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Found 10 results

  1. I've been trying to get a custom map/event to work in Fire Emblem 7, but after turn 1 (Meaning both allies and enemies have all finished their first actions) The game reloads and starts up the opening cut scene, with the "Nintendo 2003" text and such. Resuming the chapter automatically brings me back to the starting sequence as well. I can load the map with the same events as the prologue, just with the map different, and it works fine. However, if I load the custom event on to the map, it only works for a single turn. Here's the event I wrote. Nothing too complicated, just made for a really simple test event to make sure I know what I'm doing before I start anything long-term:
  2. Okay, first of all this may be something completely obvious, but part of what I'm asking here is someone to point out where I'm going wrong. I have a class I have put into FE 7, the 'Axe Fighter', using the Female Mercenary (0x0B) class slot. 2 Characters use this slot and the problem applies to both of them. In the prologue, they both load into the map as Axe Fighters just fine, including when I restart the chapter. (the unit and prologue script below) http://i.imgur.com/PwTkvj4.png http://imgur.com/NgkJ0Kt Then after I play through the prologue and go onto chapter 1 after saving and going through the opening events, once again the units load fine as Axe Fighters. However, the problem starts when I restart chapter 1. Instead of loading in as Axe Fighters they load in as regular Fighters with their consitution changing, (chapter 1 script and the changed unit below) http://imgur.com/H1XMWqu http://imgur.com/nVifcwy I would appreciate if someone could tell me where I'm going wrong and how to stop it from happening in the future.
  3. Source: http://nintendoeverything.com/fire-emblem-heroes-receiving-new-special-maps-starting-tomorrow/ Also, found on: https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/ I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned already, but this connects to the topic on the news post: Starting in a few hours, we'll have new special maps each week for five weeks. Each one you beat gives three orbs, and there are two difficulty levels, meaning that's 6 orbs per week for 5 weeks - 30 total! I'm very happy to see this, since more orbs are always good, and they're not being too stingy with orb-giving events. Let's hope the trend continues and we get even more opportunities for free orbs in the future.
  4. After a dicussion with our lovely admin, Tang, we thought the streaming community could use a little pep to try and encourage more people to join in. This is where you, the spriters, come in. What is it? In anticipation of the upcoming release of Fire Emblem: Fates and to help garner more interest in the spriting community, we'd like to hold a week-long Fates-inspired streaming event for spriters to come and exhibit their skills. No previous streaming experience is required. We will help you set up, if you're just starting out. Spriters of any skill level may join. In fact, we'd like to encourage new spriters to try it out! Why stream? While many spriters may feel uncomfortable with the prospect of being watched while working, streaming is actually a very effective medium to help spriters improve develop their skills with real-time critique. If you've ever wondered how your fellow spriters do what they do, this is also a great opportunity to observe their techniques. How can I get involved? We have a dedicated streaming hub topic where you can get started. If you need help, feel free to ask! As for the event itself, we're looking for spriters who would be interested and willing to stream themselves spriting a little something FE:Fates-related during the week of the event. You can sign up for the event by posting below. When is this happening? The tentative date for this event will be the week following the release (Feb. 19). If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, we'd like to hear them! ------ Current List of Participants (please check out their related links!) -- AK AthenaWyrm [ devART | Twitter | Sprite Topic ] Snake Mom [ Twitch | YouTube ] Thor Odinson [ Art Blog ] The Merc Lenh xXHoshiHeartsXx Smirks The Wonderful & Amazingly Talented Mew Whom I Have Most Definitely NOT Forgotten To Add To This List By Any Possible Measure Nope Tao
  5. So after the second prologue cutscene in FE8, it goes to the map (I replaced the old map with a new one via MarkyJoe's Youtube tutorial) and then freezes a bit after the character replacing Seth (the archer) comes out and moves. Anyone know what's going on? Thanks! [spoiler=Screenie] Edit: When I went into the Hex Editor thing, I couldn't just add a new line since the last line wasn't complete, so I added zeros to the end of it. Not sure if that's relevant.
  6. Okay... this time be more specific.... XD I was working on FE8 because I thought it was similar to FE7, everything OK, I programmed all the clases along with the map sprites on a FE8 rom, I used some patches and I was preparing all the custom animations, everything ok, but I wanted to test the events and then I couldn't... When I replace the prologue events the game crashes at the beggining of chapter 1, I solved this using MNC2 instead of MNCH in order to choose the following chapter and it worked correctly, but when I try to go to chapter 1 from chapter 2, the game crashes again at the beggining of the chapter (once the game shows the name of the chapter), I tried to solve the problem by turning off the World Map Cutscenes, replacing the events of chapter 2, etc but nothing worked. I saw that some users had the same problem, but I couldn't find any solution, somebody knows what do I have to do?
  7. Merry Christmas! A few months ago some of us were talking about a bunch of ideas for Christmas events and so here's one of them. hopefully the first of many Make an Ornament for our Tree! Anyone is welcome to participate. You can make whatever you want as long as it's 32x32px. There's no color limit so if you want yours to have the colors of the rainbow be my guest! (ex.) Just submit it in this thread or PM me and I'll add it. Also if anyone wants to make tinsel or lights feel free and just PM it to me.
  8. Matonmx01

    FE 8 Help :c

    Hello, i need help with the Worldmap events :C, Someone have a tutorial or something :c ?
  9. Hello everyone, I made an FE7 template for myself to help me keep things organized and to not have to type the same things each time I write a new script. It also includes sections for tile changes and setting up enemy escape points. I figured I'd post it here in case anyone else can make use of it. Here it is: Let me know if you have any questions or if I made any mistakes. Hope you get a good use out of it, Gryphon
  10. I'm having trouble on unlocking event 177. On the Serenes Forest guide ( http://serenesforest.net/fe11/recollection.html ), it says "Didn't go to Chapter 24x". But I've started the endgame (without going to 24x) about five times, and it still hasn't shown up. There's obviously another requirement to it. Please help!
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