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Found 11 results

  1. So I've been looking away from the hacking scene for ages now, the last time I had any substantial awareness of it whatsoever was around the time The Last Promise was finished, and even then I had minimal actual experience, simply using FEditor to change some portraits and Nightmare to mess with stats and item slots. I wanted to mess around with FE6 somewhat to better suit my tastes. (I have no intention of releasing the mod unless I was asked for it for some reason) Adding Al, Gant, Tiena, an OC, and moving characters I want in my army sooner than later into an earlier chapter to be recruited. Does this sound too "ambitious" for someone who won't be trying to put a whole lot of effort into learning how to hack? Or have advances in tools made it a lot easier not to mess up? I can make do with replacing existing characters for the ones I want in, but I mostly want the events to remain consistent. So I wouldn't replace for instance, Merlinus' portrait because then anytime Merlinus shows up in a cutscene, he's going to be using the replaced portrait. I've seen a reverse recruitment hack where they kept things consistent in this sense, but the actual characters' supports and such were tied to who was replaced rather than the replacement, (Karel would have Roy supports with Alan and Lance for example) and I want to totally replace the character instead. Here is a list of things I want to do: (that I don't already know how to) Move Lilina's recruitment to the first chapter, and if it's not a pain to do so, add a small event explaining why. Move Cecilia's recruitment to the end of Chapter 7 and replace Treck with my OC. Either add Al, Gant, and Tiena as completely new characters recruited in Chapter 12, or have them replace existing ones I won't care about who don't have any story involvement anyway. Have Douglas take Cecilia's place when Zephiel attacks in Chapter 13, and rewrite the event accordingly to excuse Cecilia being already in Roy's army. Recolor map palettes to be less saturated, create some battle palettes for the new characters, and replace some backgrounds with ones I've darkened in Photoshop. Create support conversations for the new characters. Increase Roy's level cap to 30 and remove his promotion. (The least necessary one but nice to do if I can)
  2. What I want to happen is for the boss to not spawn until all of his goons are defeated. Any ideas how I could go about doing that?
  3. I'm trying to make a group of three enemy wyvern riders appear on the map and then fly over to the main character. The first one moves fine but when the second on starts to move this happens. Here's the event code.
  4. dlamey8015

