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Found 1 result

  1. So, we are officially a month away from European/AU release, but I'm having a little bit of trouble keeping my personal hype alive. I've already played all three routes in Japanese, so I'm looking forward mostly to keeping things interesting by playing around in my first Conquest and Birthright playthroughs. This means using units and end classes that I usually wouldn't use to keep me on my toes. So, because I'm original, that means asking you guys for help. I will be playing Hard/Classic for these two routes, and ideally a Female Avatar (Asset, Flaw and Talent can be chosen, as well as her spouse.) I'd ask that you keep it fair for me, but... who am I kidding? My only rules are that no sibling is chosen as the marriage candidate, no kids, and that at least one healer is afforded. Since I'm no sure how quickly this'll fill up, it'd be cool if multiple units are chosen. If a multi-route character is chosen, please specify which path. [spoiler=Conquest (currently: 16 units)]1. Sorcerer Avatar (+Str/-Mag: Dark Mage) with S Odin 2. Strategist Elise (thank you) 3. Swordmaster Leo (A+ Odin) 4. Wyvern Lord Xander 5. Berserker Peri (S Arthur) 6. Berserker Nyx (A+ Charlotte) (Last Resort Reserve: Dark Knight Nyx) 7. Sorcerer Charlotte (A+ Nyx) 8. Sorcerer Benny (S Nyx) 9. Strategist Silas (S Elise) 10. Great Knight Felicia (A+ Peri) (Last Resort Reserve: Paladin Felicia) 11. Master Ninja Laslow 12. Malig Knight Camilla 13. Wyvern Lord Selena (A+ Camilla) 14. Wyvern Lord Beruka (thats a lotta wyvern) 15. Paladin Arthur (S Peri) 16. General Keaton (A+ Benny) (Reserves: Witch!Azura, Maid!Flora and Dark Falcon!Odin) [spoiler=Birthright (currently: 16 units)]1. Master Ninja Avatar (+Str/-Lk: Mercenary) (S Kaze) 2. Priestess Sakura (thank you, again) 3. Hero Kaze (S Avatar) 4. Kinshi Knight Ryoma 5. Mechanist Hana (S Saizo) 6. Onmyoji Kagero 7. Merchant Orochi 8. Sniper Takumi 9. Spearmaster Hinoka 10. Maser of Arms Oboro (S Ryoma) 11. Great Knight Silas 12. Maid Rinkah (S Jakob) 13. Oni Chieftain Jakob (S Rinkah) 14. Samurai Oboro!Shiro 15. Kinshi Knight Kaden (S Azura) 16. Basara Azura (S Kaden) (Reserves: Dread Fighter!Setsuna, Ballistican!Saizo)
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