after character Naga who in turned is named after serpent deities in Hinduism and other Indian religions Character Names Twelve Crusaders: Baldur- Norse god of light Odo- Corruption of Od or Odin, Norse gods Hezul- Unknown, possibly a corruption of Hodr, Norse god and brother of Baldur Dain- A dwarf listed in Norse texts Noba- Unknown, possibly named after Roman city in Africa or Latin word for “new” Fala- Named for volva, also said vala, Norse mystic women, also possible reference to Norse goddess Freya Ced- Corruption of Forseti, Norse god of justice Tordo- Corruption of Thor, Norse god of lightning Neir- Unknown etymology Ulir- Corruption of Ullr, Norse god of hunting and archery Blaggi- Named for Bragi, Norse god of poetry Heim- Corruption of Heimdall, Norse god and guardian of the rainbow bridge Bifrost Playable Characters: Sigurd- Norse hero who killed the dragon Fafnir with the sword Gram(Balmung) Naoise- Irish knight and nephew of King Conchobar mac Nessa Alec- Short version of name Alexander Arden- The brother of Naoise in Irish mythology Azelle- Hebrew name meaning “noble” Lex- Shorthand of Alexander or, as Rex, Latin for “king” Quan- Corruption of Cian, the father of the Irish hero Lugh Ethlyn- Corruption of Ethniu, wife of Cian and mother of the Irish hero Lugh Finn- Irish hero Finn MacCool(Fionn Mac Cumhaill), the leader of the Fianna Midayle- Corruption of Midir, an Irish god who is the son of the Dagda and lover of Etain Dew- Likely named for “morning dew” Edain- Irish heroine and lover of the god Midir Ayra- Corruption of ira, the Latin word for “wrath” Deirdre- Irish heroine and tragic lover of Naoise Jamke- Corruption of Jamukha, Mongolian political rival of Genghis Khan Chulainn- The Irish hero Cu Chulainn, wielder of the magic spear Gae Bolg, also possible reference to Chulainn, the man who gave Setanta(Cu Chulainn) his name Lachesis- Greek goddess of fate and middle sister of the Moirae(fates), she measures the length of the thread that defines a person’s lifespan Beowolf- Corruption of Beowulf, Norse and Anglo-Saxon hero Lewyn- Possibly a corruption of Welsh Llewellyn or Old English Leofwine Sylvia- Latin name in reference to Roman nature god Sylvanus Erinys- Greek goddess of vengeance also known as a Fury or the Furies Tailtiu- Irish goddess and foster mother of the hero Lugh Claud- Alternate form of Roman name Claudius Briggid- Irish goddess of fire Seliph- Original name Julia- Roman name, feminine form of Julius Lana- Unknown Larcei- Corruption of Irish god Luchtaine Ulster- Named after Irish province, As Skasher, his name is a reference to Scathach, the Irish warrior woman who trainned Cu Chulainn Oifey- Corruption of Aoife, Irish warrior woman Diarmuid- Irish hero of the Fianna and lover of Grainne Lester- English name derived from city of Leicester Fee- Diminutive of Fiona or Phoebe Arthur- Named for King Arthur of Camelot Iuchar- Irish figure, brother of Iucharba and Brian, who killed Cian and Iucharba- Brother of Iuhar and Brian, killed Cian Shannan- Corruption of Shannon, a river in Ireland Patty- Diminutive of Patricia Leif- Norse name such as in Leif Erikson Nanna- Sumerian goddess of the moon Ares- Greek god of war Lene- Unknown Tine- Derived from Tini mac Conri, Irish king of Connacht Febail- Irish hero Bran mac Febail Ced- Corruption of Forseti, Norse god of justice Hannibal- Carthaginian general who fought against Rome in the Punic Wars Cairpre- Medieval Irish name with various associated figures Altena- Possible combination of Greek goddesses Athena and Artemis Arion- Possibly from Greek poet Ἀρίων Villains: Alvis- Corruption of Alviss, a dwarf whose name means “All-wise” Andorey- Likely a corruption of the name André Lombard- Also known as Langobalt, both are names in reference to the Lombards, a Germanic people who lived in northern Italy Reptor- Unknown, likely original Travant- German word “trabant” meaning satellite Manfroy- Unknown Loptyr- Name used for the Norse god Loki Story Characters: Eldigan- Original name Grahnye- Corruption of Grainne, Irish heroine and lover of Diarmuid Kurth- Corruption of the name Kurt Cigyun- Corruption of Sigyn, wife of the Norse god Loki Azmur- Original? Mananan- Corruption of Manannán mac Lir, Irish sea god Mariccle- Corruption of mac Lir from Manannán mac Lir EDIT: New etymologies for Friege, Lopty, etc. thanks to comments
  3. I was looking up in Wikipedia to see if there are any other Rutogas (other than the Rutoga (Rutger) that we knew from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and probably in the next FE6 patch from Popo's I think) that existed like Raigh, Deke (Dieck's possible localized name), etc. and I saw that there is an another Rutoga name that existed (I did find it under in List of administrative divisions of the Tibet Autonomous Region in Ngari Prefecture section "Rutoga Zong - the Tibetan pinyin name for Rutog County"). I thought you guys might find that interesting.
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