    Move To AI

    Is there a way to get an enemy unit to move to a specific tile? I've tried the MoveTo command but it seems like only certain tiles work for it.
  5. This guide assumes you are already familiar with the basics of hacking Introduction So there's not really a big post on how to do FE8 eventing (like Arch's super great guide for FE7), and that kinda sucks for people who want to hack FE8 because there's far less resources immediately available for them to use. It's uh, going to be a hell of a WIP until everything is properly covered. But the general idea is to have a resource similar to Arch's chapter construction guide except focused on FE8. I figured as one of the few people hacking FE8 right now I'd try to share some of my knowledge with anyone looking to get into FE8 hacking. That being said, I probably forgot a bunch of stuff so if there's something missing that you want to know about, leave a comment here and let me know. So, before it starts, here's what you'd need: Nintendlord's Event Assembler (current version is v10.1) Tiled and the Tiled map inserter A hex editor (such as HxD, but any hex editor should be fine) Since FEditor a shit, I recommend learning the MAKEHACK.cmd method outlined in this FEE3 tech demo: FE8 Nightmare modules for use with nmm2csv FE8 Eventiel DON'T USE THIS TO BUILD EVENTS, JUST USE IT FOR HELP WITH CAMERA STUFF AND MAP THINGS. An FE8(U) ROM Event file template Free space can be found from b2a610-c00000, as well as the end of the ROM Useful Information This stuff isn't strictly eventing related but is nonetheless helpful to know. Apply this patch to your ROM before you start working, it contains a bunch of essential fixes for FE8 Table of Contents 1. Key Concepts 2. Handling Units 3. The Event Arrays 4. Scene Construction 5. Inserting Maps/Tile Changes 6. More Codes 7. Conditions 8. ASM Condtions/Effects 9. The World Map 10. Misc Info 11. Epilogue And much like Arch's tutorial, this isn't designed to explain basic terminology for ROMHacking and eventing shouldn't be the first thing you try when you want to hack FE.
  6. Oh I'm gonna be doing this a lot, aren't I... Anyway, for now I have two questions. First off... How do I make generic enemy units? Secondly (and the main question), how do I make breakable walls disappear and snags fall after being destroyed? I understand that it has something to do with tile changes, but all of the tutorials that I've seem only cover doors and chests. I can't seem to find anything that covers walls or snags, nor can I find the Event Assembler codes for walls or snags. I tried inserting this based on some things that I've seen on my search for info, but it doesn't work. Third, if I wanted to make a unit fight the wall in a cutscene, would it be a simple FIGH command in the Opening_event? Finally on a related note, how do I change the amount of HP a wall has and if I can, will all walls have the same amount of HP? (100 is a bit ludicrous and it would with my intro cutscene.)
  7. I'm not sure where to post this, but I'd like to put up a request in order to seek for some help in eventing (and some other things). I just started learning how to hack. The tutorials have been helping me so far, but to do such a thing alone is quite hard. So, I'd like to seek for some help for eventing (or hacking in general). The hack in question is this. But there are some things that are currently undergoing changes (like changing the sprites and names of some characters), but I hope this will tell you that I really want to do this.
  8. So I'm simply trying to find the code that sets game speed to fast. ASMC 0x9010001 //Sets text speed to "Fast" So anyone got a clue what the other one is?
  9. ok, I'v pretty much finished the prologue chapter of my hack, complete with house and all :) now I occasionally run into a few issues. 1. during the starting cutscene sometimes if I mash start and try to skip it my character starts at a place they move to as part of the opening cutscene, instead of their intended starting position, I don't know if i can reproduce this consistently. 2.how do I change the change the chapter goals in text, since I have already changed it gameplay wise. 3.finally, I havn't found any resources to help with difficulty / gameplay balance, would seeking playtesters be a suitable means to assure the game is of acceptable difficulty? since personally as the person who made the chapter I have a very accurate view of how it goes, having tested it many times while testing things like unit placement etc. there's also the issue of character base stats / growths that I'm unsure if I have gone overboard with tl;dr for Q3, how do I tell if I have balanced the game correctly 4. how do I move onto the next chapter? 5. I tried to follow Blazer's ultimate tutorial on custom spell animations but the inserter wouldn't load and gave an error, his explanation of "you did something wrong" didn't help, I retried it like 6 times with no success, any tips? 6. can I somehow change the names of classes that appear for nightmare etc, since it just bugs me that I have a class named something it's not. here's my event code, if anyone wants to playtest for me just drop me a PM, thanks in advance! Prologue.txt
  10. So, Longtime Lurker here, finally made an account to start participating in the community since I'v started making my hack. essentially what my problem is when I apply the text file I am using for my prologue to any fire emblem ROM along with making the starting character a female cavalier eliwood (these are what I'm replacing with the character who is supposed to start) it also adds an off the screen level 0 hector with an iron sword which you can reach by pressing A once or twice (I'm on VBA) so it translates to pressing R on an actual GBA. since I have tested this on a clean ROM it must have to do with the event coding I am using, I will post that here, it's unfinished but I hope someone can figure out the reason for the phantom hector! thanks in advance! for refrence I'm attacking the text file im putting into event assembler ps. if anyone finds something else horribly wrong with the eventing please do notify me, I very recently started learning. Prologue.txt
  11. So, I've always wanted to make my own FE game for some years now (about 7 or so) and a few years back I was into rom hacking. Long story short, I lost a lot of my contents back then including working form of my FE8 patch. A few years later I finally recover a few animations and mugs however, after putting such a project down for some time coupled with the fact that a lot of progress was loss I no longer feel compelled to resume my FE8 hack. ...but, I seen the debut of FEXp back in the days and loved the freedom and capabilities of creating a FE game on that engine. I didn't pick it up at the time because I was midway in between finishing my GBAhack....eventually I put down FEhacking (after the loss of progress) for 4 years, my college years, and now I'm back. So why am I here: I've been browsing the web for fexp help for a few weeks now and it's pretty scarce, I'ma be honest. Klok's tutorial was great, but it left out most the things that it would take a long time to figure out on my own, like the counter intuitive aspects of fexp (which there are a lot). I would reeeeeeeally, really, really, like to know the limitations of Fexp, and what problems rpg maker presents for creating a FE game. because I'd hate to be stuck midway in development. Fire Emblem and the Seven Seals brief overview/summary : Some Important Houses and Families of Cambria: Gameplay & Goals: Revamped Class System Now one of the reasons I really wanted to work with Fexp is the implementation of skills.... I've been playing around with fexp for a few weeks now....and I'm still in the dark with its capabilities... but here are some skills I want to implement. Some of which I won't reveal due to me not wanting to spoil everything. SKILLS! So yeah guys that's it, I really would like to know the limitations of Fexp, what is possible and what is not... please don't suggest I wait for Fexna, Ive seen someone get told that 3 years ago lol...unless you know for a fact yeti will release the beta to the public before the months end or something. Names in Red are subject to immediate change
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